Make a fort and survive as long as you can against the zombie


  • Gizzy Gazza 6 months ago

    Woops the first 8 seconds is black screen sorry about that! But BOX FORT CHALLENGE YAY! If you want more in the future make sure you leave a like and subscribe! Thanks! 😀

  • Ashleigh Hunter 6 months ago

    Survive a flood

  • Figetspinner god 6 months ago

    Can you do more yandere minecraft plz

  • Lander Kamal 6 months ago

    Zombie shark nado his truely worst fear

  • Paigee 120 6 months ago

    So that’s where Thomas went from ryguys series to help the awesome gizzy with his vids 😂😍❤️😄

  • Lucky L Zombie Cat 6 months ago

    More! Tsunami next!

  • eno/eno eno 6 months ago

    More plz

  • Muj 123 6 months ago

    Do more now

  • Magical Dodo 6 months ago

    That was very exciting Keep doing it!!!! Suggestion: Monsters andmabye you can get the Haunted Hotel Skins !!!

  • Josepheter99 6 months ago

    did u YouTube just update there website cuz YouTube is different now

  • Aly Cat 6 months ago

    Do a every mod atack

  • Kawaii Kitty 6 months ago


    I had to

  • sulaiman hyatt-butt 6 months ago

    I want more please!!! Maybe do a ender dragon where you try to defeat it in the next one. Maybe??

  • Mister 6 months ago

    I know what should be next.

    Survive The Griefers/Hackers

  • Edy Berriozabal Berriozabal 6 months ago

    do more

  • TheNameIsGeorge 6 months ago

    Can you do more videos with gizmoooo

  • TheYousif Z 6 months ago

    Gizzy I was here before 7k subscribers

  • Wasay Abdul Aziz 6 months ago

    DO a Flood Next

  • Aaron williams 6 months ago

    For next disaster to cokenado or a wave of coke

  • Steffi D 6 months ago

    Dramatic music 2017

  • Septic ShadowCadet 6 months ago


  • Dragon Ball Z Gamer 6 months ago

    Do zombie apocalypse again but when you die you become a zombie

  • fri day 6 months ago

    more and do a spider one

  • Baylee Ables 6 months ago

    Pokemon attack

  • Lightning Abyss 6 months ago

    You should do a video with ryguyrocky

  • Mikey 500 6 months ago

    Yo uh is gizzy gazza still friends with sam?

  • Maveri Cantwell 6 months ago

    Affter the zombie apocalyps a meteor strikes and the world invads with creapers

  • Music playlist Berber 6 months ago

    U forgot the screenshot of the bell icon

  • Taylor Netteler 6 months ago


  • little angel butterfly 6 months ago

    I got stung by a bee this morning 🙁

  • PixelDragonMC 6 months ago

    Thomas is relatable, i HATE shark and zombie and other things too, but sharks are top 3, alon with spiders and werewolves

  • Bre The Owl Queen 6 months ago

    you know what u should do….think of a tree house but without the tree so make your house up in the air

  • Megan Early 6 months ago

    We what more, also for the next box fort challenge can you pls use dogs and cats

  • Super Saiyan much bro Kamehameha 6 months ago

    Gizzy do a ……….*spent the next day thinking* Ahh Do a FnAF Box fort

  • Jamal Sanders 6 months ago

    Please bring back moded cops and robbers

  • Zarek Beck 6 months ago

    Worst box fort ever
    And u suck at yt

  • The Undertale guy 6 months ago

    Hey kid I mean gizzy for a box fort video you should do A box fort pvp video where you and your friends fight each other! Winner gets to lock them up in bedrock cage and winner also gets to put zombies in their

  • sookie yuna 6 months ago

    so cool my dude so cool

  • Onycah Michelle 6 months ago

    I love this so much and you should do a purge themed one

  • Out of everyone here, how many of you are in middle or elementary school?

  • Impeciton 6 months ago

    bo a torna do one

  • little square face 6 months ago


  • Darren Pritchard 6 months ago

    play with rygau

  • madeline spitler 6 months ago

    do more box fort

  • Donshamaro Uitenwerf 6 months ago

    I want mor

  • Karen Miller 6 months ago

    ok gizzy :3🍕🌹❤💚💜💙💛💗😄

  • Its Alvin! 6 months ago

    I liked you when you where cool.

  • Voice girl Sullivan 6 months ago

    Do more

  • Kuma King 6 months ago

    Do a tsunami of tornado

  • Jadore Riley 6 months ago

    Why are you following papa jack tizzy all so it’s so much more in life than to be Gay

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