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Today we take a


  • Logan Thompson 2 weeks ago

    Oh man, I love Gorillaz!

  • Daniel Brill 2 weeks ago

    For the push limit maybe they should add a new piston that is more expensive so it would be balanced in survival

  • Ahmd Aa 2 weeks ago

    11:41 WTF…. Obsidian stairs?

  • Robin Croninger 2 weeks ago

    53 cobblestone blocks per second

  • [SuperDerp] JakeDaDream 2 weeks ago

    Needs to use this to make the largest combo lock ever using every block in Minecraft! Just imagine, setting that off. Make it like 200 blocks tall

  • TheWolfboy180 2 weeks ago

    It’s *exactly* 300 blocks of cobblestone a second.

  • Caleb Alexander 2 weeks ago

    What do you think about the 2 new songs Gorillaz put out?

  • Wolsk 2 weeks ago

    Mojang probably wouldn’t have added a push limit if Minecraft was optimized better from the start.

  • The Cujo 2 weeks ago

    This is hermitcraft all over again

  • Adittya Abir Dhrubo 2 weeks ago

    You can do this with only command block

  • Erik Dreyer 2 weeks ago

    Loved this, I have always been hpoing that you do something like this. Please do more “hacks” and stuff like this!!!

  • filefolder3 2 weeks ago

    How to kill Minecraft:
    1. Make a custom flat world out of only slime bocks
    2. Change piston push limit to the highest possible
    3. Push the world 😀

  • Erik Dreyer 2 weeks ago

    I think that we can maybe get another type of piston, that can push more blocks, but not unlimited, but there should be more limitations on the new pistons, such as the speed that it can be used at, or something else.

  • ImTrash. 2 weeks ago

    4:06 that island looks suspiciously familiar…

    *windmill windmill far and high*

  • Atharva Kaushik 2 weeks ago

    Hi mr. cubey can you do a video on dolphins

  • MODS!!

  • Shjon's Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • MisterLeafy 2 weeks ago

    Honestly I think they should increase the piston push limit to 25 blocks or 40, but no more than that because that would be too laggy

  • Daniel Clouston 2 weeks ago

    they should

  • Jemplix 2 weeks ago

    pirate ship flying machine

  • Joel Carter Ramadge 2 weeks ago

    Yes, I do (Want to see more videos with this mod!)

  • DeltaTear_ 2 weeks ago

    Wonder if that moving island would work with regular pistons (with a smaller island of course)

  • UnIockables 2 weeks ago

    I think Mojang should only increase the limit if they are 100% confident that they could do so without the graphical errors, and reduce the chance of players/mobs falling through moving blocks. As it stands I’d like to see that working a little better before increasing it. Interesting video though Mumbo 🙂

  • Ryan Roberson 2 weeks ago

    though this is quite nice, i think you could do a lot of cool things with a limit of 24

  • heerak sharma 2 weeks ago

    Mumbo make a tunnel maker machine. It will launch TNT and the whole machine would go forward repeating the process

  • Mack Thompson 2 weeks ago

    He should make a cave detector that moves around.

  • VIDEO PLAYS 2 weeks ago

    You still in elevator maybe if you place something where you can sit

  • Micah Nightwolf 2 weeks ago

    Even private single player worlds run on an instance of the Minecraft MP server in a separate thread, which can actually lag when it is doing a lot of processing. In English, that means when you play a single player world, your computer is running both the client and the server, and it is connected to itself. This is why sometimes whenever you load the Nether on a private world, you still have trouble mining blocks, opening chests, and eating food. This is also why the “Open world to LAN” feature works instantly without having to restart the game. The netcode is already running.

    What does that have to do with this video? Put a boat, minecart, or llama in your elevator. Those are handled on the server thread, just like they are handled on an actual MP server. That way you don’t lag through the floor.

  • Defective Moonlight 2 weeks ago

    Make a Steve skin with a black shirt. Name him Steve Mobs. Go from server to server selling redstone mob grinders that spell out compliments in redstone lamps as they fill up, and insult people who to try to get in with the wrong button code before trapping them.

  • King_ Rares 2 weeks ago

    You should extend that 21 blocks piston
    This is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4zS_DNIABQ

  • MandMs05 2 weeks ago

    I think if you go more than 12 you’re going to be causing a lot of issues and updates such as blocks being duplicated or deleted.

  • NinjaKILLah 2 weeks ago

    Eeeey, gorillaz feel good is amazing

  • John The Gamer 2 weeks ago

    8:10 i think mojang should double it to 24 blocks, not more because minecraft would lag too much

  • A Real Human Being 2 weeks ago

    I’m not terribly great at math, but I did 15 x 6 to get the least common multiple for the 20 ticks in a second and 15 ticks per 225 cobble, then multiplied 225 by 6 and divided that into 3, getting 300 for the amount of Cobble Per Second.

  • Master GamerisLT 2 weeks ago

    333 cobblestone per second

  • Mats Jacobs 2 weeks ago

    Ifinite redstone wire power!!!

  • Mats Jacobs 2 weeks ago


  • thomas280901 2 weeks ago

    The cobblestone generator could be the stairs of a big GIANT

  • Adrinal Wilden 2 weeks ago


  • josh tsang 2 weeks ago

    4:55 feel good inc?

  • Luckiest WhiteBoy 2 weeks ago

    “Windmill windmill for the land, turn forever hand In hand, take it all in on your stride, it is breaking falling down, love forever love it free, let’s turn forever you and me, wind mill windmill for the land, is everybody in?!?!”

  • David Easton 2 weeks ago


  • KAL GD 2 weeks ago

    I think mojang should add a command that controls the maximum push limit

  • Alex Sedmak 2 weeks ago

    not for normal pistons. have a slightly more expensive piston that needs a specific redstone signal (like maybe a one tick pulse won’t work) that can push 24

  • Hou Wan 2 weeks ago

    Did you not use the same “lighthouse” for hermitcraft season 4?

  • Egg_Runner 2 weeks ago

    yeah but imagine if someone put this onto a server, you rejoin step outside and there is just a colossal wall of cobblestone. EVERYWHERE.

  • ThatDude iforgot 2 weeks ago

    You should do more moded stuff

  • Jero Berdida 2 weeks ago

    Mumbo maybe put a minecart in the elevator so that you wont fall out

  • Emma Wederski 2 weeks ago

    Aaaaaaaannnnndd, Mumbo is my favorite again because he likes the Gorillaz and got inspiration from one of their best songs!

  • Je55terK1ng 2 weeks ago

    Mumbo, you’re so bad at math

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