• Jessica Gonterman 6 months ago

    Lenny anyone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Bendict Bash 6 months ago

    Boys are *Better* ,Girls are **-Winners-** *Clutch*

  • Bryan Hernandez 6 months ago

    ᖴᑌᑕK GIᖇᒪᔕ

  • Derpy Vlogs 6 months ago

    I say Ryan won it was 10v4

  • Tina in the background said to goldy you don’t get a kiss because goldy said what about my kiss

  • ItzGamingPikachu & Plays Minecraft 6 months ago

    Girls vs boys agian

  • Charles Crabtree 6 months ago

    damn it Ryan

  • Julio Cruz 6 months ago

    When is shark and Silver coming back

  • Tyler Pulley 6 months ago

    Even I felt that one

  • Teressa Hooper 6 months ago

    I Can’t Believe the Guys Lost!!!!!!!???????? Oh Well…… GG Girls!!! 🙂 Also if You Didn’t Know I’m a Guy!!! 🙂 …………. But Guys are Still Better!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Cashinq Out 6 months ago

    Director – “Why are you in a chicken suit?”
    Me – “WAT? I thought it was a doctor suit… 0-e 😱😱😱 🤔🤔🤔 🤧🤧🤧 I’m sick while watching this 😕

  • ProAquaFire 6 months ago

    Who else herd the burn by Tina at the end. Like if you did

  • parker dameron 6 months ago

    Every year at school we do a kickball game boy’s vs girls and the boys are on a streak boys 6-0 boys are undefeated,

  • Trinity Francis 6 months ago

    You should have went like *faints* then when they leave run

  • Wolf Jadex 2nd Channel 6 months ago

    When Matt asked ‘why are you throwing leaves all over the daycare?’ I was drinking coke and almost spit it out (from laughter) all over my brothers laptop but I didn’t cause otherwise my brother would probably flip out because once when I was little I accidently spilt chocolate milk over a laptop and he flipped out. The keyboard stopped working ):

  • jelsa minecraft 6 months ago


  • Chara The Monster's Mom 6 months ago


  • Joshua Ang 6 months ago

    Girls are cheaters booooo!!!

  • MasonPG12 6 months ago

    i’m not buying those t shirts.

  • Ling li Mateo Wan 6 months ago

    I’m one day late?

  • Infamous Games 6 months ago

    *dab* somewhere in thumbnail xD

  • Abz TheUnstoppable 6 months ago

    Donal trumps

  • Abz TheUnstoppable 6 months ago

    Because the daycare girls are hackers

  • Abz TheUnstoppable 6 months ago

    You could has just liked her

  • Elena Valdez 6 months ago

    Hi. i Hayden her son
    i like your daycare games

  • Elena Valdez 6 months ago

    Hi. i Hayden her son
    i like your daycare games.

  • Elena Valdez 6 months ago

    Hi. i Hayden her son .
    i like your daycare games.

  • Elena Valdez 6 months ago

    Hi. i Hayden

  • Elena Valdez 6 months ago

    Hi. i Hayden x-men gave me a little bit of a new one daycare game

  • xXlhanzgamer123Xx 6 months ago

    Wow Ryan you don’t want to kiss Tina because you are just shy

  • Corne De Klerk 6 months ago

    is derp a girl ore boy

  • Midnight Violex 6 months ago


  • NyanCatGirl Games & more 6 months ago

    Me: #TokyoGhoul 😂😂😃😃

  • Jack ShadowDragon 6 months ago

    Fair they had girls had More players

  • shadowfox anime talks and gameplay 6 months ago

    Any body else hear red say we gotta keep em out at 14:40 lol I think it was a joke about trump

  • Brady Turner 6 months ago

    please make a video of you crying by tina

  • Superpig 360 6 months ago


  • Chris Neg 6 months ago

    Ryan I dare you to kiss Tina in real life

  • Daniel Hernandez 6 months ago


  • Bianca Jeffords 6 months ago

    I like Tina buuuuut I also like Ryan I dont know witch one to choice from

  • thediamondspiderman 6 months ago

    rugby we dare you in the next daycare episode to kiss goody xD

  • thediamondspiderman 6 months ago

    Ryguy i meant

  • thediamondspiderman 6 months ago

    goldy I meant too

  • Ahmed raouy 6 months ago


  • Sam Waters 6 months ago

    H E L L O GUYS

  • Raptor Cow444 6 months ago

    Awwwww I wanted you to kiss goldy!!!

  • Neane Christie 6 months ago

    Ryan cheated he placed a block during combat time

  • FallenMonster Cringe 6 months ago

    Tina and goldy: BULID THE WALL

    ME: you mean UR JOINING TRUMP 😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Harper 6 months ago

    Did anyone esle hear at 12:23 Diriector:”dont diss the anime”

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