This amazing house has epic buttons to find!
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  • ChipsOn17 Minecraft gaming 1 week ago

    bring back epic proportions season 10

  • Fañ Zye 1 week ago

    Can you make another hide and seek?? Pleaseeeeee


  • AlwayzBella MSP 1 week ago

    Pat should get a mac xD

  • Max Battery 1 week ago

    PopularMMO Your intro is Old school I was here before your 1 million subs 😀

  • The_ WickedPotato 1 week ago

    You guys are the best at everything except Fortnite :3

  • KMFAST TRADING CO. 1 week ago

    pat dont forget clouds channel 🙁 pls

  • YOUTUBEBear Boi 1 week ago

    Today is my birthday and I’m lonely I’m 1 like =1 friend

  • Bagas playz 1 week ago


  • Darcey Holdcroft 1 week ago

    I love it when you guys do parkour it’s so funny 😂😂😂😂💖

  • Kuron Echo 1 week ago

    How was that parkour hard?

  • Dawn Delight Moscoso 1 week ago

    dont follow him pat jen is flying

  • Lilly Frankson 1 week ago

    18:57 sounds like pat saying bullshit like if you agree

  • Timing Might 1 week ago

    I have subscribed

  • Bgaileeyah Athilla 1 week ago

    Pat can you react too funny fan made videos again

  • GreenAaron Gaming 1 week ago

    Pat why don’t you try playing other games for example: Battle cats or growtopia

  • Bella Smallwood 1 week ago

    Hi I’m new I just subscribed

  • Toby Stothard 1 week ago

    i want to die when i watch this

  • Bella Smallwood 1 week ago

    Love u Jen u to pat

  • Glitter Galaxy 1 week ago

    You guys are #AWSOME!

  • Glitter Galaxy 1 week ago

    oops didn’t mean to put a link.

  • Elita Chen 1 week ago

    I saw someone else play dis map. One of the levels have a toilet full of poop. Ew

  • Cathleen May Pineda 1 week ago

    Im im just wow my brain has exploded from that

  • Ninja BM 1 week ago

    Pat do fortnite and dont break trees fully. Theres a new version

  • Ainsley casey 1 week ago

    can you subscribe our chanell the awesome yt

  • The Garomine 1 week ago

    Pat, dont let her teleport to u, its not really fair

  • 2much0ish 1 week ago

    if i was doing that invisable block parcore i would fail before jen would becalse jen is not that good parcoreer on minecraft

  • cheesy fangirl 1 week ago

    ONG i have bin subscried wen you and jen wer just dateing

  • Goomaral Munkhbold 1 week ago

    Can u make a roblox game i am your big big big big bigest fan i want yo be your friend on roblox

  • rosebeta expert 1 week ago

    pls play hide the button

  • #Damngaming _YT 1 week ago

    Do u know u should play fortnite in one of the maps or allllll.

  • cheesy fangirl 1 week ago

    play roblox and go live so we can play with you plz

  • Daylight Fury 1 week ago

    Hey Pat and Jen what do you think of this map (AWKWARD)

  • Ryandie Cruz 1 week ago

    Cant you reply on dis

  • Toyin Of God Fadiora 1 week ago

    OMG it’s pink slenderman
    -Pat 2018

  • Cecilia Igban 1 week ago

    Pat didn’t realized they fall damage pat: blue heart 💜 jen: pink heart ❤ of coarse jen loves pink things in Minecraft I love pink too!!! Let’s party jen with pink things ❤ 👗👛👝🐩 also with cloud

  • Toyin Of God Fadiora 1 week ago

    Pls play meepcity in roblox

  • Cecilia Igban 1 week ago

    💎 also jen loves diamonds💎 please do mining challenge in this version I been waiting for mining challenge in this Minecraft

  • Dovelyn Donato 1 week ago

    What map you cried pat please tell me😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Dovelyn Donato 1 week ago

    I havent watch it yet

  • Angela Ilagan 1 week ago

    LMAO 7:56 Jen just flew and Pat didn’t know😂

  • Dovelyn Donato 1 week ago


  • XxmartyXXgamer 11 1 week ago


  • Mateo Lao 1 week ago

    Play more fortnite

  • XxmartyXXgamer 11 1 week ago


  • Caitlyn Logan-Fowler 1 week ago

    My mum is a god at fortnite it was her first time and she had no gun one sheild potion and she came sixth

  • Reuben Harding 1 week ago

    play fortnite minecraft on the maps

  • lina 7 1 week ago

    Happy wedding anniversary pat and jen

  • abass pater 1 week ago


  • Portia Milinazzo 1 week ago

    Love youuuuuuuu

  • Mhd Khaswan Cuan 1 week ago

    Hey how are you im your frend in ROBLOX GAME…CUAN

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