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  • Enderman Dj 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos

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  • Albert Lover5 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice at 13:18 – 13:19 you could hear Cody yelling!?

  • rieley games 2 weeks ago

    Kakin is tthe sea ruler and so is bloper cuse he’s super duper and he not a loser like a cruser

  • typical vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Your the best person

  • Mike Burns 2 weeks ago

    Craken kid you are awsome

  • Kristen Kelly 2 weeks ago

    10, can I get a like kraken kid

  • Hollywood Griffin 2 weeks ago

    Hey Krakenkid you are my favorite and can you ask Cody to make a robot challenge

  • Damien Leon 2 weeks ago

    I have a betta fish to I have a beta

  • Saihtam MTS 2 weeks ago

    Kraken I Love you skin and your videos !!!!!!!<3

  • DDv gamer Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Cody,B+ Kraken A

  • Gengar Gamer Guy 51 2 weeks ago

    29th comment

  • Deadeye KK 2 weeks ago

    Jody is a ccheater Jody is a ship name of Cody and Joe and peter and Patrick and Selena don’t have a ship name cuz I didn’t think of one sorry peter

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  • Cj and kc Videos 2 weeks ago

    Star Wars refrains at 5:35

  • The InstagamerEmily 2 weeks ago

    No tornado can take down the KrakenKid down!! Not one!

  • Bat Pug 2 weeks ago

    Where’s villans

  • onewhoplaysit all 2 weeks ago

    Where is Captain Deadlock?

  • Melissa Garza 2 weeks ago

    Kraken kid you are my favorite YouTuber ever you are the best I’m going to dress up as you next

  • Camden Smeltzer 2 weeks ago

    your the best in the realm

  • Tyson Richter 2 weeks ago

    Hy kraken kid you are the best guy in the world

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    I sub can i get a shot out pls tanks (UnderCookBacon)

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    Cool brooooooooooooo like um yooooooooooooo

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    Now I have to unsubscribe to joebuz cuz he is an idiot

  • btprimeape 2 weeks ago

    kraken kid ask cody if you can do another zombie base defense those were awesome man

  • Pierce the youtuber 2 weeks ago

    I just dived and your vids are awesome but I know Atlantic craft dance 2015

  • Md Tareq 2 weeks ago

    kraken kid tell cody to do a another atomic base challenge if you can

  • Md Tareq 2 weeks ago


  • Papyrus Junior 2 weeks ago

    Do u guys even star wars bro

  • Monica Pederson 2 weeks ago

    you all rock cody and Joe and cannabol and kraken and selena

  • Wrong Right 2 weeks ago

    Cody sucks

  • Wrong Right 2 weeks ago

    He is poop

  • Cruz Spenziero 2 weeks ago

    It’s a vortex

  • Ty Koelle 2 weeks ago

    I just did the most amazing thing in Minecraft with the gravity gun mod.☺

  • Raphael Atak 2 weeks ago

    I realy like your videos

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    Great video, pj

  • Kayla Huffman 2 weeks ago

    Hi kaken kid your videos are the bom my name is chase huffman bi

  • Kayla Huffman 2 weeks ago

    Hi kraken its me again you are my beget fan ever keep doing more videos dod I hate the brides like you

  • Celina Clark 1 week ago

    Tornado! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenna Peaso 1 week ago

    645 like

  • Kayla Thorson 1 week ago

    You rock kraken kid

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  • Like Heaven Like Hell 1 week ago

    Finally your playing with Joe!

  • justin wong hong yii 1 week ago

    hello kraken kid I am a big fan

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    Love your videos so much!!!!!!!!!! I like the under water base videos!

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