The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the Golem!
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  • Shark Gamer 1 week ago


  • Christian Jean 1 week ago

    You guys should battle golem but with lucky blocks

  • Lauren Krohn 1 week ago

    Post more of these!!

  • Zombass Zero 1 week ago

    Have this 💰

  • fnaffanwolf noneed 1 week ago

    Have a great day jen and pat same for ur cat

  • So Colin 1 week ago

    That is a hammer from Thor
    You so mean

  • Joshua Smith 1 week ago

    jen you could have bought another lucky block to get diamonds or emeralds to get a helmet

  • Trung tín trần 1 week ago

    Pls troll jen

  • Akeisha Kysi Po 1 week ago

    pls make more videos of roblox

  • normal channel gaming 1 week ago


  • Rainbow Cat 1 week ago

    When you said hot pizza I was eating pizza!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla Roblox and more! 1 week ago

    11:13 put on x2 xD so funny!

  • Sara Fisher 1 week ago


  • Weihao GT 1 week ago

    Omg pat channel grew so fast!!!

  • Tom Tender 1 week ago

    Jen is really generous to give u a e

  • jimmy jolt 1 week ago

    Pat Can you do the fantasia block if you get the lots of block don’t do the rule and find a strongest boss I hope that you have a good day keep up the good work 👍👍

  • Samantha Drake 1 week ago

    Jen wins for her kindness

  • oliver the pug 1 week ago

    Jen should be called gen like if you agree

  • amanda silsby 1 week ago

    Pat you make me feel better wen im sick jen downt looze your voice

  • Wyatt Flannery 1 week ago

    This is what happens when Jen says golem to much

  • Weihao GT 1 week ago

    Johnny yes papa is that what we are fighting?

  • Jada Crossgrove 1 week ago

    Someone needs to animate this

  • Game stastic 1 week ago

    pat knew that jen would derp what did he drop he said cause he knew that she would derp

  • Weihao GT 1 week ago

    We have a iron golem which is in the chest wow nice Minecraft!

  • kawaii Ryuu 1 week ago

    ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ Fly away little Angel! Fly!



    Why are u still here?




    This will never stop




  • Lasha Cincadze 1 week ago

    Me and Pat always say “that’s what she said” at the same time LOL

  • MasterGaming // MG 1 week ago


    I AM TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!

  • Leilani Hall 1 week ago

    love you videos

  • JUSTISE allen 1 week ago

    #pat the underdog

  • Can you guys download the new aquatic update please?!! Like if you agree

  • Rhonda Plotkin 1 week ago

    Love you Pat And jen like if you agree

  • Vika van Neerven 1 week ago

    Watch 11:18 XD

  • Sui Hre 1 week ago

    Can you actually fight golum

  • Mr Pupi Vlogovi i Više 1 week ago


  • Weihao GT 1 week ago

    Why everything is papa it was like papa and Johnny yo knaw??

  • Cristina Cantin 1 week ago

    Pat: what did the squid drop Jen: balls

  • Leilani Hall 1 week ago


  • Gaming With Jasmine 1 week ago

    those golems were insane

  • Shawn Vele 1 week ago

    OMG right when pat was opening a block, right after an ad popped up XD

  • Laura Kostun 1 week ago

    Omg 11:19 hahah😂😂😂

  • Weihao GT 1 week ago

    Pat is a she?? Cuz he says that what she says when going through chest

  • terra reed 1 week ago

    Hi popularmmos I love your YouTube channel

  • Karina Martinez 1 week ago

    Y’all should play Fortnite ❤️❤️

  • sophia sinclair 1 week ago

    I can still have the worst NIGHT mate

  • Daban 2000 1 week ago

    Pat start playing fortnite please like if u agree

  • Kristi Campbell 1 week ago

    Jen you should stop playing Minecraft

  • Shirley Jackson 1 week ago

    At 11:18 and 11:20 add the words together LOL xd

  • Captain Future Tom 1 week ago

    OMG ITS LIKE Lucky Noob vs. Unlucky Pro!

  • BT games and Thisguygames 1 week ago

    Pat, how much health do they have when made of bedrock?

  • Greyscale Beauty 1 week ago

    (From the crafting dead)
    Jen: there’s some sacks over here some ball sacks
    Jen: I mean some ink sacks
    Pat: it’s that testicles instead of tentacles all over again

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