• gabe and bros 3 weeks ago

    1like = a another life 1 subscriber = a girlfriend

  • goodshow man 3 weeks ago

    They Literally Traveled xD.

  • Nathan Davenport 3 weeks ago

    Do Undertale

  • ButtonButt 3 weeks ago

    best intro ever

  • Vanessa Alford 3 weeks ago

    :me what if ssundee lost?
    What if ssundee lost ssundee: oh no I lost “dabs”
    Me:what in the world is my life?
    :me oh yay my pizza is here!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Music Boy 209 3 weeks ago

    Madeline look like she was a snapchat filter

  • MarcusGaming 556 3 weeks ago

    I love yo vida

  • MarcusGaming 556 3 weeks ago

    I mean vids not vida

  • MarcusGaming 556 3 weeks ago

    Do baseball next time plz i love you boi

  • MarcusGaming 556 3 weeks ago

    You so funny

  • Kraken Sauce 3 weeks ago

    what was the song used in the dance dance revolution lucky block?

  • hayyu Sari 3 weeks ago

    Or mabe u cant play basket ball in real life 😆🐢🐹🏦🏤

  • jakekdavis 3 weeks ago

    Why is Curry the Dunker?!?!??!!??!??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • superpoop powder 3 weeks ago

    Trap for surviver puts him in to a pool of water and has to get 2 questions about minecraf and the other about math is the surviver gets it worng gets a debuf and has one heart for 20 secs if right gets a speed buf and a invisibility buf for 50 secs or 40 in one right and one wong tthe surviver has blindnes and speed 2 for 30secs (cant spell ) like if u want ssundee to see this plz.

  • newquinken 3 weeks ago

    you know what would be REALLY mean on the guys making the blocks? If they took that one block with the REALLY long sound and made it a rip headphones user one, that way after they lower the volume and catch their breathe etc, they get surprised again to hear it STILL going when they turn the volume back up

  • 6NOGames 3 weeks ago

    Hey to those who are actually reading this and not skipping it I hope your dreams come true <3 I have a dream of hitting 100 subscribers before 2018 im already half way there please help me please!

  • Mara Pacheco 3 weeks ago

    That is pennywise the clown and its is the movie “it” it is a scary movie watch it

  • wristy does gaming 3 weeks ago


  • Lluvia Lopez 3 weeks ago


  • StarGaming3000 NUMBER 1 3 weeks ago

    Hey ssundee please accept my friend resquest from fortinite my username is Superlyd75 ….. please like so ssundee can seee thanks i wish also to play with you ssundeee 🙂 pls

  • Carter Frank 3 weeks ago

    ssundee would you let drainer inside your body

  • Carter Frank 3 weeks ago

    i meant crainer

  • StarGaming3000 NUMBER 1 3 weeks ago

    i subbed and liked the video

  • Bro Odd 3 weeks ago

    I think you guys should make longer games after the lucky blocks the games are so short

  • Multiplex117 3 weeks ago

    I wish Ssundee would play some series by himself

  • Epic Blader123 3 weeks ago

    YEAH BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Lee 3 weeks ago

    Ian pls play pixel world and go to seng it is my world pls

  • Mr perfect The sauce god 3 weeks ago

    Yo il sub to anybody who subs to me lets grow togheter!!!

  • Ryan Boyer 3 weeks ago

    team AMERICA

  • amit dalah 3 weeks ago

    you can buy a sound adapter that blocks loud sounds

    like so ssundee see

  • Louise Krystal 3 weeks ago

    Me Martin poop

  • AG Draws 3 weeks ago

    watchin from my ds right now, turned on subtitles and every time ssundee said “ keehan ” it turned to kid. im just readin subtitles and it says “ Kid! stop that ” …. suntitles so messed up

  • Tanner Paul 3 weeks ago

    England will win

  • Abang Abay 3 weeks ago

    Maddie my brihtday is 21 nov

  • Zachary D 3 weeks ago

    Why do ssundee alwas win i ting he is a haker

  • Zachary D 3 weeks ago


  • Edijs Priede 3 weeks ago

    hi ssundee i subscribed. i want to another lucky block challenge be minecraft gta 5 i will be happy!!!

  • YUNG iiX-Bucklebum-Xii 3 weeks ago

    Catch a riiiiiidde : scooter

  • Ayman Khan 3 weeks ago

    Team Merica????? VS Team DEN MARKER

  • UnMined 3 weeks ago

    Catch a ride is off borderlands

  • Aayan Mahmood 3 weeks ago

    Crainer did not say

    Hit that little bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you think they both can win hit that little bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imran Mubarak 3 weeks ago

    Next time there is a rip headphones, can you pls let us hear it

  • kalum schroeder 3 weeks ago

    I can’t afford to help you deep ssundee

  • PuppyRyan 3 weeks ago

    SSundee, I Miss the Vids With you and Crainer Solo 🙁

  • Sam Kern 3 weeks ago

    My favorite sport

  • Dev Roy 3 weeks ago

    Ssundee won in golf and Mr crainer in football

  • powerpuppy00 3 weeks ago

    If you thonnk America wins like Denmark dislike

  • maddude321 3 weeks ago

    Can u guys do baseball next

  • Sean Estrella 3 weeks ago

    That’s to testes…

    I’m so dirty minded

  • Aizad Azree 3 weeks ago


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