Minecraft build school is back once more! I covered terraining before


  • Mysticgaming 101 1 week ago

    May you please make a video about what blocks you would use in certain biomes

  • Dogglet Pug 1 week ago

    I always like to add gravel to the bottom of small water areas.

  • Mahmood Harib 1 week ago

    Hi grain im from arab and I love your channel
    Would you please transform the minechaft and thank you

  • LPSDreamProductions 1 week ago

    can you do a tutorial of how to build a train or air plain in minecraft??

  • Robert Decareau 1 week ago

    You should do build swap again.

  • soity and dieco 1 week ago

    What about Evo Grian

  • Yummy Jam Studios 1 week ago

    For the pine trees, watch systemzee’s tutorial on Evo. He goes more into detail.

  • Ping Pong 1 week ago

    Hey remember years back when you swore in a video

    Remember this video https://youtu.be/HF7z5ztBWgk ?

  • BIG BIG And POP .!. 1 week ago

    Build a fake grian #Buildthiscomment

  • sugatowng 1 week ago

    Who else saw the creeper around 2:15 in the house 😂 grian thanks for helping me improve my builds and inspire me to build even more♥️

  • DiamondDogg - AJ and MC 1 week ago

    Grian, two things:

    1. What do you use to record Minecraft?
    2. How do you get world edit?

  • Niall McKee 1 week ago

    Grian, did you know that you can put water on end portals to break then, and they actually drop? I want see it on the minecraft evo smp as a prank. please??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! it would be so funny

  • Viggo Paulsen 1 week ago

    WOW….!!!!! Your video is just what I’ve had for a long time! I’m about to make a server but I’m really bad to build. Thank you very very much! This is really something I and surely too many others will have GREAT benefit of..! 😀
    “Minecraft Build School” is a really good idea!
    (Sorry for my really bad english;))

  • Tay Shay 1 week ago


  • ItsJenna 1 1 week ago

    Me ❤️ grian

  • Link1o40 Rogers 1 week ago

    hahahaha that creeper in the window

  • ChompyDj 1 week ago

    I somehow managed to accidentally get this into my songs playlists .
    But I mean what can I say.
    Grian has a beautiful voice

  • Vann Cormier 1 week ago

    wheres evo

  • Banana McBanana 1 week ago

    Wow Grian, starting back build school right as school ends…

  • rainbow_man 1 week ago

    Your the best builder in Minecraft😁😁😁

  • Game Fox 1 week ago


  • BECKY JOLES 1 week ago

    You are like taurtis’s British brother

  • Fire Duck 321 1 week ago

    Hey Grian,
    You should transform a stronghold (the one with the end portal for clarification). I personally think that it would be pretty cool.

  • Manda Thomas 1 week ago


  • David Salas 1 week ago

    School sucks

  • Kazuto Kirigaya 1 week ago

    Do another build swap battle

  • KEYREALM 23 1 week ago

    Very good..it look very beautiful..i have a village that i make ..maybe i can make this..thanks for give me an idea..

  • lyndon iradiel 1 week ago

    & slime

  • Useless Text 1 week ago

    Am I the only one that noticed the horses feet weren’t moving?

  • Bleflar 1 week ago

    I want to do Giant mystical world tree and make library inside of it. Any tips?

  • Innerlock Studios 1 week ago

    Did you get invited to The Deep End SMP?

  • Josie Ellis 1 week ago

    Can you make a video on how to make Minecraft less boring? Me and my friend have been playing for 5+ years and we don’t want to download mods and things like that that but we want to make it more interesting.

  • Firestar Plays 1 week ago

    Grian! Grian! Bark Block is replacing the logs with the bark on all 6 sides, and they’re worse!

  • Beast0504 1 week ago

    Mumbo: where is grian
    Log Dot Zip: who is grian
    Taurtis: Why is grian

  • Zaijian Macatangay 1 week ago

    can you play war robots please 🙂

  • BUG AKA Johann Sebastian Bugh 1 week ago


  • XLolzxxCraftX XLOLZX 1 week ago

    Can you make build school about how wide or tall specific houses for example nordic houses because they have a inward wall. I have trouble making space for some houses because of the walls being inside of the frame. Basically every house I make has a 4-block to 3-block wide interior. Pls notice meh😢

  • I Like Red 1 week ago

    Random question: What course did Grian take?

  • TrainWreck3000 1 week ago

    landscaping is the easiest thing you can posibly do in minecraft XD we dont need a tutorial for landscaping

  • don't care 1 week ago

    hey grian please bring back other stuff besides minecraft evo because im kinda tired of the minecraft evo, please think about this i love your channel but you need to upload more ok

  • don't care 1 week ago

    hey grian i just subscribed please give me a shout out in a video

  • Astro 1 week ago

    Grain, you should make an Island House Tutorial! I would love to see one, and probably many others would too!

  • Severin DUPUCHE 1 week ago

    I know someone else that could go in the dungeon: MiniMuka

  • Keira Lowe 1 week ago

    BUILD SWAP! Please can you do it again?

  • Ryan Luke Amos 1 week ago

    Grain for president 2020: #HiggledyPiggledy

  • Cosmic Gaming 1 week ago

    2:24 that cow!

    Cow: – is that a bird…


    No… It is grian!!

  • Frozjy Gaming 1 week ago

    I built the best landscape ever because of him! Well atleast till the creeper’s showed up 😢

  • Robstar 1 week ago

    One obvious thing I would have mentioned: If you make a hollow cliff or leave a two block gap underneath your new grass floor… place some torches! Those groaning zombies don’t give you a very peaceful feeling when you’re strolling about in your new garden 😉

  • Tj Big Boi 1 week ago

    Hey Grian Do you think that you could make like castle walls around a village but not 70 feet tall? I’m trying to make a village transformation in survival and I can’t come up with any ideas, Thanks!

  • Stickman Productions 1 week ago

    Griaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like your videos and the build style……buuuuuuut…….why you don’t make a layer 2 block’s high?

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