• WolfPack 00098 4 weeks ago

    Fire pea

  • Nydia Soto 4 weeks ago

    Do a fallout shelter challenge

  • The Penguin poop 4 weeks ago


  • Laronda Brown 4 weeks ago

    Herpes hormone

  • Randy Schmidt 4 weeks ago


  • Nydia Soto 4 weeks ago


  • Nydia Soto 4 weeks ago


  • VolcaniCraft 4 weeks ago

    Potato mine and tallnut

  • Chronical Depression 4 weeks ago

    the walnut us my favorite plant

  • Ben Redwood 4 weeks ago

    asomes vid guys love you #notifactions squad!!!!! can I have a shout out plz Plz PLz PLZ!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ my chanel: Jaffie Channel

  • THE FIRE NINJA 8 4 weeks ago

    Please join my youtube channel name the fire ninja 8 please i begg you and im 9 years old

  • Jon Garcia 4 weeks ago

    coconut canon

  • Angela Lax 4 weeks ago

    Everyone like

  • The Atlantic craft 4 weeks ago

    Do more who’s your daddy please l what to see more☺😊

  • Jennifer Henslee 4 weeks ago

    Hi Cody I followed you on Twitter

  • Samantha Hill 4 weeks ago


  • Lachlan Blair 4 weeks ago

    He hasn’t even posted a side comment.

  • Vicky Grewal 4 weeks ago

    Do more dream craft

  • Jacquez Gentle 4 weeks ago

    I love his vids hes like a legendary youtuber so keep u the good work and have a great life

  • Jonathon Meyers 4 weeks ago


  • Alicia Andrews 4 weeks ago


  • Chase Roseland 4 weeks ago

    Fire pea

  • oscar fuentes 4 weeks ago

    Are you rely going to eat him

  • April Dunn 4 weeks ago

    So he can get a computer so he can edit videos

  • Richard Malihan Jr 4 weeks ago

    Hey ho cody and buzz i know were u get your characters in the movie surfs up right?

  • Kaiser Kerbeus 4 weeks ago

    My grandma just died one like one prayer pleas my dad is going in to a dark time one like one prayer pleas

  • Christine Good 4 weeks ago

    add the cob cannon please or the squash i also liked

  • Christine Good 4 weeks ago

    or the torchwood

  • The Great Monkeey Goat 4 weeks ago

    Doom shroom or corn

  • Logan Stockton 4 weeks ago

    I haven’t been watching for five years or when ever joe left and I saw this vid and thought oh its probably with kraken but I click on it and it made my day

  • TheAnnoingfox 4 weeks ago

    wow no 5000 likew

  • Xx- Streamer 4 weeks ago

    Do more good vs evil

  • Xx- Streamer 4 weeks ago

    Come on people he has 4 mil but only 1000 likes come on

  • Kent Elixir Guadalupe 4 weeks ago

    My favorite plant is the gatling pea

  • hulk Johnson 4 weeks ago


  • Mauricio Gonzalez 4 weeks ago

    do another dream craft video

  • Joyce Gallardo 4 weeks ago

    Cook Joe buz in mincraft

  • Dale Link 4 weeks ago

    doom shroom

  • B keller 1 4 weeks ago

    Add more planes

  • Felicia Menting 4 weeks ago

    joe is back yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss

  • Kyra Stoecker 4 weeks ago

    Make Music Videos please

  • Kevin Meece 4 weeks ago

    Bonk choy

  • Sohe Khu 4 weeks ago

    I just realised Atlantic Craft and JianHao Tan(if you know him) have the same outro

  • Justin Westlie 4 weeks ago

    Boo I’m board😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • T.A. Nate Pascasio 4 weeks ago

    Cody pls make a good vs evil

  • Symes Boy1 4 weeks ago

    Cody and Joe you guys are awesome and so funny

  • gaster840 gaming 4 weeks ago

    Joe ay hate you fuckung chiken

  • Katsgomeow 4 weeks ago

    You should make a hypno shroom that takes control of enemies

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