• AviatorGaming 9 months ago

    I hope you guys are super pumped up about this new series! It was so much fun to shoot and I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have planned for it!! <3

  • Dragonwolf gaming 9 months ago

    Legend has it
    Shawtys still fire burning on the dancefloor

    Wrong thing 😅

  • BaconKing & MLGPeanut 9 months ago

    This role play is horrible! Get Glenwood prep back!

  • Zack Hershberger 9 months ago

    People sometimes call me Zack attack because my name is Zackary

  • Kobe Inc. 9 months ago

    His grandma’s house Is where he stays
    It’s been 10 years since he’s been laid
    At 35 his world’s a wreck
    Collecting unemployment checks
    He’s still obsessed with Lego, see?
    It gets much dark in therapy
    He checks his list off everyday
    Of bullies he’ll blow away
    Zach, Zach, he’s a PSYCHO maniac
    Zach, Zach, he’s…BOOOOOOOOM
    (annoying singer exterminated) 😈

  • Joseph Flynn 9 months ago


  • Linda Quinn 9 months ago

    Glen wood prep is a Kindergarten

  • MLGD DOGE123 9 months ago

    im being lied to it says glenwood prep my favorite series it should say daycare

  • VyTUBE 9 months ago

    subscribe to him:DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • jack Hoskins 9 months ago

    What happened to the third person view like the glendwood prep?

  • Mr Snoodle 9 months ago

    Why does preschooler Burt have a beard

  • Tracy Nguyen 9 months ago


  • Breana Ferguson 9 months ago

    Burt: I don’t like called Butt but… Me: hehehe

  • Briana Wilcox 9 months ago

    YAY!!!!! U got Zach and Burt!!!!! IM HAPPY 🙂

  • Lectus 9 months ago

    That is one smart child. The child English is better than me

  • Shawn trout 9 months ago

    I miss school I miss bri my favorite character

  • AlexTheYoutuber117 9 months ago

    Love this better than the different series

  • michaela cambell 9 months ago

    Why does butt have a beard

  • MrMcChicken 9 months ago

    Bring Glenwood back

  • Sword Slayer22 9 months ago

    After Zacks first speech: A chance to make money off stealing ryguyrockys daycare series!

  • Breann Turner 9 months ago

    @18:53 “do you like popcorn?” Well yah, I’m currently popping some XD

  • AshWithDog Gaming 9 months ago

    Love it!

  • AshWithDog Gaming 9 months ago

    3:07 Burts logic

  • xKingg Minecraft-PvP 9 months ago

    Anyone else ship Katie and Zack?

  • Meggan Monoche 9 months ago

    How does this little boy know how to talk so much?? When i was a smol bean i was a shy turtle that got anxious whenever someone said “hi.”

  • Did Abil 9 months ago

    Love it xD

  • Jeremiah Ismeus 9 months ago


  • Jeremiah Ismeus 9 months ago

    how you should have stayed in high school

  • zombie slayer 9 months ago

    I swear to god google dou is makeing me mad got those 8 ads on the Same video

  • The Assassin 9 months ago

    Aviator you have to be the first worst rapper ever to live

  • Chris Sation 9 months ago

    I haven’t seen katie in a while

  • star stunner 9 months ago

    Zach I’m sad you changed your skin because you adapted to it and so did I.I GOT REALLY 😢😭😭

  • aNecoechea 9 months ago

    That was me when I was 0-6

  • MattCartelle Play's Games 9 months ago

    Can you do more videos

  • MattCartelle Play's Games 9 months ago

    I love this

  • PSYCHO GAMES 9 months ago

    Glenwood prep daycare

  • KZbreezy 9 months ago

    I mean ryguy had an episode of daycare in a recess map

  • ItzLegit 9 months ago

    Why is aviator so good

  • Dj Da bomb 9 months ago

    Pretty intellectual for a kid that has never been to school before

  • Edwin Francisco 9 months ago

    Stop talking to yourself lol

  • Kathleen Formanek 9 months ago

    “It would be insane if I was the murderer” -murderer 2017

  • Colton Paterak 9 months ago

    ryguyrocky much

  • DailyVids TV 9 months ago

    anybody else notice hes playing the GlenWood prep map? thats cool.

  • RelevantRuby 9 months ago

    It seems like it would be a past roleplay when he didn’t meet the others

  • Daniel Garcia 9 months ago

    IT reference when he said do you like popcorn cuz it goes pop pop 18:48

  • emzo bendo 9 months ago

    Wtf aviator u coped ryguyrocky

  • Jayden Ho 9 months ago


  • Dream Wish 9 months ago

    I hear you’re getting 3D models for glenwood? :3

  • Instanaze - Minecraft 9 months ago

    I ship Mavin

  • Mind_of_ tt 9 months ago

    Wait, daycare is at GP?

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