• Lukebb04 2 weeks ago

    Killer jen

  • Awesome Gamer landon 2 weeks ago

    All the maps you play is amazing

  • Youngjoon Kim 2 weeks ago

    Those modeling skills 😂. Jen left cause those skills were too good for her! 😂

  • Youngjoon Kim 2 weeks ago


  • robertha robbins 2 weeks ago

    22:01 pats shakira impression

  • Giorgio Pangestu 2 weeks ago

    Jen is a nub

  • Tyler Yang 2 weeks ago

    pat and jen plz friend me on roblox plz 🙁 heres a link to my profile btw your my fav youtubers in the whole entire world

  • Tyler Yang 2 weeks ago

    Pat btw i got cookie crown so we can be twinnin

  • Wheels 6 2 weeks ago

    love your videos. keep it up. i have been a subscriber from 6 million and have always watched ur vids. luv u

  • Contagious GaminXZ 2 weeks ago

    Ok pat…
    You missed a button on the ender man’s feet TWICE
    And a chest on “Jens first skin”(Which is behind her feet)😑

  • srpski gejmer nikolic 2 weeks ago

    pat do vr

  • Kj Crystal 2 weeks ago

    And amazing yodelling Pat brilliant

  • Cute Cat 2 weeks ago

    In the part that say the first skin it is true is 5years ago but one moth latter she changed

  • Gaming Guinea Pigs 2 weeks ago

    There was a chest in the 11:20 (before so you can see it come up) (at 11:22)

  • Mr.Adam Sasson 2 weeks ago

    You can use f2 and then you will get screenshot

  • TheCoffee Cup 2 weeks ago

    Whenever pat yodels, call Jen to stop it

  • ian duell 2 weeks ago

    dont grow hair

  • Carl Jovan Martin 2 weeks ago

    Haha…king of yodeling

  • DaSpoonRepellant 2 weeks ago

    Vegeta: ITS OVER 9000
    Tarble Table

  • Christoffer Røstenskar 2 weeks ago

    You need to touch the lever

  • Christoffer Røstenskar 2 weeks ago

    I see a chest

  • Emmary Grace Nerit 2 weeks ago

    They sound like an alien hahaha

  • Queen Equine 2 weeks ago

    The ender man had a button on the back of his foot!!

  • Mica P 2 weeks ago

    Pat and Jen thank you for making these videos every single week because every time when I’m scared your videos always make me laugh and smile.

  • Queen Equine 2 weeks ago

    This is horsy, leave a like for a treat 🥕 🍎 🍏 🐴 🐎🏇🏻

  • Fidel Wilson 2 weeks ago

    DO MORE plz

  • Alexander Butterfield 2 weeks ago

    I remember her old skin because when you guys did the skyblock it was great I’ve been subbed since

  • JustinTMM 2 weeks ago

    Pats Yodeling is over 9000!!!

  • Ophelia Tudor-Williams 2 weeks ago

    Boy’s can be witches and girl’s can be wizards!!!!!!!

  • Henry Lumawag 2 weeks ago

    Omg pat. I can’t believe that you didn’t see the button on the enderman

  • Mila A. Powell 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t think he was that bad of a yodeler

  • hendrawan nugroho 2 weeks ago

    Pat make Jen new skin the Pat Jen skin from is that Pat burn him

  • Ovidiu Cojocaru 2 weeks ago

    When you went by the endarman,you missed a button

  • Dave C 2 weeks ago

    the ender man had a nutty on it……..

  • Dave C 2 weeks ago

    I mean buttun


    I love you jen

  • I just Love the video Ramm 2 weeks ago


  • Michael Marcellino 2 weeks ago

    Hey pat i just subs you please answer all of your fans because they all really like you and jen

  • Janet Lim 2 weeks ago

    Technically,Pat won cause jen slapped him like a thousand times

  • I'll_always_chus_u 2 weeks ago

    It’s cool that you added time lapse

  • Sherry Carag 2 weeks ago

    By Far Jen A.k.a the killer is winner 2 – 0 Yay!

  • çhèésèy dīñö 2 weeks ago

    what’s Crakalacking?!

  • NerdyRabbit 8 2 weeks ago

    Yodel this on vid and post it Yodoleyhegahdahojubadieyoldeleyhey

  • Nurmala bunda 2 weeks ago

    3:56 best cake eating montage

  • Clo ud 2 weeks ago

    I really like your voice pat❤❤❤😉

  • Matthew O Connor 2 weeks ago

    Pat:I’m ignoring everything else

    5 seconds later

    Pat: Hey look there’s notch holding a golden apple 😂😂

  • shark bum bam 2 weeks ago

    You said i am gonna leave some buckets which is books

  • REDARCH123 2 weeks ago

    I think u need to watch home on the ranch for your A+ singing pat

  • Jasmine rose Shieids the bff of rojo 2 weeks ago

    What’s cooking good looking dudes

  • Loleng Viajar 2 weeks ago

    Enderman 0:42 button

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