• gerwin relatado 3 weeks ago

    Hey Atlanteans

  • Master Wolf 3 weeks ago


  • yue huang 3 weeks ago


  • Lisha Mckinney 3 weeks ago

    Cody do this watch a few blue steve green steve and red steve mincraft vids it will be insane

  • Madzack201 3 weeks ago


  • Wolf Man 3 weeks ago

    Useing strength arrows makes the mobs stronger

  • Wyatt Blevins 3 weeks ago

    Best rock

  • Emily Shaver 3 weeks ago

    TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft, 11:14, bless you Cody.

  • Ricky Houillon 3 weeks ago

    Is hello noughtour coming back

  • gameboy joe 3 weeks ago

    Do more with joebuz

  • James Ogden 3 weeks ago


  • EliteHedgehog 3 weeks ago

    Hey Cody hype vid I luv make sum more

  • Riley Cyr 3 weeks ago

    So a wizard role play

  • Anthony Urbina 3 weeks ago


  • Chriscoo Theatlantean 3 weeks ago

    yayyy more void survival!!!

  • fire master 3 weeks ago

    Hey Cody when are you going to do Dream craft season 2

  • Habeeb Aziz 3 weeks ago

    Where does he live? Canada or USA

  • Markie Graham 3 weeks ago

    been watching since crazy craft 3.0

  • the_ zombieboss 3 weeks ago

    54 in the comments

  • Jadendence Craft 3 weeks ago

    Didn’t we watch this video already

  • stealth assassin 3 weeks ago

    the video was awesome! speaking of series when will the atlantis season finale come out on your channel. we have been waiting sooooooooooooooo long!

  • Brandon Bean 3 weeks ago

    I love y’alls videos 😉😊😀😁😃😄😆

  • BLACK -19 3 weeks ago

    Jobuzz your back 😍😍

  • Oatmeal Hacker of doom! 3 weeks ago

    Worst acting ever lol

  • Minecraft man vlogs/DIY 3 weeks ago

    Cody I love you

  • Rascal_Be Gaming 3 weeks ago


  • CRD716 / Omega 3 weeks ago

    “I sold… my soul.” -Joebuz 2017

  • Steven thach 3 weeks ago

    The small purple bug you stabbed looks like an endermite Cody.

  • Crashed atoms 3 weeks ago

    Forgot to watch the 2Vid

  • Cooper Frasca 3 weeks ago


  • LinkedCrown 4449 3 weeks ago

    Where do you get mods

  • Space Cat 3 weeks ago

    When did Joebuzz get back?

  • Malou Alipoyo 3 weeks ago

    cool vid cody and joe do more zombie apocalypse with selena baby bloopers kraken kid and cody

  • Paul Ficker 3 weeks ago

    Can you please do the hospital series again with joe

  • zak pickles 3 weeks ago

    you should bring back lucky block boss challenge with Joe, and how to train your dragon. You can pick up where you left off and maybe bring in the other relm members.

  • Willie Wyvern 3 weeks ago

    Cream weasel

  • Gozy Gamer 3 weeks ago

    From Canada

  • Gozy Gamer 3 weeks ago


  • Sandu Alexandru 3 weeks ago

    Nice vid cant wait for the nest one

  • Jay Mills 3 weeks ago

    the effects give the one shot buffs so your making it harder on your selves

  • Clayton Mootz 3 weeks ago

    I subscribed

  • kacperusss1 3 weeks ago

    It’s the upside down from Stranger Things

  • Lianne Partington 3 weeks ago

    Endermite is the tiny thing you summoned it

  • Guess guest 3 weeks ago

    Hey Cody are you still doing aquatic craft mod pack?

  • lynsey kale 3 weeks ago

    Cody you and Joe need to finish crazy craft 3.0plz

  • Patrick Tyrrell 3 weeks ago

    everyone look at the description of Minecraft is it minecrat or roblox

  • Elijah Allee 3 weeks ago

    Crazy craft 4.0??!!!

  • Evelyn Blanchard 3 weeks ago

    When is there going to be a video on your new ralm

  • Darius Freeman 3 weeks ago

    Joe had this out a week ago

  • TheEpicMatthew 3 weeks ago

    Guys if anyone knows please they used to hire mobs in good vs evil which mod adds this option

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