馃憤 Let’s go for 5k LIKES for a NEW


  • Loaf Bloke 10 months ago

    damn mitch its probably me but you sounded like adam (skydoesminecraft) i the intro lol

  • Kenneth Walker 10 months ago

    I found the seed for Mitch’s mcpe windows 10 survival island 24517192

  • Abigail Scarbrough 10 months ago

    Thank you for making my birthday awesome from posting videos I have so much fun watching your videos and I hope you keep posting more and more everyday

  • FunkyBrother 10 months ago

    Mitch can can you do money wars too

  • XDino Gaming 10 months ago

    Why did I stop watching u mitch

  • DustyGamer 10 months ago

    Subscribe to me for Minecraft content! When we hit 15 subs I will upload 2-3 times a week!!!!馃樇

  • LayzeyCake 10 months ago

    I watched you since 200k

  • LayzeyCake 10 months ago

    And I stopped for a year cause I was bored

  • LayzeyCake 10 months ago

    But I’m back

  • Logan Paul Vlogs 10 months ago

    Low key might become a gamer

  • Denn Ramiro Fortuna 10 months ago

    The fact that preston has more views than you even tho u have more subs
    which means ur content suck

  • Jace Blakeslee 10 months ago

    Mitch I love you keep up the good work! Been with you from the hunger games days

  • David MC 10 months ago

    I miss the Team Crafted days #bringteamcraftedback

  • SethR3 0 10 months ago

    Are u bringing back crazy craft

  • Propell Cod 10 months ago

    These videos r still pretty entertaining I gotta stay tuned

  • CringeProduction 10 months ago

    hey bajan you should get a texture pack

  • Dakota LaForme 10 months ago

    Bajan I do feel like you’re being yourself I miss the old bajan:/

  • Dragon Lord 10 months ago

    I really miss the old bajan Canadian now he doesn’t get 2 mil views on a vid now he gets 50k #ripMitch #Sadness

  • Frandian xD 10 months ago

    God please bajan stay alive im ur biggest fan when im still 5! Please!!!!

  • Cyrus Powell 10 months ago

    Yo ur vids r awesome!!

  • ThePixelPika 10 months ago

    Nice vid as always Mitch.

  • Stacie Panton 10 months ago

    yo whats going on anyone miss that?

  • Kevin Murphy 10 months ago

    You should do a money wars LIVE

  • Chase Coblentz 10 months ago

    Pack vids plz

  • Dude, I miss the old days. With Benja. Pok茅mon mod. Years ago. When I was younger.

  • IMBRONZE3lol 10 months ago

    You should move off mine craft if you don’t like it and play other games

  • Haylo DubleChin 10 months ago

    bro i feel so bad for u ;( u have 6mil subs but only get 50k views and ur content isnt that bad either..

  • Any small YouTuber wanna support each other u sub to me and reply and I sub back

  • Edward Perez 10 months ago

    use a pvp pack & get decent at pvp like technoblade and youll get ez views like technobladd

  • Bailey Woolnough 10 months ago

    I love your videos videos bajain canaidion plz give me a shout out

  • Bailey Woolnough 10 months ago

    More money wars plz

  • THEFLASHISME273 10 months ago

    YOU ARE THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER!!! You are DEFINITELY my FAVOURITE youtuber of all time!! Keep it guav.

  • TheFinesseKid 10 months ago

    Bruh theres only 336 comments id even watch him he was on my recommendations i dont even watch minecraft馃槀馃槀

  • iJordan 10 months ago

    Subscribe to Technoblade

  • Cornmuncher123 10 months ago

    Play capture the wool bajan!!!!

  • Yongsoo 10 months ago

    Bruh 6 mil subs but only 50k views per video that’s sad

  • Stop Cancerous Comments 10 months ago

    A lot of us want cube craft money wars back it was the best!

  • ViralGame Z 10 months ago

    Holy shit!!! Bajancandian is dieing cmon guys

  • Mr SwagBallzXXX 10 months ago

    mitch if ur still the reading the comments on this vid, i really suggest that u let go a little more verbally and dont hold back as much when u r commentating, ive noticed a lot of dying channels spice things up partly by doing this, overall the content is still fresh and u should keep up the good work

  • Kufl II 10 months ago

    Just stop playing minecraft, this game is beyond dead

  • Edwin Bautista 10 months ago

    Mitch I’m still subscribed. But I don’t watch you

  • Tad Pantaleoni 10 months ago

    Awesome video. Bedwars is the best!

  • Lucas Buckman 10 months ago

    Where is today’s vid Mitch

  • Argentum 10 months ago

    Rip at least Mitch is enjoying making vids

  • Ashley Sof 10 months ago

    Has he gotten fatter

  • Juliana Bruce 10 months ago

    What happens to the hunger games and the old vids?

  • for some reason this looks like raw footage i wonder y

  • Gab - Bae 10 months ago

    Loved the video 馃檪

  • WWPLAYZ 8 10 months ago

    I lost so bad when I played…

  • Bagina Canidang

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