• EnderUnknown 2 weeks ago

    That’s a relief that that they can’t shoot!

  • punkemoandy 2 weeks ago

    This explains why my afk skeleton xp farm is broken

  • NbKXStorm 2 weeks ago

    NICE! Hopefully this means that release of 1.13 is just around the corner! I can’t wait o/

  • Clewl Tetsui 2 weeks ago

    I’m watching this with the volume off…

  • jean carlos Garcia 2 weeks ago

    i dont hink riding a skeleton horse underwater is weird at all.

  • Birdstar 2 weeks ago

    It’s not part of the experimental *in that version*, but that version is still a *beta version*, so no, normal players still can’t access it.

  • Wild Gamer255 2 weeks ago

    can Mojang make it so that anvils break ice?

  • EnderWin Lifestyle and Music 2 weeks ago

    I wish there’s a drowned horse

  • Wes Allen 2 weeks ago

    Do the phantoms sink?

  • rogierrainbow 2 weeks ago

    is beta1.5.0.1 the same as snapshot 18w16a as i can not find any downloadable link to beta a info page where they talking about the new updates for Mc 1.13 it’s confusing and when will they launch the update ? for now the huge update looks good enough for me “Mojang get over and done with it” what ever is resting can be add in a new update !

  • Mori Shep 2 weeks ago

    So mob elevators are good and doomed …that will be an issue

  • Molly O'Kami 2 weeks ago

    Since Husks can now get “saturated” and become Zombies, and then Drowneds, does that now suggest that Drowneds and Zombies might dry out in the desert and become Husks?

  • Simon Thompson 2 weeks ago

    Pistons are completely broken in on all platforms that support Bedrock Edition. Pushing a block will cause the game to crash. It’s a disaster

  • Ethan Karp 2 weeks ago

    Does the fact that undead mobs can now walk around underwater remind anyone of the crew of “The Black Pearl” in the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie?

  • Liam Deakin 2 weeks ago

    Since it’s beta does that mean it’s live?

  • Alice Who 2 weeks ago

    I am also attracted to chests. ;D

  • WhirlWind 2 weeks ago

    Will phantoms sink in water since they’re undead?

  • Clewl Tetsui 2 weeks ago

    Pirates of the Carabean (wrong spelling?)! but I already knew that 😋

  • Blue Ouija 2 weeks ago

    Except you can’t get skeletal horses in survival on Bedrock edition…

  • MCTwit YT 2 weeks ago

    @xisumavoid! I’ve seen a nautilus shell, held by the last drowned you spawn when you changed place

  • Sin Nevesh 2 weeks ago

    why do the movement on bedrock edition looks so robotic. I can’t pinpoint it but when the camera and player are moving everything looks a bit more clunky, but maybe that’s just because it’s very slightly off but still similar to what I am used to seeing…

  • Eyal Levy 2 weeks ago

    What about zombie pig man?

  • Lakshman Sundar 2 weeks ago

    Why is it 1.5?

  • kobe dickson 2 weeks ago

    I want dolphins to attack puffer fish like in real life

  • EtherealPanda 2 weeks ago

    Does this mean that the xp farms that use water elevators won’t work anymore???

  • John Dickens 2 weeks ago
  • Trenzalore TZ 2 weeks ago

    With all these new water mechanics (including underwater beacons), I wish that one of the hermits eventually makes an underwater base, but one that has no real air pockets (for the main structure of the base).

  • MrCromatique 2 weeks ago

    If we give respiration or Water Brrathing to à Zombi, does it will always Turn into a Drowned ?

  • Cole Smith 2 weeks ago

    And I JUST finished my skeleton grinder that relies on water columns…..

  • Dash_ Gourav 2 weeks ago

    Hey X this myth should be busted and the myth is is ghast a unded mob

  • Wafity 2 weeks ago


  • DarkPaul1ux Gaming 2 weeks ago

    u now can actually retexture undead horse to some kind of “water horse” and make map with them 😮

  • LandoHitman 2 weeks ago

    I love the Bedrock update video! Bedrock is woefully unreported on.

  • Lhen Vergara 2 weeks ago

    How to see your self In the side pls say

  • Yalkın ÇIRAK 2 weeks ago

    How do we transport them upwards now?

  • Cindy Guitterez 2 weeks ago

    say submarines and hammerhead sharks and make them in mobile to notch

  • Wouldntyouliketo know 2 weeks ago

    Cool glitch fly underwater with an elytra in survival, while in the water with the elytra wings out shift click them into your inventory and you should have 2 elytras! 😀 it should work to infinity

  • Minecraft one 2 weeks ago

    some one see the drowned with a nautilus shell + trident. in 6:09
    pe is not allow to the players by with off hand and mine hand so how is it?

  • TheWeeky 2 weeks ago

    How will lets say skeleton spawner farms work now ?

  • LBS Gaming 2 weeks ago

    this update is on java now

  • LBS Gaming 2 weeks ago

    i mean d pc edition

  • Wouter Larsen sicco Hobma 2 weeks ago

    rip mob farms

  • deadfish45films 2 weeks ago

    Just need sharks

  • calamitasCorvus 2 weeks ago

    “Jawer edition” 🤣

  • Unicycle Boi 2 weeks ago

    They should add a underwater mine(explosive) that effects blocks underwater unlike tnt

  • Jonathan Dela Cruz 2 weeks ago

    Is this the new update ? or a mod ? got me confused

  • PiXElAuth ! 2 weeks ago

    A beta update???

    Goes to App Store…

    Oh shoot I forgot I’m on an iphone 😂

  • mamburam markdyle 2 weeks ago

    0:54 thought that was a godzilla statue lol 😂😂😂

  • Ice Cream Cake 2 weeks ago

    When will Phantoms appear? I want to see them hunt me for not sleeping:->

  • Nick Cross 2 weeks ago

    Is this update ever gonna come to 360 ? … I feel like everyone else has it but me

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