It’s like Hungry Games except a little bit different and


  • Rytherian 1 week ago


  • Jose 1 week ago

    *B R R R E P*

  • RainHaryu Go 1 week ago


  • CarFreshener 1 week ago

    You should play fortnite with Xeen or Nfen

  • XxLordLorellxX 1 week ago

    Crainer and thea also plays this

  • XxLordLorellxX 1 week ago

    More like minenite minecraft + fort nite [more like mianite]

  • Emmanuel Games [MCPE] 1 week ago

    More pls

  • Cody Heiland 1 week ago

    Let’s see more!

  • TomasCzech 1 week ago

    Record PUBG 🙂 Popularity guranteed!

  • DJ Lazor 1 week ago

    On x33n vid he says it’s a mix of fotnite and hunger games but on Jordans vid he says it’s hunger games and pub g like if you agree with x33n and comment if you agree with jordan

  • Alex Forreal 1 week ago

    Damn it Jordan just play the real pub g

  • Commenting Commenter 1 week ago

    It’s not PUBG, its Fortnite!

    No matter what it is, I still love Fortpixel Minecraft Royale!

  • squidtron 90000 1 week ago

    Still better than fort nite imo

  • sniper shots 1 week ago

    Real fortnite please jordan

  • Lewis Lofton 1 week ago

    PLay Fortnite

  • Matt H 1 week ago

    Bring back the 2012 song parodies

  • toin 1 week ago

    Eat the apple

  • Tyler Woodle 1 week ago

    You should do another modded survival

  • תומר הופנברג 1 week ago

    Its created after fortnite not pubg

  • Subliminal Zombie 1 week ago

    More of this!

  • HardnerPL 1 week ago


  • Peurpael EN 1 week ago

    Why didn’t he use the golden apple at the very beginning?

  • AzureSkyrin 1 week ago

    I tried playing this with my friend a few times, and every game we played there was ALWAYS a team of cheaters. I mean yeah the gamemode is fun, but the amount of people flying or bunny hopping around the map with max range kill aura and anti knockback just kills my mood to play it.

    Just like Mineplex, there is always that one of few people who just love to ruin everyones day with cheating 🙁

  • spen 1 week ago

    Play dis

  • Official Crew 1 week ago

    A couple of guys, up to no good, swinging some pickaxes, in the neighborhood?

  • Miguel Rodriguez 1 week ago

    i’m surprised you haven’t attempted to be a variety caster yet i feel like it would help get som views back and i know im kind of past the minecraft phase but would still love to watch your vids for your personality if you branched out more with like pubg or just honestly whatever you’d like to play. I remember a while back you said something along the lines of you don’t like playing single player story driven games because you feel like you didn’t have much to add to it but there are so many multiplayer games out that i feel like it would. one be more entertaining for the fans and two, be more entertaining for yourself because I’m sure by now you’re sick of Minecraft.

    play moar gams

  • forrest smoke 1 week ago

    Am i the only one that wants sparklez to play subnotica

  • john denson 1 week ago

    Can you play fortnight battle royal

  • Ray Zhang 1 week ago

    Who thinks hunger games is still better?

  • SMS2020 Benson B 1 week ago

    play more

  • Gamegineer 1 week ago

    more plz

  • KostasNotKolsas 1 week ago

    Ded game

  • Andrew Wupori 1 week ago

    lol Low health with two golden apples. Doesn’t eat it and Rushes the guy. Needs to go Northwest, facing north and turns right. I pray for your soul Jordan you really are about as smart and a frozen wombat. My apologies

  • Jeffrey Rios 1 week ago


  • ElementalFluttography 1 week ago

    Jardon knows de wea.

  • Clatoria Jenkins 1 week ago

    Me need more hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RandomTheBest 1 week ago

    Fortnite not pubg

  • _CrazyBlade_ 1 week ago

    I love u but u suck at this game

  • Broken Boyo 1 week ago

    Just play the real game doe

  • Danylwb 1 week ago

    More please

  • QueenSahara Eyes 1 week ago

    Yes please play more 😀

  • Adventurekid 1 week ago

    umm, this is actually more like Fortnite. You can build, loot, and start from mid air. Also, I’m pretty sure there isn’t visible armor in it, too, except more health that’s called armor.

  • Techforce 1 week ago

    i totally want to see more of this

  • c0d3_2oo7 1 week ago

    Wow i like that thumb nail

  • Logan Miranowski 1 week ago

    Why are insidious ads on youtube where kids can see them😂

  • MrKirbyXIII 1 week ago

    Is it more like Battlegrounds or Fortnite: Battle Royale? Which is right, you or X33N?

  • Internetainment 1 week ago

    I don’t watch your minecraft videos anymore but this was entertaining to watch. Hope to see more of it soon!

  • Sean Martin 1 week ago

    I really do question how he still enjoys this game

  • Orestis _ PvP 1 week ago

    of course u are plaing on the hypixel server!1!

  • Ashwin Date 1 week ago

    Do team hunger games with x33n

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