• NewScapePro 2 weeks ago

    Hope you guys enjoy! This week we have THREE EPISODES of the Creepypasta roleplay! Hope you enjoy!!! 😀

  • Misty Merrival 2 weeks ago


  • Underfell Samantha 2 weeks ago

    there is no “cannon” in creepy pasta, they’re all fan made character

  • Rice Productions 2 weeks ago

    Wait can hoodie even eat through that mask?!

  • Ava Graham 2 weeks ago

    My favorite creepypasta character is Jeff

  • jose tirado 2 weeks ago

    I almost died from laughing literally

  • Crazycogircat Meow bark 2 weeks ago

    I dislike video cause they made hoodie a cry baby

  • thomas walter 2 weeks ago

    clock work or the red painter

  • Shadow Vampier 2 weeks ago

    I know da way

  • Testy Dragon 2 weeks ago

    Hoodie lookes like a cat

  • I might be a potato but I have standards 2 weeks ago

    Omg its meh, hoodie (me and my friends have a rp cp group and im hoodie)

  • Ivey Poison 2 weeks ago

    I really love the roleplay and to see decent roleplays

  • unknowerror rorre 2 weeks ago

    I love your hide and seek could you pls do one with laughing jack

  • I might be a potato but I have standards 2 weeks ago

    Im sad when hoodie gets sad

  • Tap Fish 2 weeks ago

    My name’s Jeff

  • Olivia Bouch 2 weeks ago

    cory is standing in a room of orphans, 2 of which murdered their parents

    Also wait…. poor masky, poor gender bent masky

  • Owl Warrior 2 weeks ago


  • Allison Chesley 2 weeks ago

    Hoodie don’t cry, Your always my favorite character in creepypasta

  • Raven Artist 2 weeks ago

    I love Hide’n Seek~

  • Plush 13 2 weeks ago

    Do the puppeteer for a creepypasta

  • Lemon Jade 2 weeks ago

    my problem is I want more cuphead

  • Ticci Toby 2 weeks ago

    When Cory said Hoodie was a cry baby he wasn’t kidding *no hard feelings to Hoodie and Hoodie fans*

  • Megan Whitney 2 weeks ago

    Lol that was funny

  • Megan Whitney 2 weeks ago

    And stoppp crying hoody

  • Kxndi Gameplay 2 weeks ago

    You should do with smile dog

  • KingOfSavages 2 weeks ago

    Cory renamed the title he put it as HOODY

  • From 0:00 to 5:33 there is no seeking or hiding.

  • Pikagirl77777 2 weeks ago

    Jeff is Snow White!!! Lol

  • Bianca Martinez 2 weeks ago

    You guys should do one with Laughing Jack!!

  • CandyFloss_The_Sheep 2 weeks ago

    “That looks like a pretty forced smile…”
    “Nah looks pretty natural to me.”

  • I am Trash 2 weeks ago

    You should play a game with all the Proxies
    Such as Masky, Hoodie and Toby.

  • Jeffrey Woods 2 weeks ago


  • Bridget Heston 2 weeks ago

    you should do a undertale murder with CAN YOU GUESS? “OHH YESSS!”
    its mtt pls do one with mtt

  • Bridget Heston 2 weeks ago

    and you should do a fnaf rp. .PS: only if you haden’t done one or you have idk. also do more creepypasta

  • Steph qc07 2 weeks ago

    More plsssss

  • portaljumper -2007- 2 weeks ago


  • Shayne O'Brien 2 weeks ago

    Lol your such a cryer baby hoodie is soooooo funny and a cryer baby

  • TheLightning Boy animating and gaming 2 weeks ago

    Pls make more roleplay creepy pasta and scp foundation

  • Jenny the killer Jenny 2 weeks ago

    Can u put Liu in the hid and seek

  • Jenny the killer Jenny 2 weeks ago

    Can u put Liu in the hide and seek

  • flint9 2 weeks ago

    oh, ok that what your doing with scp training now that they’re on an island, your having creepypasta instead

  • Goran Prvulovic 2 weeks ago

    can you do Zalgo next?

  • Bane The destroyer 2 weeks ago

    As Ben would say to hoodie “you shouldn’t have done that”

  • Undertale cz Team 2 weeks ago

    Please do a genocide undertale roleplay pwles :33

  • Panda _dude 2 weeks ago

    I am the only one who saw linkmon99???! In roblox his the riches

  • coolguysans arnado 2 weeks ago

    newscapro is cool

  • MrBear Senpai 2 weeks ago

    Can Cory make a roleplay about GAME OF THRONES, cuz is just coool. It s the kind of series that will bring the chanel back to life. Make sure to say in coments #GameOfThronesRoleplay

  • BreeNix 2 weeks ago

    I absolutely looooooove Jeff’s voice XD

  • Morgan EA 1 week ago


  • Angel Inglis 1 week ago

    Poor hoodie he has no mom and cant eat nuts😣

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