• Aidan Solo 5 months ago


  • TheDinoGuy5 //Alexander Paxton 5 months ago

    Sure I’ll make a video soon any ideas

  • yankee arnaiz 5 months ago


  • GasterTheMan 5 months ago

    Hey Ryguy do you have a backup

  • Nautica Woodley 5 months ago

    I’m a wolfcatvampier and I love Tina I’m like her woof

  • homie eevee 5 months ago

    Remember ryan owns the director

  • UmbreonGirl 5 months ago

    his death noise at 9:12…

  • Jeremy Tanner 5 months ago

    Goldy burned your base in the shared world

  • XxheyitzlucasxX ! 5 months ago

    I don’t know why ryguyrocky isn’t really famous cause he makes amazing videos that I watch every time they come out #ryguyrocky

  • Francheska Crespo 5 months ago


  • Sophie marie Coombs 5 months ago

    Were is area 33

  • night mare111 5 months ago

    I was watching this vid eating OREo’s i really liked the diamonds ones

    Like if you get the joke (=

  • Cole drinkwater 5 months ago

    Ryan why didn’t u use scope

  • Swimmybirdgirl Games 5 months ago

    Bring shark and sabre back to the series please

  • Cashew Hyde 5 months ago

    Hey at least the TV still works

  • Funtime Oreo The German Shepherd 5 months ago

    Seriously where is SHARK and SABER we need them back!!!

  • Devon Marine 5 months ago

    Derps channel was real

  • Jayden Liske-Kotchilea 5 months ago

    Hi ryguyrocky I like all minecraft videos and that you made

  • chase17159 5 months ago

    hey Ryan

  • Max gaming 5 months ago

    Ryan it would mean the world to me if you would sub to me and to sub to me look up max gaming my intro I only have 4 subscribers ­čÖü it is the first video thank you

  • Will it chair 5 months ago

    *huge applause*

  • PandaPrincess PWR 5 months ago

    how do you get on the Minecraft daycare server

  • David Harper 5 months ago

    wen did you like Minecraft

  • Cost Aura 5 months ago

    Ryan :deep we are in a lot of trouble
    Me :thanks captain obvious

  • Bradley Mead 5 months ago

    you should do more because i love dacare

  • Jasmine Jones 5 months ago


  • Jasmine Jones 5 months ago

    OMG I feel sorry for you but I will like to set your house on fire

  • NINJAPANKAKE 456 5 months ago

    Ryan u should do a Pokemon roleplay

  • Bradley Mead 5 months ago

    can i be in daycare pls.pls anser

  • Mobster 10 5 months ago

    It should be black x Ryan

  • Saul -Ger1956 5 months ago

    SABER’S Chesse!! 11:10

  • TheGamingGuys2007 ! 5 months ago

    Am I just weird or do i ship Ryan and Goldy? Like Gyan? And Roldy?

    Just meh

    Ok m9….

  • Spideysgaming 3.0 5 months ago

    Hey Ryan maybe next episode you confess to everyone that you love Tina?

  • Isaac Date 5 months ago

    I subscribed!

  • julio esquizel 5 months ago

    I’m new and it feels like I watched this befor

  • julio esquizel 5 months ago

    Wait I remember and DERP IS BACK

  • kelly bennett 5 months ago

    My friend betted me $50 pounds I can get 50 likes on this comment plz help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincent Garcia 5 months ago

    wheres sabre and shark:(

  • Rick Vasquez 5 months ago

    Blowing up the daycare

  • Kirsten Bashaw 5 months ago

    Bring shark and saber back

  • hayden campbell 5 months ago


  • Tucker Roe 5 months ago

    Ryan and goldy Tina can’t talk so less intersecting

  • dakoda troxell 5 months ago

    105,285th view : (

  • The Genie plays Leah 5 months ago

    why is their no more shark and saber?

  • Jamar Graham 5 months ago

    Why this is not in the list

  • Articwolftrap foxy boy 5 months ago

    wheres shark and saber?

  • LoganPaulFanPage 5 months ago

    My Friend Said LOGANS Fans and me can’t hit 2k He bet me 1000 dollars so can you Guys Help me

  • Braden Clark 5 months ago

    We need Sabre and Shark to come back

  • DONNIE HULL 5 months ago

    ryan should date goldey

  • Adrian Lumbreras 5 months ago

    I been watching ryan when he didn’t have the same logo and before this and other I was watching him still

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