It’s like prop hunt minus the part where I suck at it


  • - Xymatian - 4 months ago

    Lets do donkey sex

  • Pablo Murphy 4 months ago

    Yes, the right side of the thumbnail has a red arrow in it

  • HC Zombies 4 months ago

    WARNING:Milidly infuriating

  • nick van der pijl 4 months ago

    popularmmos did the same map

  • Baran erdeşer 4 months ago

    Make a update vid about MIANITE please ill probably unsub because this reddit things and mc maps is all you do nowadays get it together… please
    Start a good series doesnt have to be modded please dont bring sundee or someone dumb (i mean someone you can be yourself with and not act like a kid) be consistent about the serie and make it happen i miss you being you

  • Queenlugia2000 4 months ago

    I watched x33ns POV first xD

  • GasMaster 4 months ago

    Captain Sparkles plays Minecraft again YAY!

    Or is this another Reddit video in disguise?

  • Ryan Jacks 4 months ago

    play around with the speedsters mod

  • Jixaw 4 months ago

    This map was done really horribly. They basically had maps where like the only thing in the room was a cube and you somehow had disguise yourself with that. They were too bland of maps and gave the feel of “you can hide here or here” and that was it. Very restricting to the actual hiding potential of the player

  • Davis Knoll 4 months ago

    It’s my birthday!

  • Lucas B 4 months ago

    How can they play with eachother?

  • Raivo B 4 months ago

    Ur channel is dying .. sorry

  • Michael Boyd 4 months ago

    I’m still gonna end it!

  • Snowmanbutternips 4 months ago


  • wilsonthecrimson 4 months ago

    Luv it vids keep going

  • NinjaWizard 4 months ago

    “I’m different.” Doesn’t really work without the portal sentry voice with it does it xD

  • alreda_naruto 4 months ago

    In the thumbnail I was looking for the difference, until I realized that the arrow is pointing to it…

  • AaliyahPlayz 4 months ago

    Copying crainer ?!?!

  • Naruto Uzumaki 4 months ago

    Hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky

  • Aero Neon 4 months ago

    I would cheat by recording a video of the room

  • fintan stephenson 4 months ago

    How is he not sick of mincraft now???

  • Kevin Duarte 4 months ago


  • Zuilma Peralta 4 months ago

    i subed

  • Simon Lee 4 months ago

    Easy. One has a big red arrow, one says spot the difference

  • Tyrone In Full HD 4 months ago

    your forehead is giant

  • Pretzel Is God 4 months ago

    Who else is scrolling through comments because an ad is playing?

  • Rhealynn Dyer 4 months ago

    Crainer and Thea did this to

  • MicroWaveCritic 4 months ago

    If you love Capt. Sparkles…

    Like this comment

  • ben korolik 4 months ago

    you were MOUND to fail at that one XD

    i’ll show myself out…

  • marksgv 4 months ago

    That was fun. If it had levels of difficulty, then, having a timer to both the hiding and spotting would have added a nice extra element of pressure. Or, if not that, larger more complicated play areas. Otherwise, Jordan said it, the map was well balanced for what it had and did. It just worked, with all the tension of prop hunt, where X33N was just right there, oh so close. But, I think when Jordan got the look, when he spotted X33N real fast, was the best moment, lol.

  • John Paul 4 months ago


  • TheJuanAndOnly 4 months ago

    Pineapple belongs on a pizza

  • wesley rodgers 4 months ago

    Play dress up Barbie!

  • Itz Brooklyn Bax 4 months ago

    I hav a toy of u captainsparklez

  • Itz Brooklyn Bax 4 months ago

    A minecraft toy

  • thanh le dat 4 months ago

    If I in there I would win to sporting

  • thanh le dat 4 months ago

    The difference

  • Jeremazing Randomness 4 months ago

    I saw that tea was made into a plus sign and then when CaptainSparklez went to the other side and was breaking the block before the block broke I was literally yelling as loud as I could for him to stop even though he could not hear me

  • Summer Hull 4 months ago

    PopularMMOs also did this map, check his video out on his YouTube channel

  • Soul Dais 4 months ago

    How did you only get 4k likes? Like…10 million people at subscribed and then not even watching?

  • TheRadGuy 4 months ago

    You guys should play the minecraft map series Exodus its amazing

  • kazy crazy 4 months ago

    Spot The Different



    Reply to my Comment if you see it!

  • rama of the future 4 months ago


    Read more

  • The game boys 4 months ago

    I died in minecraft :0 I had a diamond sword with sharpness 1 a pickaxe with fortune 3 and a bow with power 4 🙁 Can i get some respect please?

  • Pro gaming 3214 4 months ago

    In the thumbnail I didint see the arrow it took me like 4 minuets lol

  • Enzie 4 months ago

    This is a corpse of a Youtube channel, holy shit

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