• xisumavoid 1 week ago

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  • It feels like a mod

  • StrikeWing17971 1 week ago

    Some of this stuff needs to be available for regular play. There are sooo many asthetic options.

  • Suck It 1 week ago

    What does underwater tnt do on land. It is like the opposite of the tnt and will only have the knock back. If this is so then it should do damage(kinda like in battle mini games where tnt does damage and knock back)and this is very cool feature. Ill keep this feature. Leave a like if u think so too

  • Nikolay Tishkov 1 week ago

    I wonder if you can make drugs…:D

  • WhenPigsFly 1 week ago

    2:02 WhenPigsFly, the beta edition of bedrock gets educational.

  • Ramblingsqurial 1 week ago

    So its a cheat? Dissapointing!

  • LagiNaLangAko23 1 week ago

    When pigs fly….

  • surfie007 1 week ago

    This seems more like a mod than regular Minecraft

  • SUPER BOB 1 week ago

    This is fantastic… and could be awesome in vanilla standard Minecraft.. its like a mod

  • Joseph Jesse // AMHQ 1 week ago

    Every time he says something wrong I get triggered. Its that normal?

  • Vicente George Acidre 1 week ago

    Bleach in Minecraft!

    My dream came true 😂😂😂😂

  • Jhinger bread 1 week ago


  • Thesnakerox 1 week ago

    The way you’re mispronouncing all the names of the substances makes me laugh.

    But seriously, as someone who’s really into chemistry, this has me super excited and I want it.

    In fact I’m so into chemistry, I can explain why and how some of this stuff works (and some of the things Mojang have gotten wrong)

  • Maukustus 1 week ago

    Is this mod??

  • The NuggetBacon 1 week ago

    4:07 lol demonetized

  • LagiNaLangAko23 1 week ago

    Was hoping colored torches would have different light color and sparkler and glowsticks would emit light (would have been great for caving). Well, hopefully next time.

  • bBrave 404 1 week ago

    I can recite the periodic table, and can tell you any of the elements’ symbols

  • SoaPuffball 1 week ago

    next they’re going to do biology because minecraft avoids physics

    hold your rabbits

  • Toysoldier49 1 week ago

    I feel like this is so close to an amazing expansion to normal Minecraft and then they just stopped it short and made it a science add on… sad day. It’s awesome, would open up so many new ore possibilities. You could put many of the harder to find ones in the nether which would help it out with being so boring. Bone meal could be altogether replace with fertilizer. It add more fun items like fire works were and you could give them uses. Maybe creepers being scared of sparklers. Lead plus balloons equals no more troubles leading animals. I honestly feel like the underwater torches and TNT are almost necessary with the new aquatic update. The new tables would be awesome for bases. And it opens up potential for tons of new items.

  • whoeveriam0iam14222 1 week ago

    Looks fun but a chemistry set is always going to feel lacking of course

    Pronunciation was flawless, just wanted to mention that

  • beast power gamesYT 1 week ago

    For people on android go to my apps and games on Google play store adn then those tabs like installed go to the right al the way then click beta and tap minecraft scroll down tab become beta tester

  • Greeen Cobra 1 week ago

    Corrections 🙂
    “molee-bud-enee-um” is moh-lib-den-um)
    “rond-ee-um” (Can you read?) Row-dee-um)
    Phosphorus is foss-for-us
    Again the reading, it’s chlor>>ine<< (Klor-een) "Ben-ze-neen" is Ben-zeen "amma-no-a" is am-oh-nee-a Sodium "ac-tate" is sodium as-se-tate Shock horror! you pronounced sodium hypochlorite correctly! slight mispronunciaton with "kl-euh-ride" is kl-or-ide Aluminium oxide, Boron trioxide, bismuth and polyethelene are correct - I may have missed some stuff

  • Pearl8520 1 week ago

    It’s professor xisuma!!

  • Jackson Percy 1 week ago

    You said these things would be useful in survival, but never stated if it’s even possible to get any of this stuff in survival.

  • Welliam Prasetio 1 week ago

    can you make clorox?

  • Raymon 1 week ago

    I would have subscribed if you only posted videos about the update bc these are rly good

  • Lee Zhen Wei 1 week ago

    U totally butchered all the chemical names XD

  • Pearl8520 1 week ago

    Can’t wait for another lesson professor xisuma!

  • Vincent Bismonte 1 week ago

    So Minecraft education edition is basically the minechem mod

  • YNO REYES 1 week ago

    Guys Imagine up next Achievements about Chemistry.

  • mahd bin faisal 1 week ago

    Rename the sparklers to shake bouquet

  • Sam Gerers 1 week ago

    What the, I got an ad for a free (and illegal) MCPE?!

  • Asriel Dreemurr 1 week ago

    minecraft future is coming

  • HHTR Gaming 1 week ago

    Hello Pr.Xisuma

  • Abdul Muizz Shahid Anwer 1 week ago

    Flying Pigs!

  • Huey Ng 1 week ago

    X! You are just too plain adorable going through the names although I am lowkey dying inside. Am-man-no-a?! Oh goodness, could somebody explain what he meant by not learning this in school? Where I come from last two years of high school we either choose to take the sciences or the arts. This brings me back to my school years! <3

  • YOUTUBEs MASHUPs 1 week ago

    I really like this scientific stuff in a game which is accurate,wish it came to java edition

  • Nathan Haaren 1 week ago


  • The Not-God-Emperor Of Mankind 1 week ago

    2:00 The new metal gear game looks great!

  • Matthew Lyons 1 week ago

    Does anyone know if you’re able to create the different isotopes by adjusting the amount of neutrons, or if it’s just the most common isotope?

  • minecraft pocket 9.9.9 1 week ago

    I working education i know minecraft pe yeah i love chemistry lab yay!

  • Aditi Shetye 1 week ago

    No offense to your country Xisuma but dont y’all have this stuff in like 8th grade ?

  • Custard Cat 1 week ago

    If you put 42 in all of them do you get the meaning of life?

  • BalDim TV 1 week ago

    Amanoa lmao

  • streamdungeon 1 week ago

    It’s so funny how you put weird letters and syllables into words that aren’t written anywhere, xisuma XD

  • Keister Bert Leones 1 week ago

    Awesome im going to sub for that

  • ShadowDoom 1 week ago

    A moment of silence for the chemistry nerds who died this episode

  • Terry the Diamond Creeper! 1 week ago

    a MO nia

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