• - AtomicZombSlaya - 8 months ago

    One tip I can give you Grian is to make the interior walls different than the exterior walls if you can.

  • grian your buildings are good but you really, REALLY suck at interior design. don’t teach things you haven’t mastered yet

  • Maria Soliz 8 months ago

    Show me your ways master… I can’t even build a house that can impress my brother

  • Kallan Ronholm 8 months ago

    Grian play survival so you can be a hermit! You’d be an amazing addition. Like if you agree!

  • AGENT POTATOE TOMATO 8 months ago

    even though I practice , and practice I just can’t build 🙁 I hope my life isnt a lie lol

  • Milo Ross 8 months ago

    Grian, do a build school on importing circles into your builds

  • Pollux 8 months ago

    tutorial of this house up up up

  • Lee aah 8 months ago

    please keep build school going

  • Uncle Swagger 8 months ago

    Can you build a gas chamber next?

  • Calico21Gt Forever 8 months ago

    I loved this video and the way you made the bigger house! It was beautiful. I’m going to use these interior ideas in my next build for a house that I’m making. Thank you so much for making this it was sooooo helpful.

  • Keith Westpy 8 months ago


  • Simon Riley 8 months ago

    Please, make at least ONE of these three video suggestions… Hallways exterior and interior, nether bases, and decks for different kinds of houses.

    Like if you agree or want Grian to see this.

  • Blue Jay 8 months ago

    Grian, i love your videos, but your interior could be sooo much better.

  • AxeBoyd 8 months ago

    I am worried. Grian referred to the second house as being large, and I am currently tackling a house about ten times the size. Is this an issue?

  • Null Route. 8 months ago

    Did he do a build tutorial on this house? And if so please link me it

  • AJMASTER1243 8 months ago

    Who thinks Grian and Mumbo should make a series? Like if you agree.

  • Cancerous Cringe 8 months ago

    Build school is back!

  • BeanrRGB 8 months ago

    Thx so much for the vid. I’ve always built huge houses but don’t know how to do the interior. 🙂

  • KittinPyro 8 months ago

    Various Mansions? Something a ditch person would live in. Rustic Mansion, Victorian Mansion, Modern Mansion etc

  • Karl catacutan 8 months ago

    Grian makes me want to be an architect.

  • Johanna Vormoor 8 months ago

    how do you know when it is safe to light a fire in a wooden house without the fire spreading? 🙂

  • The Redstoneer 8 months ago

    i do what you do grian also I already built a mansion but  restarted device so sorry but thank you so much grian 🙂

  • SPOON z 8 months ago

    build school with a mediocre buildder

  • Saincx 0m9 8 months ago

    Grian Can you do Top 10 Bookshelfs I Wanna Know Some BookShelfs Builds to make A Good Looking library 🙂

  • gladysmarie pelegrina 8 months ago

    i like the small one its cute!!!

  • Liam Morris 8 months ago

    A good idea for a house if you want an interior is to plan out where you want your floors or rooms whilst you’re making your house. What i always do is start with the frame and use it to make the shape of the rooms before building the rest of the house.

  • Mrunal Sheth 8 months ago

    Who thought that he was actually going to build a school

  • Yeiko Arias 8 months ago

    I just watch because I can’t build like Grian

  • BananaBrick Productions 8 months ago

    it looks like my house (the second one)

  • Derp Dino the Noob 8 months ago

    You forgot the bathroom

  • Johny 'S Filming 8 months ago

    why doesn’t the snow melt from the torches, usually snow in minecraft melts from any light source

  • Kami Derbabian 8 months ago

    the interior is my favourite part of my builds or any build oh btw i love you grian and keep up the great content

  • Gojiracell32 8 months ago

    I feel as if interior is easier in survival, as you are going to be living a d working in the house, and in doing so you will fill the house with what you need as well as what looks good.

  • Princessalmira Guimar 8 months ago

    Grain I love your vids because your so good at building

  • It's Just Marzia 8 months ago

    Hey Grian, could you pls build the second house?? I really love it!!

  • Cat Meyer 8 months ago

    I have done the things you do were the walls will go and were my furniture will fit and go.

  • Nicole Cordova 8 months ago

    Is there a link to show us how to make that second house? I love it!

  • Minetera 8 months ago

    (I dont know mybe it isnt possible but) You can giveaway your worlds! Like if you agreee

  • Mattox JG 8 months ago

    amazing what Grian does

  • Hailee Anderson 8 months ago

    You should do a tutorial on how to build the bigger house, like how you did the suburb house tutorial.

  • Martin Merritt 8 months ago

    hey grian could you do an episode on different natural structures like sea stacks pls?

  • Addison Sablan 8 months ago

    im bad at both exterior and in… 🙁

  • Mark Mark 8 months ago

    Can you do an episode on terraforming, please.

  • WilddGamerGirl 8 months ago

    Please do a tutorial on the brown and White House please! I really want to use the brown house design for something special for my friend!! Her birthday is soon and it really suits her!!

  • Never Games 8 months ago

    Make a mansion plz

  • SebiEsmerald YT 8 months ago

    thanks you really helped me with my rustic house☺

  • Brickfilm's Stupava 8 months ago

    5:45 soaks?!

  • Crazy Cheeksqueek 8 months ago

    No fair. He makes a dirt house turn into a castle and all I would do is destroy the house in rage.

  • Talha Safi 8 months ago

    why don’t you begin a survival serious,I think you are quite the builder master. remember your fans love you

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