• Creepy Pasta Lover 3 months ago

    Do Nina The Killer? ;-;

  • John Wehrli 3 months ago

    Lost silver or Pikachu.exe/uhcakip

  • pinky pie 3 months ago

    Can you do lulu next pls

  • Shir Gaiser 3 months ago

    how’d I miss this episode?! 0-0

  • Noah Whiteman 3 months ago


  • Spinny Boi Nation 3 months ago

    *reads title*


  • KillerCore 2000 3 months ago


  • bunny boy 3 months ago

    Remember how cori read a file that had a zombie outbreak doesn’t that mean there might be an zombie outbreak outside the mansion ?

  • Henry Goolsby 3 months ago

    luv du series, do more

  • Henry Goolsby 3 months ago

    this is just like caroline, creepy movie though

  • bunny boy 3 months ago

    Where’s tails doll and judge angel I’ve been waiting so long but they never came or have they just been on Slenderman’s team the whole time ?

  • BrokenBanette 3 months ago


  • bluefirewolf 04 3 months ago

    this was great plz do the puppeteer!?!

  • Red sheep 3 months ago

    Now I’m a fan of Jason the toymaker

  • Larry Gutierrez 3 months ago

    Woah woah woah i thought the kid was a boy jeez cory ur doing it wrong

  • Sanur Sinn 3 months ago

    My favorite is Liu

  • Goodness Me! 3 months ago

    Lost Silver

  • ChrisGaming YT, 3 months ago

    Can you do Creepy pasta literal creepy pasta and Cory eats it and turns into a dinosaur

  • SummerInWinter Life 3 months ago

    It’s Tina The Tigers voice

  • Isabelle Herrera 3 months ago

    Can you do lost silver next

  • Aiden Aiden 3 months ago

    How did the 1st season come Cory didn’t read them

  • SummerInWinter Life 3 months ago

    Well maggie has the voice of Tina The Tiger

  • Sailor Detective 3 months ago

    I love video ❤️❤️😃😃👍

  • skylair Downey 3 months ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrlRjYCAqp4 plz add the “The Pianist” by jill0mccloud

  • Dawson Ellis 3 months ago

    the one creepypasta yhat I mostly like is the rake

  • 11Starlight Bunny11 3 months ago

    Okay the button eyes really reminds me of Coraline….😵

  • NiGodderL0L 3 months ago

    Jason is scary af

  • Sassimi 3 months ago


  • Peter Alexander Graae 3 months ago

    Could you take the wendigo sometime

  • Erik Motsinger 3 months ago

    Please please do 1999

  • Markus Allen 3 months ago

    Suggestion: the smiling man (creepypasta not movie)

  • Pyrophoenix55/Eric 3 months ago

    Why does this reminder me of coralline

  • ThatDiamondGuy01 3 months ago

    i love his story but i love hobo heart more

  • tracy bennett 3 months ago

    Do Dr Smiley

  • NinjaPanda fn217 3 months ago


  • Derrick Edwards 3 months ago

    Candy pop next

  • ItsyaboyNiCk[the 10 year old with no life] 3 months ago


  • EmoPullipVlogs 3 months ago

    Jason’s my new favourite Creepypasta.

  • Avery Goodhue 3 months ago

    I’ve noticed everyone on Corys team that’s he’s read to life has green eyes

  • Faferiy Faltoral 3 months ago

    I personally wanna see The Nurse Ann in the series because she’s one of my favorites.

  • Stripes The Wolfdog 3 months ago

    “mouse got your tongue?”

    NO ITS CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE!!! *triggered*

  • X Spranp 3 months ago

    I Feel like…. Theres a chance of toby being murdered in one episode, I think so. By the way i dont hate Ticci-Toby He’s my favourite CP.

  • Jay DarkHunter 3 months ago


  • Jay DarkHunter 3 months ago

    *mom:* its just a dream it cant hurt you
    *me:* yes yes it can

  • Charnock Industries 3 months ago

    There’s another Jason!?!!😲 Sense when?!😕 But I have to admit, he looks pretty cool.😎

  • Rafif naufal51 3 months ago

    Zalgo maybe ?

  • Xneonic 3 months ago

    Dude ashlie is like my child I just want her to be happy T^T I WILL PROTECT TEH SMOL BEAN CHILD!!!

  • Chill4234 3 months ago

    Mr. mix

  • Isaac Duran-Aranda 3 months ago

    doesnt the rake track down and kill anyone who sees him? you kinda screwed up corey… rewatch season one ya doodle!

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