• barritoo thy 2 weeks ago

    tomorrow I have a 1-day holiday if you are kids il be first 😂😂😏😏

  • Daniel Alas 2 weeks ago

    You have to do a tsunami challenge

  • Aaryan The gamer 2 weeks ago

    Hey cody sponge bob house was not built a fisherman was eating pineapples and one fell in to the ocean and was in the where spongebobs house is here now

  • Luke Hendeix 2 weeks ago

    Earth quake

  • Lara Brzezinski 2 weeks ago

    I love story time!!!

  • B&C tv 2 weeks ago

    Cody won

  • Dragon Playz54 2 weeks ago

    Cody won Patrick lost big time!

  • #your the best!

  • Shannon Smith 2 weeks ago

    You need bring back the Dream Craft

  • Bryce Hood 2 weeks ago

    you should do one with Penney wise exe.

  • kevin brian 2 weeks ago

    What is your outro song name

  • Julian Carrasco 2 weeks ago

    I’m like story time lol

  • Awesome Beans 2 weeks ago

    Cody won by a landslide and I think you should create boats to survive the bacteria outbreak

  • crosscut13 2 weeks ago

    i love story time

  • KIber The beaver 2 weeks ago

    Who thought kraken was consapated

  • Correne Bartlett 2 weeks ago

    How do you use voids wrath it’s a virus

  • Jason Of Wolves 2 weeks ago

    Do this in the city of atlantis…..

  • Zuizz K Lynx 2 weeks ago

    Yay for storys

  • Kim Lam 2 weeks ago

    sqidewords house looked like garey when it was done

  • Keegan Recktenwall 2 weeks ago

    Make more sponge bod videos

  • Usama Asker 2 weeks ago


  • Usama Asker 2 weeks ago


  • Aidan Catenacci 2 weeks ago

    Do a mine map. with a lot of TNT.

  • Aidan Catenacci 2 weeks ago

    cody won. kraken came 2 and canable came dead freakin last

  • Cassandra Carrion 2 weeks ago

    SpongeBob wins and squid word Loses

  • The Demon gamer 2 weeks ago

    More story time

  • Jeremy B. Gaming 2 weeks ago

    AtlanticCraft YOU ARE EVIL… you did one advertise for LHMC the server, you wanted SO much money and they couldnt afford, that server fell BECAUSE of you!

  • Thomas Jones 2 weeks ago

    Cody won. DAB.

  • Lachlan Stormon 2 weeks ago

    Do it in a ww2 world

  • science crew 2 weeks ago

    Yay Cody house won

  • science crew 2 weeks ago

    Also yay please do this again in a fnaf setting I love fnaf PLEASE!!!!!

  • ckeller6381 2 weeks ago

    Cody I’m your biggest fan.

  • Nicholas Comet 2 weeks ago

    You had discord all this time….

  • Bērnu dārzs 2 weeks ago

    i dont no

  • Johan Quishpe 2 weeks ago

    One vid with joe of challenge of the week =one sub and like and thumbs up

  • charlie Hamrick 2 weeks ago

    no sponge bobs house fell from the sky on a boat

  • Danfan2 Vids 2 weeks ago

    Squidwards house was more destroyed

  • StovyIsABoss 11 2 weeks ago

    Do stuff with Unspeakablegaming and Moosecraft! Like if you agree.

  • Royalmarc Reviews 2 weeks ago

    cody clerly is the Winer

  • Donovan Devney 2 weeks ago

    Are you going to make a video with joebuz

  • Joel Chavarria 2 weeks ago

    story time is the best time I think I don’t like to read

  • karen Stiltner 2 weeks ago

    Squidward’s house is more destroyed

  • Aurora Borealis 2 weeks ago

    stupid I’m a pro to make aircraft

  • Harrison Mustapha 2 weeks ago

    Damn neemotodes

  • Dale Potter 2 weeks ago

    No. 3lost

  • Heather Vance 2 weeks ago

    another story time

  • Camia Allen yt 2 weeks ago

    Story time!!!♡♡♡

  • Camia Allen yt 2 weeks ago

    #cody won

  • 23samplec 2 weeks ago

    Dame Kracken, your voice has changed a lot

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