• Pink Larry 6 months ago

    Oh my gosh i didn’t know that tenna was ash

  • Reese Coffey 6 months ago


  • Pink Larry 6 months ago


  • Pink Larry 6 months ago


  • Wayne Shead 6 months ago

    ryguy i am a big fan

  • Keegan Smith 6 months ago

    RYAN IS AWESOME! Like if you agree

  • twinz mcdougle 6 months ago

    Ryan can you bring dance and shark back to daycare plz 🙂

  • MICHAEL Morgan 6 months ago

    Make a coclushin to fitting for love

  • Emerald Gaming 6 months ago


  • edsondorce dorce 127 6 months ago

    You A cheater

  • Beast Mode Sam 6 months ago

    Ryguyrocky, please change outro on this channel and Pocket Edition channel. PopularMMOS outro is better because of music and not animated. Your outro is animated, which I like, but the outro music is just wrong.

  • Paul Baybutt 6 months ago

    I’m gonna play a game in a game with my roll pay girl freind😑😑😑😑😑

  • Quinnidon 9303 6 months ago

    I still miss shark and sabre who else and he replaced them with unic and goldy, still like the series though 🙂

  • Annetta Moore 6 months ago

    3:32 director said something idk what but anybody heard

  • CreeperGaming56 6 months ago

    Morrrre daycare

  • Ruby Armstrong 6 months ago

    Bring back saber and shark

  • LittleMan Gamer 6 months ago

    RYAN! I came after the day this video was uploaded and I usually see another video but today I didn’t see one!! IS THIS VIDEO THE CONCLUSION TO DAYCARE?! or are you just taking a little break. reply to this comment to let me know.

  • Known muser 6 months ago

    Ryguyrocky make more recess vids plz I cryed when you said I’m done with it and when the session of dacare was over that made me cry alot and we’re did favremysabre and 09sharkboy go to they made it funny and ryguyrocky plz as your biggest fan saying this plz stop the mini games and guns it’s not like the other mincraft dacaer I might just stop watching mincrart dacer even know it’s the only thing I watch on youtube but because of the guns and mini games I will stop so plz stop that

  • LittleMan Gamer 6 months ago

    Ryan… i figured out what happened. you recorded minecraft LIFE instead of minecraft DAYCARE! never mind.

  • jay Clark 6 months ago


  • HeyItsHailey 6 months ago

    I don’t like the guns and mini games plz stop

  • elliegaming and lesliegaming reviews 6 months ago

    Tina should have a channel!

  • Amie Scott 6 months ago

    CHEATERS from: Amie to: ryan

  • Sonic Fan08 6 months ago


  • Sonic Fan08 6 months ago


  • Shelby Frazier 6 months ago

    I’m like that kind of person when I see romance I ship it and when I saw this I was like”HEEEEEHEHHEHEHEHHEHEH*giggles* ->.

  • foxylover356 the pirate fox fan 6 months ago

    i just made a YouTube account to make YouTube videos

  • Nicholas Cirillo 6 months ago

    Set your spawn point

  • Tiffany Babb 6 months ago

    who whoud win boys or grils

  • JManPlays 6 months ago

    Omfg I must know what his outro song is if someone knows pleeeaaase tell me

  • TNT The Advark 6 months ago


  • Itz Jay Playz YT 6 months ago

    can sabre and shark be back ._. CUZ IM ANNOYED BY GOLDY WHY CANT GOLDY BE SHARKS THEN

  • Chloe Milic 6 months ago

    I like goldy and Ryan better then Tina and Ryan

  • James Patrick Vitales 6 months ago


  • X_GAMER Last 6 months ago

    Edit:Happy birthday

  • MonkeyLAB2017 LAB 6 months ago

    Who thinks goldy sucks and ships tyan?

  • Yoshi Craft 6 months ago


  • the beast army 6 months ago

    If everyone subscribe I will subscribe with my 5 accounts

  • Tina the Tiger 6 months ago

    Ryan do a video of you with Tina in real life plz like if you agree

  • Tina the Tiger 6 months ago

    sub to me and I will sub to you

  • Genshin E 6 months ago

    you cherderts

  • Roblox Player 6 months ago

    i love your videos will u do a video with me so i can get some subs because i have none 🙁

  • Jeremia Dunovsky 6 months ago

    Tina can talk like humin?!

  • Galaxyboy 182 6 months ago

    12:07-12:08 his laugh😂😂

  • John Robinson 6 months ago

    Does Tina have a channel

  • Loi Lam 6 months ago

    How is everything a portal?
    EDIT:**likes own comment**

  • Na'Shawn Anderson 6 months ago

    do more dateing in daycare and in camp ressece

  • Na'Shawn Anderson 6 months ago

    you and tina should kiss on both

  • Jhoren Macion 6 months ago

    Hello regrucky

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