Minecraft Christmas WORLD.. Let’s help Santa and SAVE CHRISTMAS.. New


  • Merry Christmas Everyone! 🙂

  • Bartosz x 5 months ago

    o1g I know your polish

  • Denvi 5 months ago

    0:20 Bałwan is Snowman in Poland 😉

  • Artina Kadrija 5 months ago


  • Haganlongnose Pond 5 months ago

    When did you made this

  • Haganlongnose Pond 5 months ago

    Did you make a live screen

  • Haganlongnose Pond 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas day

  • Kidster Device 5 months ago

    hi oig i am a new subscriber but i liked subscribed and I hit the bell button

  • foxgamersyt 5 months ago

    If you type words in the seed thing it just makes a random number seed. So hope you read this comment.

  • Epic Aiden 5 months ago

    It’s xmas for me now

  • Alec Sprout 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas

  • Penelope Andrea 5 months ago

    I play that my brother said the present is a llama and the snow in the window its sealantern you can wear santas clothes and you can make the dog stand the christmas slay sorry i dont know the name so its a giant skeleton why do I know? My brother dont have tne resorce pack sorry for muy English so that it oh wait the giant book is just a sand uhh…i forgot the name of the pink and the purple sand,the wooden sword is a candy cane and im not good at English lol,santa clouse clothes is a diamond armor the giant dog its a dog lol 😂😂 the elf is a villeger and thats it bye.

  • Theflyingangelwings 63 5 months ago

    Who watching on Christmas Day 2017

  • Jason Bassett 5 months ago

    I subscribed liked and terned on notifications

  • ELITE DRAGON [69] 5 months ago

    I subed and ilike

  • Maria Hernandez 5 months ago


  • Trish Fikn 5 months ago

    Its Christmas day now

  • hunter372480 y 5 months ago


  • Noah Eastlund 5 months ago


  • EhNOTso Stupid Synthiah 5 months ago

    we already had XMas Yesterday

  • plangston83 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas

  • Anna Page 5 months ago

    I watched today, so MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅🌬🌨⛄❄

  • TheFireyRaidMaster 5 months ago

    Lol thanks for the switch cuz u were Santa 🎅🏻 😂
    Ugh I’m sick on Christmas it sucks 🤧🙄
    Cool video :p

  • Cadence lawson 5 months ago

    It’s Christmas time here for me

  • TheReal Herobrine 5 months ago

    I Subbed and put post notifications on k

  • Gares 5 months ago

    merry chrismas every one

  • Angel Meme Lover 5 months ago

    For me the presents were llamas xD

  • Gol3nBunny Mc 5 months ago

    Same to you have a good Christmas

  • LueZoid 5 months ago

    merry chrysler

  • Guerdyfggg Cadetyh 5 months ago


  • UnicornSparkleFace Jams 5 months ago


  • Faye Hubrecht 5 months ago

    I saw a present you dint saw

  • Julianne Fave Mawirat 5 months ago

    Your voice are agly i hate it
    The elf voice ihate it

  • RosieNightcore 5 months ago

    i da ti

  • Kevin Solis 5 months ago


  • Renelle Caitlyn 5 months ago

    I found hero Brian’s mansion 😵😵 i was totally creeped out with my friend we heard a voice when we entered it😑😑😓

  • Izaan Rehman 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas 2 yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

  • dennis domingo 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas too. He is funny

  • Jr Mercado 5 months ago

    Ohhonegee find me in minecraft pe name lomerninja and merrycrhismast everyone nice bid ohhonegee

  • Eman Syed 5 months ago


  • Minecraft master 5 months ago


  • Crazy Cam 5 months ago

    I subscribe and hit the bell

  • DerpyPug22 22 5 months ago

    Hey O1G can you do a video (or try) your YT name as a seed on a world? Im curious, so, will put O1G as a seed and create a world.

  • Elijah Guyjah 5 months ago

    I done just that .(you said to comment this!😂)

  • j plays forever 5 months ago


  • DanTDM Fan 5 months ago


  • Starnight Sparkle 5 months ago

    Team O1G!!!

  • Novalee Tupper 5 months ago


  • Dodo King 5 months ago

    Santa is not real its just you’re parents

  • Auksinis Deimantas 5 months ago

    do the live stream but i dont have that game on minecraft 🙁 sad life

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