• brian harris 4 months ago

    i know how to kill blue steave

  • Yeonjoo LEE 4 months ago

    Yea Unspeakablegaming for blue steve

  • Athan Neo 4 months ago

    go wach sabre blue steve hacked his account and dare is a deifrent ting about. the steves persenaleti .

  • Narayuth Phylin 4 months ago

    Get lava and kill him but if it doesn’t work go to the nether or the wnd

  • Thug life Senpy 4 months ago

    To weaken blue steve you need prismarim blocks he cant break them

  • MinecraftDude99 ItzMatthew 4 months ago

    Shark blue Steve do sent like you blue skin

  • MinecraftDude99 ItzMatthew 4 months ago

    Blue Steve doesnt like your blue skin change it to brown.

  • Delivered Nuke 4 months ago

    on pe seed robot scary

  • teguhsatriono 4 months ago

    I already know blue steve

  • Shane Sreedhar 4 months ago


  • Shane Sreedhar 4 months ago

    HE IS REAL!!!

  • Starboss05 4 months ago


  • Jane Bambridge 4 months ago

    try play hide and seek with him try be friends with him! 😀 gl if u choose this 1

  • Shane Sreedhar 4 months ago

    blue steve loves lapiz lazuli

  • Ngọc Thảo Trần Thị 4 months ago

    yellow steven

  • Ismael Gonzalee 4 months ago

    Make blue ,red green Steve fight

  • Ismael Gonzalee 4 months ago

    You have to summion blue Steve

  • Johann Alyosha Van Tassel 4 months ago

    at 8:31 I think blue steve was on the ground at the bottom of the valley

  • Johann Alyosha Van Tassel 4 months ago

    kill him with lava or a bucket?

  • Lego VIP 4 months ago

    Watch favor my saber it is crazy

  • Jude Novak 4 months ago

    Try and Put sponge around blue Steve and it might kill him!

  • EnderLocks 4 months ago

    faker than kiley jenner

  • NICO GAMING YT 4 months ago

    WHAT IS THE SEED????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Chicken . PRO 4 months ago

    Tes spawn all 3

  • Marilyn Laurel 4 months ago

    Shark if you see blue steve again plss don’t hurt him he’s a good person

  • thelostgreenwool 56 4 months ago

    Idk how to kill blue Steve but here’s a idea fire or lava 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shuri Koto 4 months ago

    Do a red Steve vs green Steve vs blue Steve challenge

  • Infernus Gaming 4 months ago

    If you Pour Lava to Blue Steve will He Turn into Obsidian?

  • Helena Hart 4 months ago

    Kill blue Steve! You always make my day☺😊

  • BrysonPlayz 4 months ago

    Lol shark is afraid of water 😂

  • Honey Jackson 4 months ago

    Bring unspeakable and moose and build an underground base in survival

  • Mimi van eeden 4 months ago

    Time stamp 11:40 near moose there is a shinning thing in the water

  • Mimi van eeden 4 months ago

    What is that 13:11

  • Arfan Gaming 4 months ago

    Make a base under ground

  • stijn van oorschot 4 months ago

    This is licht blue steve

  • DJ_ Walker 4 months ago

    U just freaking past blue steve hen u run to get 2 wood cutting tree

  • CutefruityKittyMeow 4 months ago

    blue steve can control your character beware of that shark

  • itsminefox plays 4 months ago

    Hey shark I got something big!!! I saw this thing it is called bedrock Steve!!!! BEDROCK STEVE plz go check it out and if u do a vid plz give me a shoutout!! Hope u make a video bout it!!! BEDROCK STEVE

  • DJ_ Walker 4 months ago

    And when u get birch re play ok when u going to get birch woof

  • Marie Legnell 4 months ago

    You can trap the Blue Steve.

  • Marie Legnell 4 months ago

    The Blue Steve can turn water into ice so be careful.

  • Shawn Fore Lim 4 months ago

    lol l thought blue steve is lapis

  • Thander_ craft 4 months ago

    Shark to kill Blue Steve use lava an US close de water using a block

  • Adriamne Aranzanso 4 months ago

    Shark boy i want to see blue redstone and emerald steve and you make them fight and like if you want to see them fight

  • TuranYT awn 4 months ago

    You need a sponge

  • Abber Nicole Hechanova 4 months ago

    It is making a castle

  • Francis Heredia 4 months ago

    who do you think is more powerful green red or blue steve

  • Francis Heredia 4 months ago

    you cannot counter blue steve with lava because he is water and he will make the lava turn in cobblestone or obsidian

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