• Godner Desir 1 month ago

    ooooo boy 3:00A.M.

  • christian dinochris 1 month ago

    rip tina

  • Martin N 1 month ago

    Boo mat boo go you flipping noob

  • Martin N 1 month ago

    Boo mat you flipping noob go!!!!!!!!

  • Marky Cruz 1 month ago

    Could you do more videos plz

  • Jenelle Manriquez 1 month ago

    Why is it on Directors screen?

  • Allison Soto 1 month ago

    Omg Ryan I love ur vids ur the best I love u

  • Aligator420blaz 1 month ago

    16:30 Ryan just stole moose’s thunder

  • Alex Brewer 1 month ago

    more Ryan and Tina

  • destroyer gaming21 1 month ago

    Only Ryan controls dat bois daycare and why director point of view

  • Dark Ninja 1 month ago

    When he said smash the like button my brother literally smashed the like button then he did not have a iPad anymore xD

  • Lizy Wolf 1 month ago

    It is in the directors view because the title said the director takes over the daycare that’s why it’s in the directors view

  • MCWolf300s 1 month ago

    I’m watching this close to 3 a.m. XDDD

  • CJtheGoldHunter /Goldhunts 1 month ago

    Ryan… Let Matt at least think of something. ..

  • Ronnie Lane 1 month ago

    hi guys

  • Lauren Griffiths 1 month ago

    Why is mr red recording it

  • yuegui xie 1 month ago

    i like this vid

  • Brian mcdunnah 1 month ago

    what the fuk

  • emma russell 1 month ago

    Is it just me or is red on Ryan guyrocks channel a d receding because I see reds hand but Ryan’s hand

  • Unbidmars22490 1 month ago

    Daycare was way better with sabre and shark

  • Kinard Smith 1 month ago

    Ryan got kissed but you don’t get any girls hahaha

  • Kinard Smith 1 month ago

    I really don’t know it was just a jake

  • Kinard Smith 1 month ago

    To director

  • Tabitha Dorcass 1 month ago

    why is he mean

  • Tabitha Dorcass 1 month ago


  • Moorider MineBlox 1 month ago


  • Erik Rodriguez 1 month ago

    He controls the daycare

  • Lola Kovas 1 month ago

    I don’t understand

  • Mirna Aguilar 1 month ago

    3 am is a spoky hour

  • Donald Donahue 1 month ago

    Kill the director, gain your freedom!

  • Qailah Bey 1 month ago

    Give your girl friend a youtube channle

  • Joshua Silva 1 month ago

    Im in the rock army

  • Noland Theilen 1 month ago

    Guys I saw derps last vid and Tina has a mic

  • New Guy Sweet 1 month ago

    do i have to have a PC to join daycare

  • Crazzy Lion 1 month ago

    Hmmmmm why are we listening or watching director

  • Sydney J 1 month ago

    do you like tina????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Zombie Gamez 1 month ago

    why is this video as directors veiw

  • Skull Gamer 2 1 month ago

    Dude I an unsubbing because of the title

  • emily pineda 1 month ago

    all hall ryguyrocky and minecraft

  • Riley PlaysGames 1 month ago

    Where’s Goldy?

  • Dragon123 _girl 1 month ago

    So first
    He has to hold his horses then he has to slow his roll what next??

  • JG Eugene 1 month ago

    I’m watching this right on 3am

  • Ruby Lilly 1 month ago

    *would u like some water with your steak* I am dead 😂

  • divinearthful 1 month ago

    CLICK BATE like if agree

  • Kayla Rodriguez 1 month ago

    XD this vid was funny

  • David Maravilla 1 month ago

    ryan break up with tina and be with goldy because tina keeps getimg you in trouble with the director for director to give her princess book because she only likes princes and not you so break up with tina and bewith goldy because I know yoy love goldy

  • David Maravilla 1 month ago

    ryan and goldy sitting in tree kissing

  • David Maravilla 1 month ago

    ryan loves goldy ryan loves goldy ryan kiss goldy

  • Lord Slasher123 1 month ago

    Why don’t u try super smash mobs on mineplex it’s my fab route and I want to see how good u are at pvp

  • little pat the game 1 month ago

    omg its so good kée up the good work and we will keep liking

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