• The odd Marshmallow 1 week ago

    All the floweys are the some what about underswap though

  • Louise Peckham 1 week ago

    Yay core

  • Louise Peckham 1 week ago

    Can you meet ask frisk and company

  • double drago 1 week ago

    I’m still wondering how flowey managed to make sans combust XD XD

  • mason from the matrix 1 week ago

    Cory please bring back the universe murder mystery

  • core frisk 1 week ago

    They are all BOXED up. XD

  • Larena Nettles 1 week ago

    underlust he didn’t do that one

  • little frisk 1 week ago

    Frisk…why….??you were my favioret..?And you betray me…?

  • Dabbing Pugs 1 week ago

    Flowey what did you do….

  • Derrick_playz 1 week ago

    U killed sans with a banana lol

  • flowey the flower 1 week ago


  • Tony Vo 1 week ago

    *drops ipad on my face*
    Core frisk:you deserve that

  • Daniel Nguyen 1 week ago

    Can you do darkness tale please??

  • mad papyrus hide and seek 1 week ago

    make a video of going back to quantum tale and you have to protect the papy and bring it with yoi

  • Sylveon 1 week ago

    if you look, then you notice that the only person with more than one eye, is flowey…

  • The Anonymous Gamer 1 week ago

    why is the description for cputale

  • name o 1 week ago

    There are no mini games now 😛

  • Giovanni Escobar 1 week ago

    You should do inverted fate

  • Undertale Kid gaming 1 week ago

    He’s breaking the 4th wall

  • SpringerFrazbear Gamez 1 week ago


  • christy0111 1 week ago

    Why does frisk sound like Mable from gravity falls

  • Mr. Veggie 1 week ago

    what if frisk tried to spear scape but then it only blinded scape?

  • Yeti tubby the Xdemon 616 1 week ago

    The OT should have a lot of monsters , some clouds , zones with things of aus , and other things ,
    And only frisk can show to someone the OT , and if that someone (now Im gona call it Monster1) leaves , monster1 can go back to the OT by open a door thinking in the OT, portals can’t appear in the OT
    Frisk should have a lot of guards ,like snowdin or hot land.

    But the video its still good :3

  • eeveelutionmaster 1 week ago

    timetale sunday

  • Michell Birkland 1 week ago

    i have a AU you can try, gendertale

  • Karen Crowe 1 week ago


  • Daniel Smith 1 week ago

    Where did the who’s your daddy go plz bring it back!!😭😢

  • Gabriel Barribeau 1 week ago

    Does any one know ware this flowy came from? Wow im the only one (maybe )

  • Adzafradz :b 1 week ago

    Cory please do a video of u and OG frisk meeting again. It was my first shiiiiiiiip!!

  • dogs for the win 1 week ago

    Sans how weak are you how did you use a banana to kill you

  • I liked my Own comment 1 week ago

    Flower:What to I have to do with this?IM A FRIGGIN FLOWER!!!

  • Rotten Banana 1 week ago

    Da banana can do ALL

  • Sky da gamer A minecraft channel 1 week ago

    Wtf under fell flowey

  • cute time 1 week ago


  • TexT 1 week ago

    I said u should do this and eyy this came out

  • noralee brown 1 week ago

    Cowboy tall

  • CottonCandyGirl_4 Candy 1 week ago

    Favorite Quote Of The Day: ‘What Can I Do? I’M A FRICKEN FLOWER!’

  • CottonCandyGirl_4 Candy 1 week ago

    R.I.P. Snowdrake…..

  • Tee Bear 1 week ago

    I absolutely love corys new intro

  • Kitty Girl 1 week ago

    Omg it’s *COREY*

    I’m done now.

  • Idkthatgirl23 1 week ago

    *what do expect me to do, I’m a freaking flower.*

  • foxyfan 27 1 week ago

    I want cori to see underfell sans again in timetale

  • Mt boy 09 Gamer 1 week ago

    Core frisk is so made Mae

  • Kitten Gaming 1 week ago

    *claps* gj this is my favorite so far ^-^

  • I am the anime kid 1 week ago

    I love the Echotale Sans coming back. I want more of this.

  • The Golden Comedian 1 week ago

    What do you do when you don’t like someone: You aVOID them

  • Natalya Svendsen 1 week ago

    Ink monster kinda looks like mew-two

  • Paper Jam Jammy 1 week ago


  • UnderTrash 1 week ago


  • Lyrus Aramo 1 week ago

    Corey pls do lusttale plsss

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