• Ash,Tris, Ryk 7 months ago

    happy haloween

  • Giovanni Garcia 7 months ago

    i love your vidios! your vidios are the best!

  • Undertale Fan777 7 months ago

    The fitness gram pacer test is where you have to run a certain amount before the time runs out. I did it in 5th grade like 2 years ago lol

  • Frozen Ninja 7 months ago

    The fitness gram pacer test is something we do in PE at school and sometimes it will BREAK YOU

  • Brian Carter 7 months ago

    We have to do the paser test at school

  • James Mertel 7 months ago

    A test to see how long you can run going 20m back aand fourth

  • Kyle Cardenas Perez 7 months ago

    I love u sundee but today this holloween I was getting candy and when I get back home my dad threw all my candy in the trash….. give me likes for horrible dad that I have for throwing away my candy 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • balloon boy and thug life lincoln for the win 7 months ago


  • Stealth90705 7 months ago

    The pacer test sucks

  • Creepster529 & Creepsters358 7 months ago

    You run from one end of a gym to the other in a limited amount of time that’s a pacer test. It also brings back bad memories

  • Bacon Brotato 7 months ago

    Great game. GG

  • Justin Morales 7 months ago

    poor derpssundee

  • Jaden Kalinowski 7 months ago

    I just did the fitness gram pacer test and got100

  • Brennan Gill 7 months ago

    The fitness gram pacer test is pure evil.

  • ELAINE & ERROL 7 months ago

    Umm…When i heard the song from the magma and gold..It said Hoe.

  • Justy Rice 7 months ago

    I can’t believe you added the Fitness Gram Pacer Test Kehaan! I love it! I’ve done it, and it is terrible. I guess it’s a meme now xDD

  • Fluffyboss 109 7 months ago

    The pacer test is so stupid

  • Zeppln 7 months ago

    Cupcraft Minehead?

  • Angela Mc Master 7 months ago

    Pacer is in elementary school

  • Angela Mc Master 7 months ago

    Fitness test

  • Nathan Giuffre 7 months ago

    You don’t know what the paser test is you are stuped

  • Pyro HackSource 7 months ago

    They missed a emerald block in the first block

  • Sky the Wolf 7 months ago

    Pretty much cuphead is a rip off of undertale but with cups

  • Alexander Nipko 7 months ago

    You missed an emerald block

  • [GD] Crinj 7 months ago

    Derp Sundee! the way to beat the devil is to show your ugly face to him…he’ll be dead

  • Mike Nunez 7 months ago

    Lol it was the pe thing for pacers

  • MacCall Edmonds 7 months ago

    The pacer test is a test to test your heart rate, it will also give u an heart attack

  • Atomic Banana 7 months ago

    Apparently one lucky block is an ad. XD

  • XxStay FrostyXx 7 months ago

    Why is there a giant toilet in a casino?

  • candywiz 7 months ago

    Who plays fortnite battle Royale on PS4

  • khairil 28 7 months ago

    Ssunde can you make another star wars lucky block? But this time i want girl vs boy.

  • Lopez Noel 7 months ago

    Can you do a comedy killer in murder hunt ex. jeff the killer bendy

  • Sam Meatyard: Toontown, Vlogs And More! 7 months ago

    *2 P L A Y E R C U P H E A D W I T H C R A I N E R*

  • Damon Scianski 7 months ago

    Why is there a a giant toilet in the casino

  • Fluffy Firedrake 7 months ago

    Why is there a giant toilet in the casino?

  • -Kachigga- - 7 months ago

    Ffs another good game ruined by minecraft

  • Leler Meme 7 months ago

    The pretty off winner should get double nether stars

  • Max Dailey 7 months ago


  • I'm Blue Sports/Vlogs 7 months ago


  • EnderLord Gaming 7 months ago

    Why is the toilet a lucky spot

  • lonely shadow 7 months ago

    Ssundee you intros are not even funny

  • XxxSherry LinxxX 7 months ago

    A fitness gram and pacer is something to torture us and test our phisical heath.

  • Fergus Moorhouse 7 months ago

    u got over 31k more than 9 likes…. ARE YOU PROUD OF US YET???!!

  • Sienna Maddocks 7 months ago

    I love all of Madelyn’s cat head bands 😸😸😸

  • Canky Dank 7 months ago

    Jesus Christ Ssundee is still active? and by the looks of it he’s really running out of ideas

  • Gzumafia 7 months ago

    miss the days when only crainer and ssundee would play. This is shittttttt

  • Engpiseth Hang 7 months ago

    I sub you

  • KentuckyFried Dragon 7 months ago

    Cuphead: Most time spent on the phone with the suicide hotline

  • KentuckyFried Dragon 7 months ago

    The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test that gets progressively more difficult as time progresses.
    Only superhumans complete it. I’m too fat.

  • _ V.F.D 7 months ago

    did you knotis that mug man said”kinda looks like cuphead”

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