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    How do you make those cool mods

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    Selena old horses are glue

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    When will captaindeadluck make videos again ? Please make him make him make more videos

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    Thanks for not killing me

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    Cody you are so awesome πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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    It leaves useful people to them alive

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    I think they did more damage than the virus did

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    Atomic_Orbit99 i have watched your videos for 3 years and i have always thought kraken was my fav. Ps hi

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    Green Steve

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    Will Joseph ever come back

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    wtf is bacteria virus?

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    Brilliant video

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    Cody i think ur doing a role play cuz the helicopter is still at 69 health so ur faking

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    There is a lesson learned here, build roads out of concrete instead of wool. I’m Smart Cody Maverick. By the way be a Maverick

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    Dab police is here no dabs allowed ever any more

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    What happend to the other sneaky sister

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    172 comment

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    Do role plays

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    I’m not a lover but I’m not a hater

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    jake paul sucks

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    As a farm boy, be afraid of male sheep from agressive breeds, but Ussually they are scared AH of you. But horses, not all are friendly and even the friendly ones are dangerous because of there size.

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    Cody sucks, he doesnt read comments, thinks he is a smart @$$ even i know that he is just an @$$. Flanky flank stop pretending to know military stuff. I went to the military, it aint this BS. HS. or PS.

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    Do more livestream’s bedwars

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    your helicopter ride should be a simulator Cody

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    Dab On them haters JP

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    At least found out their weakness.

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