• Julie Willis 1 week ago

    Deman sock

  • shaun steven 1 week ago

    14:46 XD

  • Justin Westlie 1 week ago

    I thought socks can t talk

  • Althaf Irsyad arafat 1 week ago

    15:21 is the best part

  • Althaf Irsyad arafat 1 week ago

    15:21 wkwk

  • Rejected Gamer4 1 week ago

    “Man eating sock puppet”? Combined with a guy that sounds like Squidward this rp is getting more and more like SpongeBob every time

  • samir qawim gaming and vloggar 1 week ago


  • Martha Siahaan 1 week ago

    This rp used to be good now its really bad

  • Rainbow 1 week ago

    Hehehe. Jibuda

  • karla caceres 1 week ago

    The name of the video must be sock puppet eats a man

  • Landon Jones 1 week ago

    Can you make more videos of Grandpa and Granny love the series keep going also can you try to post videos faster

  • w xyz 1 week ago

    I don’t know why baldi’s basics is becoming such a big thing! It is just a game about a crazy math teacher in a crazy school!

  • Brenda Vazquez 1 week ago

    Like your videos they put a smile on my face.😊😊😊

  • Queen Glitter The Icewing/Sandwing hybrid 1 week ago

    This is AMAZING!!

  • Ghost 1 week ago

    Do a survive Jurassic world 👍👍👍that would be cool…oike if you agree 👍

  • Ed Booga Booga 1 week ago

    Great video

  • Movaixs 1 week ago

    “Where did he just go?”

    Lol I died 😂 😂

  • thefunstuf 1234 1 week ago

    Do hide n seek vids again

  • Benedict Nathaniel 1 week ago

    I love minecraft

  • batmanvsbane gaming 1 week ago


  • The Only Luis 1 week ago

    Yes! Love this series so far

  • TheEmeraldLiker 1 week ago

    No, you are ruining the game

  • jabsfrail 1 week ago

    Good vs evil anyone…?

  • Keith Gavin 1 week ago

    Can they actually do something other than role-playing for little children because a while ago I remember when this channel did actual minecraft mod series’s and sweared with no role playing. They need to start realizing that Minecraft has other audience’s other than 6 year olds

  • Jackwagon 345 1 week ago

    Can you please bring back dream craft

  • Chrisa Vlassi 1 week ago

    play granny and grampa pls

  • l cool 1 week ago

    I am sorry to say this but when you channel is desperate for money you Make a baldis roplay this channel is low

  • Doctor Dubstep 1 week ago

    yes jeff what is pie

  • Kris3309 1 week ago

    Were Dorks you’re the Dork you frickin sock I’ll hit you right in the sock mouth I laughed so hard XD


    Hey Cody. I was hoping you guys could do more minecraft fortnit. It is on of my favorite things to watch on this channel thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pol are P 1 week ago

    Do fortnight videos

  • Brayden Sukoski 1 week ago

    Mr boldly needs help

  • WiseMantaRay 1 week ago


  • Jacob Allen 1 week ago


  • Jacob Allen 1 week ago

    Can you please do a base driven challenge

  • Lennon On Lennon 1 week ago

    Anybody Remember Tiny Turtle And Little Lizard

  • JohnTheWizard Gamingtube 1 week ago

    That’s is awesome video I really like it😊

  • Thomsen Smith 1 week ago

    In baldis basics they were are all math

  • magicarp fan Magicarp is awesome 1 week ago

    This is like quiet place XD

  • Bearbeargames Jr 1 week ago

    How did I miss this?

  • bokyproky 1 week ago

    10:00 music scared me!

  • Steven Silveus 1 week ago

    “I’mmm squidwarddddd”

  • GamingAsGrant 1 week ago

    wheres the mod download

  • King Kj 1 week ago

    Invisible wall you little moron

  • Rio Windmill 1 week ago

    Baldi the noob he sounds like John doe

  • Fernando Rodriguez 1 week ago

    LOL XD

  • LET`S PLAY GO! 1 week ago


  • AeronTheSnowman Plays 1 week ago

    Sock puppet eating man

  • Game Smoke 1 week ago

    is there a download for the mod?

  • Sanur Sinn 1 week ago

    Favorite part is 4:22

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