We have the craziest bedwars matches lol
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  • Sydney Wohland 3 weeks ago

    Plz pat put stuff in chest

  • itimu buchanan 3 weeks ago

    Watch prestigious

  • shotblocker villocillo 3 weeks ago

    you guys are idiots you build defense near the bed /on the bed then put water and then put a wall and upgrade every thing and they give some things like diamond and emerald and dont use the diamonds for traps use it for upgrades

  • Lyle Looks twice 3 weeks ago

    So Pat and Jen have wifi
    At their house

  • Titus Cullen 3 weeks ago


  • LungerTube 3 weeks ago

    more be wars or go on a server ip: cubecraft.net

  • LungerTube 3 weeks ago

    more bed wars or play a server ip:cubecraft.net and to a season on it

  • LungerTube 3 weeks ago

    I meant and do a season on it

  • shotblocker villocillo 3 weeks ago

    and buy some armor after you done every thing and if your bed is destroyed dont go on full attack just defend your self and the earn every thing and pat buy some invisible potion and buy some ender pearl (you can do this early) and just left jen for defense

  • Slime Lover 3 weeks ago

    I’m in bed watching bed wars

  • Your Boy Tan 3 weeks ago

    This is SUCH an epic vid … Pat you should troll Jen while playing bedwars😀😀😅😅🤪🤪

  • CAT FANS24 3 weeks ago

    I just love this vid I wanna watch it over and over again😆

  • Emily Takagaki 3 weeks ago

    You need to put ur stuff on the chests

  • bananapug ,org 3 weeks ago

    They need to use fake names

  • Lynette Borquez 3 weeks ago


  • Idina Bodine 3 weeks ago

    Who else love pat and Jen and bedwars👏👏👏👏

  • David The boss 3 weeks ago

    Play more bedwars I love u guys

  • Shariin Polly 3 weeks ago


    1-Protect Bed
    2-Get Supplies
    3-Put Some Supplies on chest But put diamond and emeralds on ender chest
    4-don’t go out with everything PAT
    5-Build faster PAT AND JEN
    6-don’t with anyone but I will let you guys cuz you guys are new
    7-Have fun and don’t RAGE

    Lol not really real tips lol but you can try them

  • Daniel Soon 3 weeks ago

    Omg is that a new map??

  • WINSTON DE OVERLORD 3 weeks ago

    Pat ,why you never buy a bow,and weapons.

  • Foxy Plays 3 weeks ago

    (Pat buys a fireball) im a fireball

  • KYANS Vloogs 3 weeks ago

    Guess the superhero movie by emoji’s 🤢😡😡😡💪💪💚

  • Lachlan Clarke 3 weeks ago

    Plz do more plz⛰

  • Nicholas Schlinger 3 weeks ago

    They spent two or three minutes preparing for the final battle…and then their opponent killed himself. XD

  • Sam Cruz 3 weeks ago

    If you have like 64 gold, iron, and stuff like that,put it in the chest so that if somebody kills you, you don’t lose your items.


  • Fail Queen 3 weeks ago

    Mom: go to sleep
    Me:okay… *goes under covers and still watched*
    Me:man this is getting intense!
    Me: sneaks out for some candy
    Me: sees Jen die and screams
    Mom:go to sleep!!

  • element 11 3 weeks ago


  • Elitegamer909 Fighter 3 weeks ago

    And FINALY BED WARS and jens 🎤 is so bad

  • Stacey Faulks 3 weeks ago

    I love you guys you are the best you tubers in the world

  • Fong Jaydon 3 weeks ago

    M0RE Bedwars

  • Stacey Faulks 3 weeks ago

    I love you guys you are the best you tubers in the world from Seb faulks

  • OTS South 3 weeks ago

    Wooooh bed warssss aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahhahahahaahaa please do more bed wars *dromatic voice* please!!!!!

  • Zoila Iyog 3 weeks ago

    I like you to play bedwars

  • Zoila Iyog 3 weeks ago

    Yes do more bedwars!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evan Jay Gavaran 3 weeks ago

    pat and jen we love you to and plz do bedwars again cause its a fun series lol thx😂😂😂😃😃😃

  • Eivin Floyd Fiesta 3 weeks ago


  • Eivin Floyd Fiesta 3 weeks ago


  • Eivin Floyd Fiesta 3 weeks ago


  • cube with me 3 weeks ago

    1like=more bedwars

  • Hermz Anthony Barona 3 weeks ago

    Pat if you play bedwars you have to keep your diamonds in the ender chest so no one will steal your diamonds 💎

  • Dusit Suan Phon 3 weeks ago

    More plz more more more plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Achida A.Kareem 3 weeks ago

    more bedwars please

  • Carlos Culanculan 3 weeks ago


  • Yen Rui 3 weeks ago

    more bed wars

  • Naina Kajla 3 weeks ago

    Do more bedwars please

  • pinkpurple catlol 3 weeks ago

    Pls do more hypixel pls. Pls. 🙏😉😉🙏👧👧

  • William Vita 3 weeks ago

    Preston playz is playing bedwars

  • lonegunner 30 3 weeks ago

    More bedwars!!!!

  • Andrei Jofer Manahan 3 weeks ago

    More bed war’s! 😀😃😄

  • Girly Gamer minecraft 3 weeks ago

    more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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