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  • Nate Stidd 4 months ago

    Face the lighting upward

  • Mackorun 4 months ago

    I missed it cause I had my birthday party today :((

  • Erin Turner 4 months ago

    I’m turning 21 in December! so hyped to get white girl wasted on margs

  • ItsKyle 4 months ago

    I missed it because of the Timezone lol

  • razzelldazzell 4 months ago

    Who is he getting the new intro from? Don’t have enough time to watch atm

  • Wenk Plays MC 4 months ago

    I was 5 when you started your channel lol 😂

    I have been watching since cube season 2 🙂
    ((Found you through mineclash))

  • cait mace 4 months ago

    What ever happened to Bayani?

  • Katie Octamendez 4 months ago


  • ILove Cats 4 months ago

    Damn I missed this one too 😥 It’s okay I’m determined on not missing the next

  • Morgan Unger 4 months ago

    I missed it

  • Whispp_Purr 4 months ago

    Maybe since lapis isn’t needed for enchanting in this version you could use it to power beacons.

  • Nerd Army 4 months ago

    pls make a sub discord g10

  • Its Kiyarah 4 months ago

    Stream starts at 2:40, ur welcome

  • Parker Wiles 4 months ago


  • Ty kuhn 4 months ago

    Ur my favorite youtuber

  • XxRyan_ CloudZxX 4 months ago

    Grazer does not know that his metal robot minecraft skin already has a robotic mouth but yet he still makes a mouth of his own

  • Parker Wiles 4 months ago

    1:19:21 Will asking why we like ABBA CAVING so much.
    It’s relaxing, yet with competition style. Plus, you guys talk about your personal random life updates and it creates a positive viewer-yotuber relationship.

  • Alex Thee 4 months ago

    YES you uploaded the stream (,: ty. I love these so much!

  • Ola Opac 4 months ago


  • E.Snowz 4 months ago

    Yess please more streams.
    Yayy from New Zealand.😀

  • Liam McGee 4 months ago

    I watched half of the stream then i had to leave but i came back later to hear will ripping u out for saying u wanted to sky dive in NewZealand my home country😊

  • Marwane Games 4 months ago


  • Itzjustbella x 4 months ago

    Is harmony hollow coming back?!

  • Zoe Behague 4 months ago

    The ending was my fav xD

  • Arliotis MCPEGamer 4 months ago

    HBomb94: Character description
    Liam the lumberjack
    HBomb not Hbomb
    Loves golf and ABBA caving
    Has a dog named link
    Could impersonate Ariana grande
    Plays Pokemon and Minecraft for a living
    Murpanda Heart
    Harmony Hollow was not a good smp for his pets
    Ok, get out of here you nuckle heads

  • Lauren Ellison 4 months ago

    Literally the whole time he was mining he didn’t use his water bucket!
    Graser you’re making me feel so much better because I’ve got a really sore throat and I love these streams! Shame I live in England so you’re streaming at night for me!

  • Poppy the little Dabber 4 months ago

    G10 I watched my first UHC and I hated it I am sorry Grazer I am not a hater UHC it’s just boring

  • MasterJK Playz 4 months ago

    Plz don’t tell me i’m not the only one that is triggered that he made a DIAMOND HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Weasleykins Reads 4 months ago

    Keep posting after the stream, I don’t already have time to watch when you stream. I will always watch after.

  • Catastrophe 4 months ago

    Welll…. im 20 single and id totally date you but im Dutch sooooo thats never going to happen

  • Skylar Bryan 4 months ago

    I personally love the name, The Avenue.

  • _Lilrusie 73 4 months ago

    Cool ending 😂

  • Grace Emmett 4 months ago

    I’m late

  • Grace Emmett 4 months ago

    _____ ▒▒___▒▒
    █ _███_ _█_███

  • gianni pyra 4 months ago

    Let captainsparkles join hes never been in an smp so it would be something new for his channel

  • Veronica Flack 4 months ago

    🙁 I’m late

  • Megan Lee 4 months ago

    To fix the light problem put a cover over the light or if you already have one on there to get rid of the over whiteness put it father back at and angle mainly looking the opposite direction. You can also put a grey blanket over it. Either of these options will make your face an equal balance of light and dark and make you look better

  • RexTheBlue Diamond 4 months ago


  • RexTheBlue Diamond 4 months ago


  • Ebba Gustavsson 4 months ago

    You should get a spoon (shovel)

  • Bedrock 125 4 months ago

    Please don’t talk about streaming and just stream

  • Manoush Pajouh 4 months ago

    You should do abba caving on the streams

  • Justin Wisehart 4 months ago

    #/Killing it

  • Samminator 4 months ago

    I would like to add ( doubt anyone cares ) that in grasers province its 19 but where I am in Canada it’s 18

  • Georgi Gabb 4 months ago

    We like the natural lighting bc its darker to hide ur face! ^u^ jk! 😂

  • Amy Sperry-Foster 4 months ago

    ive been here since cube season 1

  • Jamie Garofano 4 months ago

    I missed this xD

  • samantha Cupcake Henderson 4 months ago

    I love your Channel

  • BEANBEANSTER 4 months ago

    Omg i’m thinking about all the new subs you’ll get cuz everyone’s gonna see you on trending… It’s so exciting!!!!!

  • Ignacio Romero 4 months ago

    I hope grian joins the avenue

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