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  • FireStar Jessica 1 week ago

    Why was pat Steve

  • Nojus Ramanauskas 1 week ago

    Here Jen doesn’t seem that bad at MC😊

  • ShyHuskey 1 week ago

    Why is Pat Steve?

  • Ryzel Raina 1 week ago

    yehey finally watched it i have been waiting all day

  • Leanne Rose Torres 1 week ago

    Can yu record more jen😆

  • KawaiiKitty67 YT 1 week ago

    Can u guys like upload on someone’s channel when they won a game or challenge!! Who agrees?!?

  • Swiss Cheese 1 week ago

    Is this just the same video but Jens perspective 🤔😂

  • Kylee A 1 week ago

    Im pretty sure its just me but it feels so different seeing a skin colour hand instead of pat black coloured hand

  • Niki Westgate 1 week ago

    Goooooooooooooo jen

  • unicorn anime person thing 1 week ago

    :3 :3 :3

  • Chuie Pley’s 1 week ago

    yey go jen go

  • joe da mango 1 week ago

    Um pat is Steve

  • Jessy Gavarra 1 week ago


  • Jessy Gavarra 1 week ago


  • Debbie Grimm 1 week ago

    I haven’t seen Jen rec the hide and seek vids 😹 🤔

  • Catsinlove101 Catsarecool 1 week ago

    Yay JEN WON

  • Russell Dirga 1 week ago

    You are not Furious again aye Pat

  • Andrea Andrea franceska Mandap 1 week ago

    Pat chend sikin

  • P • B •J • T 1 week ago

    Omg Jen’s POV

  • XAKing SunstarXA 1 week ago

    does jen even know how to use creative mode or even know how to play non-modded minecraft

  • Colette von Prockl-Chng 1 week ago


  • Nicky Friday 1 week ago

    yay jun is ta day well yesterday lol

  • Popular_vlogging#gaming minecraft 1 week ago

    Hello?!?!? PAT WHY ARE YOU STEVE!!?!?!

  • cristian licaci 1 week ago

    jen you always need to hop cause when pat was close by you stopped hoppingbut you needed to hop actually soo that is cheatin

  • Jared Marsh 1 week ago

    Hide and seek y’alls best series

  • Rhocel Parungao 1 week ago

    Yaaaaaassssss finally Jen has uploaded hide and seek finally I xan die in peace

  • Mr.Kabobles 1 week ago

    in the beginning pat should of hid in the beds at the spawn room jen never checks that spot

  • Ben Mansfield 1 week ago

    Kill him when you win and lose

  • Ben Mansfield 1 week ago

    Do more hide and seek videos

  • Glitched Soul 1 week ago

    Why is pat steve?

  • Ben Mansfield 1 week ago

    First hide and seek with gen I watched thanks for
    Makeing it


  • RandomVids Gaming/Etc 1 week ago

    Wow this is the second bunny hide and seek

  • Claire Lawrence 1 week ago

    Yay they followed my advice for hide n seek

    If pat and Jen are reading this then you brighten my day so much

  • Arthur Cartwright 1 week ago

    5:34 to 5:42 Jen stops hopping to avoid pat, but he hopped when he saw her in round 1

  • Steven Pritchard 1 week ago


  • sumayaakbar 1 week ago

    I haven’t watched you guys in so long, I used to be a fan. So I’m watching again!

  • Althea Nicole Piloneo 1 week ago


  • just another commenter 1 week ago

    Master jen has uploaded!

  • Cutie pie pug 1 week ago

    They just started straight away is it just me that noticed ?

  • Princess Melody 1 week ago

    Pat: Hello?
    Me hahahahahahahaha 😆 😂 😝

  • Bryanne Lynson Plazos 1 week ago


  • Bryanne Lynson Plazos 1 week ago

    ur in for a surprise

  • Devlyn Maritz 1 week ago

    Jen you put7 jetie the 3 round

  • Radiance Tan 1 week ago

    At 5:45 Jen did not hop SHE CHEATED

  • ShayPlays MC 1 week ago


  • Max L 1 week ago

    Why is pat steve

  • The cookie crumbler 1 week ago

    Another thing that gives it away is when you morph to something little you keep your human shadow in the game

  • YanKuuTsun Dere 1 week ago

    Who else is hyped for their book

  • FireStar Jessica 1 week ago


  • sue kowal 1 week ago

    The Minecraft gods saved him

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