• Benjamin Geusher 2 weeks ago


  • Roberto Tejada 2 weeks ago

    I what to see game mode 1 and trap with bed rock

  • Benjamin Geusher 2 weeks ago


  • Konstantin Weik 2 weeks ago

    How u get game mode?

  • Kaden Fricker 2 weeks ago

    whats the recource pack?


  • Mc Gamer Girl 2 weeks ago

    how’d u get gamemode?

  • Legendary Superslime 2 weeks ago

    Bed Wars With Shot

  • Cooper Fleming 2 weeks ago

    i love bed wars it is soooooooooooooo fun to watch

  • Galaxy Armor 2 weeks ago

    Trap them in bedrock!

  • Kieran Graham 2 weeks ago

    he failed ender pearl yet he is a you tuber????? how is that possible??

  • milwaukiejinks 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos much 😂🤗😉🤐😱💩👻

  • Dean Vandervelde 2 weeks ago

    Make a tnt can in in gamod1

  • Audrey Kinsman 2 weeks ago

    Preston you need to make girl products.

  • dylan Andrew 2 weeks ago

    Do whos your daddy with shotgun

  • Faiza Yafaie 2 weeks ago


  • Zack Rider 2 weeks ago

    How????? Tell me how!

  • Jakob Motter 2 weeks ago

    play more murder mystery

  • aaron zurn 2 weeks ago

    Preston’s awsssssssssome

  • Fire_Future MC 2 weeks ago

    Make a encahnted diamond sword knockback 100

  • Hai Huang 2 weeks ago

    Tank Yu

  • Jennifer & Tony Gould 2 weeks ago

    first (not) hi preston

  • Zuckle Newberg 1 week ago

    Please do more of these pls

  • Jordan Mills 1 week ago

    create an island and teleport them and put it in adventure mode so they can’t hit each other

  • Aurielle Spring 1 week ago

    Do it againnnnnnn!!!!!! More we gameoodeeeee!!!!

  • Julia Hatchew 1 week ago

    If you have a Xbox one s tell me you gamer tag

  • Thomas Moul 1 week ago

    More more more

  • Dark MC 1 week ago


  • 發瘟小子,萬歲! 1 week ago

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Preston, please please please PLEASE make more videos like this!

  • Septic Roller 1 week ago

    Why is shot always in a different skin every time?

  • young artist 1 week ago


  • Master Gamer270 1 week ago

    i love this vid do antother one

  • Casey Jones 1 week ago

    Do more of these 😆

  • Aidyn Medders 1 week ago


  • Joseph Gove 1 week ago

    This was honestly the best video I’ve seen from you in a long time please do this again but multiple round please people’s reactions are hilarious and so is your commentary

  • Alung z 1 week ago

    do it

  • Watermelon 1 week ago

    So cool

  • M Daniel 1 week ago

    Yo Preston my Bud can I Get That Hoodie In Black?

  • James King 1 week ago


  • JDWD SONIC 1 week ago

    Will go Cop some Mercy

  • Levi Yitzhak Ptaya 1 week ago

    how you are on creative say me!!!! please i love you preston

  • Kayleen Curnow 1 week ago


  • lampost games 1 week ago

    – u 6 star = I 26 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EmilyAnne T 1 week ago

    I loved this video!!!!! Do more!!!!!!!! Plz!

  • Rijul Ahmed 1 week ago

    it was damn good preston 😎😎😎

  • It'sSharoncraft X 1 week ago

    Try this on unspeakable gamer

  • Spamer Awesome 1 week ago

    wow XD lol rekt yellow wow amaze much XD

  • marites Serino 1 week ago

    Pls buti agen

  • Snowflake Fox 1 week ago

    TNT traps please

  • Virtual Gamer 606 1 week ago

    Create a bed defence out of bedrock!!!

  • Clong_Clong Galang 1 week ago


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