• NewScapePro 2 weeks ago

    Thanks to those of you that recommended this Creepypasta! Don’t forget to let us know what you want to see next!

  • Ryan Harrison 1 week ago

    The are trying to comite suise

  • Nastase Silvian Silvian 1 week ago

    Cory don’t leave ticci behind leave the black one she’s werid

  • scp 999 1 week ago

    does toby feel pain i thought he didnt

  • kelly :3 1 week ago

    Jane is a feminist.

  • Telia Barracks 1 week ago

    u should make SCP 106 find u in the SCP series

  • بادية ا 1 week ago

    abandoned by disney room zero

  • Sonic exe The Hedgehog101 1 week ago

    read Sally.exe story

  • Mangle Fan 1 week ago

    these videos are *SO* awesome 😛

  • Doctor_who2004 1 week ago

    Beginning of the story
    Me: OMG hoodie is in it

  • Regend Alue Ghost wolf 1 week ago

    can you do the windego pls.

  • LilPPro666 the puppy 1 week ago


  • Boomboom 64 1 week ago

    These aren’t even creepy pastas anymore now your just doing movie monsters!

  • Caleb Pulliam 1 week ago

    9:39 Oh no

  • The Exo Gamer 1 week ago

    I thought Toby had a condition where he can’t feel pain.. Anyways, great episode! I wish we got more info about Smiley (and I am NOT reading the original thank you very much)

  • Nashoba Accalia 1 week ago


  • the Chara 1 week ago

    “Just when I thought this mansion couldn’t ruin anything else I love it ruins breaking into abandoned buildings”
    -Cory 2018
    Also has anyone else noticed how non compassionate Cory is? He decided to leave Toby behind just because he was injured.

  • Zapper Pain 1 week ago

    Yo NewScapePro if you want make another creepy pasta about how corey makes it so that if he makes a story it will come true. 🙂 just a suggestion

  • WorDog 099 1 week ago

    Do the Rake

  • Rameses Enriquez 1 week ago

    Did anyone realize that annora petrova didn’t appear again since the end of season 1

  • GamingWithBrandonWang 1 week ago

    Deh camera looks like Corey

  • Gamer Alpha 1 week ago

    I hear a Ash503 and Sladeblade

  • Unmasked44 1 week ago

    I had no idea this was a creepypasta character. Great job…. also, Toby is unable to feel pain so… yeah

  • Vincent Morency 1 week ago

    Seed eater pls

  • Legendary Gopher 1 week ago

    is that hoody in this

  • Kpotatogamer 1 week ago


  • Digital Game Land 1 week ago

    Loophole : Toby can’t feel pain

  • The Darkness monster 1 week ago

    0:22 Hi Blooky! Didn’t ser you there before.

  • GodlyCocoSamurai 1 week ago


  • kiewan shiver 1 week ago

    Jane x Cory

  • JUNK N STUFF 1 week ago

    There was a good one idont remember the name but it was burning ozark i think

  • Erkhes Batkhuyag 1 week ago

    communism will rise to this channel

  • Sandra Davis 1 week ago

    do chara from undertale

  • Aegis225 1 week ago

    I think an episode where Cory and his friends are being stalked by the rake would be cool to watch

  • Annmarue Kennedy 1 week ago

    Omg i asked fpr smiley and the seed eaterXD

  • Chill4234 1 week ago

    11:15 I thought clockwork stitch on a permanent smile

  • Uki Wolf 1 week ago

    STOP THE SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • radioactive carman 1 week ago

    next creepypasta i want you to do is squidwards suicide

  • Yay maybe sally or Lazarie

  • fieryspider5855 no 1 week ago

    Aren’t the voice actors from aviator Taylen and will

  • Story Swap Chara 1 week ago

    Welp. Never going into a basement ever again.

  • Silver_ Night73 1 week ago

    Dude! Nice Jane knocks out sonic.exe with a book! :0

  • dragon10734 1 week ago

    Who could have guessed minecraft could be so……..creepy.

  • Monto hunneymoon fnaf68 1 week ago

    can you do one of lulu

  • Derpo the squid 1 week ago

    “You’re worse than my mom.”

    Really XD best quote ever

  • I need a good Youtube name 1 week ago

    wait what happened with the rake (that was too similar to Shy Guy whose from an entirely different universe and abilities/weaknesses are different but they look similar and that is all that is the same about them)

  • ThatRainbowVixen 1 week ago

    I need to go on a rant here TOBY CANT FEEL PAIN YOU IDIOT DONT TRY TO MAKE A CREEPYPASTA SERIES WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM….. now thats thats out of my system great video

  • Ryan Luu 1 week ago

    Do sally play with me next

  • Inalatu Marianna 1 week ago

    Well… For the fact that I’m a Ticci Toby fangirl and seeing him with Clockwork is really upsetting for me.
    Why? Well I’m not jealous… It’s because I shipped him with someone else!!!😡😡😡😩😩😩

  • FuntimeFreddy And Bonbon 1 week ago


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