• Koral Davis 4 months ago


  • Elizabeth Rutland 4 months ago

    Are you my mummy?

  • Adrian Martinez 4 months ago

    I love creppypasta

  • ka lehu 4 months ago

    Didn’t they eat a guy?

  • XxSuperxX RBLX 4 months ago

    at 13:10 I thought it was looking into my soul O_o


  • Slap shot Studio2006 4 months ago

    Hey is it just me or is one of the Russian scientists with the black beard look like nick because maybe nick is a spy

  • Razor 3.0 4 months ago

    I just now realized that this was the house the trailer was took in

  • DragonSkyGames 4 months ago

    I actually cant sleep. Holy crud

  • Raven Artist 4 months ago

    You should do Helen Otis/Bloody Painter next.

    I love him.

  • Sydney Long 4 months ago

    You Did My Favourite Pasta!~🎵


  • Sans le Skeleton 4 months ago

    oh she is so a spy

  • Sans le Skeleton 4 months ago

    “i said stalin’s moustache looked like a turn”
    *every russion person in the world* GASP

  • god of hyperdeath 4 months ago

    Plz Do murder mystery with the new creepy pastas!!!

  • Whitefang 93 4 months ago

    *hears Red Army*

    *instantly thinks Eddsworld and fangirls*

  • Tekno Gaming 4 months ago

    Make a herobrine and entity 303 creepy pasta

  • Sammi 4 months ago

    You should do murder games of creepypasta!!

  • frienly gam3r 4 months ago

    Wow something that’s not undertale

  • Anime fan Gamer 4 months ago

    I thought no this story is to much for corys CHANNEL

  • Jason Shakespeare 4 months ago

    Do laughing jack then when your done do eyeless jack

  • Alvin Hong 4 months ago

    Who votes that when creepypasta is done they should do an S.C.P one

  • Tjbeach 4 months ago

    Cool that this was based on true story but really sad 😢

  • wendi wendigo 4 months ago

    Wow he just said that his moustache looks like a tuerd if i said a bad word I’d get slaped thats it but dammmm is it Elegal to say that his mustache looks like a turd wow

  • Show Mania 4 months ago

    I want to see the wendigo story on the next episode please

  • Lovely Kookie 4 months ago

    i have a idea at the end they went free but theres a twist its not over yet…
    the creepy pasta 🍝 monsters finds them and make them suffer and they have to escape and kill the monsters 😀

  • MemeZ Squad 4 months ago


  • Elijah Johnson 4 months ago

    ♪we are you(we are the madness that lurks within you)♪

  • Britney Ladybugprincessgirl 4 months ago

    Who else had never heard off this before now ?

  • Judah 1200 4 months ago

    Creepy as hell

  • L1lyD4Sh0rtG4m3r 4 months ago

    Damn the Russian accent is great :))

  • Hero Legacy 4 months ago

    Best Russians Accents ever!!! 👌

  • Markus Allen 4 months ago

    Ok quick theory on this series: they are trapped in the no end house

  • anti s 4 months ago

    Did mario swear? Crepptpasta now

  • Safaia Hikari 4 months ago

    Ooooh so that’s were the song The Experiment came from.

  • captain awesome 5000 4 months ago

    12:38 welp, I’m not sleeping for a few days… weeks. years. decades…

  • Annabelle An 4 months ago

    Was anyone else mainly scared of the prisoners’ faces?

  • Eddie Van Zantvoort 4 months ago

    Do Ben drowned or ticci Toby pls

  • Fap Folder 4 months ago

    Zapraszam na nowy serwer !!!
    Survival + gildie:
    P: mcvisto.csrv.pl
    wersja: 1.12.2!

  • sli ans 4 months ago

    Sleep my child slllleeeeeep

  • Jakeeynick 4 months ago

    And this is why you don’t mess with natural human needs

  • Owen Cole 4 months ago

    Fun fact the longest that a person has stayed awake for was 20 or 30 years or so

  • Owen Cole 4 months ago

    Also it’s either the person has elevated heart rate lapses in memory insanity or worse death

  • Kckitty 123 4 months ago

    * Sees the title * Oh no! no no no no no nooo!!! I know a kid who did a project on this creepy pasta in school!! NOOOOOO * clicks on video anyways * nuuuuu

  • Mia Rossano 4 months ago

    “It simple story. I was solider in Red Army.”

    God dang it Tord.

  • Maximum_crafting 4 months ago

    I googled it and I won’t sleep well tonight

  • Zoe Nimpoeno 4 months ago

    by 6:27 everyone just looks half asleep

  • RC-1207 Commando Sev 4 months ago

    Alright, 30 days with no sleep?
    *turns on PUBG*

  • Mikel Mergel 4 months ago

    hey Cory thanks for making S2 I wanted it for so long

  • derion smith 4 months ago

    I no this story they ate there self kept eating theme self they went the gas bc it feels good it made them crazy

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