• Matthew Rubio 8 months ago

    this is my face now ._.

  • gamer kid 8 months ago

    y u no dig under da box to get in da box

  • Jordan Russell 8 months ago

    ssundee u know when u were scared of ur voice it is because someone made a ssundee sings his intro. u should make a vid of u reaction to it

  • Ale A 8 months ago

    ssundee sings his intro

  • Emma A 8 months ago

    Like if you agree!!

  • Ticci Toby 8 months ago

    what’s the opposite of Robbie rotten? Robbie fresh!

  • Christopher Ramos 8 months ago


  • Nightclaw X 8 months ago

    you momma so fat I took a picture 3 months ago and it’s still printing

  • Nightclaw X 8 months ago

    my grandpa said my world to connected to electronics and I said you’re world’s to connected to electronics and I pulled his life cord

  • livpearlj 8 months ago

    Ssundee look up ssundee sings his intro. it will expiain.

  • derp derp 8 months ago

    go watch it on youtube its a song

  • the king 8 months ago


  • Cool Lister 8 months ago

    Rip headphone users : (

  • Greg Bradford 8 months ago

    hey ssundee that u screaming/singing clip is from a video call Ssundee singing his intro

  • animelover 101 8 months ago

    I am number one lazy town

  • sergio martin 8 months ago

    ssundee got exposed

  • Lucanium 8 months ago

    I love how ian doesn’t know what a KRISS Vector K10 is as he served in the army… 🙂

  • EpicWeirdness 8 months ago

    Can you do a Shrek lucky block challenge

  • Douglas Taylor 8 months ago


  • TheElectricStrickers 8 months ago

    sundees nips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Dark Icon 8 months ago


  • MysticBeatz 2 8 months ago

    # pantie raid

  • Arctic Fox 8 months ago

    Oh my god this is my video because I love that song I love timber soooooooi much

  • Stop motion Steve 8 months ago

    All you had to do was dig under the bedrock Keehan is not smart enough to put a bottom layer I was literally punching the screen and my iPad nearly broke

  • Rachel Wong 8 months ago

    “I can’t help it. It’s married life.” HAHAHAHAA

  • Lynn Rather 8 months ago

    My ear was bleeding for 20mins

  • Aida Cubero 8 months ago

    that was acctualy you singing youre intro pat and jen did it to and they sang other songs even dantdm

  • Garrett Smith 8 months ago

    SSundee have you every heared of battlerite

  • Aida Cubero 8 months ago

    that was from the don’t pick up mod

  • Jessey Velasquez 8 months ago

    Tro la laàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • OMH Time 8 months ago

    Madilen leeks gid in a bikini

  • Lawrence Jia 8 months ago

    that was cool, but weird.

  • Sudden Phoenix 8 months ago

    Neo has green nipples

  • Zion Altidor 8 months ago

    i like it better with out her somewhat. i mean shes nice but dont have her in every. vid. ive been subbed snice 2013. i dont mind the change but m8. im not trying to change. any thing but sun don’t. change to much

  • cross fire 8 months ago

    dont make people strip keehan

  • Violet von doom 8 months ago

    SUNDEE HATES COBBLE!!😁😁 crainers gonna be happy

  • Violet von doom 8 months ago

    I believe I can fly I believe. ……..

    what has my life become?😂😌😢😧😧😭😧😢😌😂😁😥😓😉😎😀😭😿

  • kian Van Der Vyver 8 months ago

    The theme song is from when you ate cat food

  • biggest1brat 8 months ago

    Ssundee is number one
    HAY! Do de da de do do de da de do do do de da de do

  • The Fearless Lion 8 months ago

    im 15 lets see how old a can be Like= one year older

  • Elijah Sturm 8 months ago

    1M views 919 dislikes

    Gud on ya SSundee

  • Austin Krawczyk 8 months ago

    Hi (pls like)

  • philstergx 8 months ago

    so what was in the box?!

  • Samai Kom 8 months ago

    I like turtles

  • jkl clan 8 months ago

    to get in the boxes put a tree next to it and grow it with bonemeal

  • Tucker Studios 8 months ago

    Pitbull timber

  • Kylie Davis 8 months ago

    all i have to say is wtf

  • Kadin Cooper 8 months ago

    Sundee just take off your head when the sound hits

  • PowerL K 8 months ago

    you guys should do crundee vs mathea or something……

  • jin kim 8 months ago

    If you subscribe to my Chanel you will get 10000000000000 dollers

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