Togetherness activated! We’ve fused many Minecrafts into one


  • Admiral Mudkip 9 months ago

    Q: I own Minecraft: Xbox One Edition or on disc and played for at least 5 hours, or made a purchase within the qualifying time period. Where is my game?

    A: If you’re eligible based on your purchases or game play, you will see a copy of Minecraft available in Ready to install under My games & apps. If you don’t see this available then make sure that you’re signed in with the same account that was used to play or purchase content.

  • Kaynon 9 months ago

    how is this possible? but its still amazing tho, Minecraft Unite!

  • Luke Hatton 9 months ago

    my Minecraft better together game keeps crashing, like just closing down automatically. its not my console, it must be ur servers. so plz fiz the problem.

  • Jack Bez 9 months ago

    Lol I got this for free

  • ZadSlas 122 9 months ago


  • BRoN x2x3 haha 9 months ago

    Hi pepole you and you you can follow me on xbox this my nime venularblock239 .

  • BRoN x2x3 haha 9 months ago

    The gamers witing to ubdating on xbox one s or xbox block😂 .

  • Tobias Spath 9 months ago

    Einfach nur verpuckt nur pucks alle

  • NiteDasher 9 months ago

    Not even mad about anything about the Minecraft Java situation. Haha!

  • golden foxy 9 months ago

    What about the Xbox 360 will it or is it compatible?

  • pegasus6540 9 months ago

    Wait, so Xbox 360 doesn’t get Better Together? Aww man…

  • MiniStrqfeZ_ PvP 9 months ago

    Can someone help me pls I enter to a server but it says that my settings of Xbox are not allowed to do that and I enter to Xbox,con and doesent work can someone help me?

  • Dinner Bone 9 months ago

    Got to play it its fun but all my worlds say achievements disabled I was so pissed because my world that has everything done even a huge castle and village all done in survival BTW no creative just says achievements disabled 0/10 man don’t see why they remade it

  • savageboyzlukas 9 months ago

    How do I get It on switch

  • Enmanuel Pereira 9 months ago

    xbox 360 rip

  • TnG x DeBo 9 months ago

    I got it for free

  • Devin Dame 9 months ago

    Hey you guys ready to play mineplex with 4 fps

  • Keegan Boldt 9 months ago

    IF I meet the 5 hour requirement for disc, will I get an update fiend the disc, or a new digital game?

  • Otimus Prime 9 months ago

    I can’t teleport

  • PixelDustGaming 457 9 months ago

    Imma love this on switch

  • ddevinator GamerDD 9 months ago

    Where’s the Xbox update????????????????????

  • cool cat 9 months ago

    Hey! Why can’t you just keep the Xbox one version the same as it was. Now I feel like I’m playing on mobile with a controller.

  • Waxiest Dolphin 9 months ago


  • Ciel Phantomhive 9 months ago

    Where is the switch update

  • Jasmin B. Vallejos 9 months ago

    You need to improve minecraft pocket edition’s fps before doing this..
    Less updates, more improvements

  • Ghostbreaker Games 9 months ago


  • Caleb Weiberg 9 months ago

    Hmph, more like together if you want to pay them 5-10 bucks a month for xbox live gold. 🙁

  • Edgorando Losevano 9 months ago

    It’s hard to play servers when everything is literally laggy

  • Sprit 9 months ago

    “better to gefer update is so lagg can you make an update were you will Not have lag

  • Nx ShadowClaw 9 months ago


  • jaden Hlibichuk 9 months ago

    You can do all of this in xbox 360

  • Cesar Garcia 9 months ago

    So The Switch Doesn’t Even Have It Yet. Better Apart I Guess.

  • ARYAN DEY 9 months ago

    Unity update

  • Bzrkls 9 months ago

    all I want to know is how tf do I open text chat.

  • FAVIAN Martinez 9 months ago


  • Don't read my last name Don't read my First name 9 months ago

    Got it for free 👌 ( edit: I turned on my xbox One and it was already downloaded)

  • Classical Dove 9 months ago

    Why didn’t it explode?

  • LAZZA MCPE 9 months ago

    If you want Mcpe 1.2 for free on ios , check my video

  • F0SiC 9 months ago

    Togetherness machine broke

  • TheSeriousBlaze 8 months ago

    Who else saw the small text at the bottom at 1:27 about needing xbox live gold to play online servers

  • Abdul Mun'im Suhaimi 8 months ago

    Where is Ps4?😂

  • Gabriele Tramarin 8 months ago

    And xbox 360?

  • Tony Guardado 8 months ago

    I just got a message from minecraft on my Xbox one and they gave me the update for free and the main menu seems like the pocket edition main menu

  • eduard gattalini 8 months ago

    I check on my Xbox 360 theres no better togheter update so time to delete minecraft from My 360

  • TheCianGamer 8 months ago

    Any one pist about PS3&4

  • Donald Trump 8 months ago

    I hope.its when 4k comes

  • eVAT Gaming 8 months ago

    Hey guys! Check us out just posted our first of a series for MINECRAFT! need some subs! Will follow back were a new channel just looking for help! Thanks

  • TheMarioManiac 8 months ago

    Not better together until switch releases.

  • Чай 8 months ago

    Plant B, suka blyat!!! Привет 😀 Как жизнь

  • C. Charlie 8 months ago

    When i went in to my xbox yesterday i saw that minecraft was downloadedand it was This! How the heck did it just download it by it self?

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