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  • Iestyn Devenport 6 months ago

    Did anyone else want Lewis’s room to turn into a lab?

    Aka yoglabs?

  • SkeleCrafter 6 months ago

    O rubber tree o rubber tree, thy resin is so sticky

  • soyman jack 6 months ago

    Praise the MC god! They’re starting to play the game!!! :O

  • soyman jack 6 months ago

    Interested to see how they handle Advanced Rocketry, lol that mod is just horse shit.

  • Bubba Cast 6 months ago

    what is this modpack and where can i find it

  • sonofhades57 6 months ago

    I hate, hate, HATE grid power. Extra Utilities 2 is such a terrible mod and I don’t know why they keep including it in every modpack.

  • Tronan fex 6 months ago

    without Lewis to keep these two on track nothing gets done >.< and its a stream of Gibberish >.<

  • Tronan fex 6 months ago

    PLEASE use the HEARTS, they are HEALTH not lives

  • AshTalonGaming 6 months ago

    If you get a nametag put “Sjin” on it and right click on an autosieve!

  • PsychoLucario 6 months ago


    Both of you have to do this to initiate a link

    Grid power is player specific, so unless you all want to place your own generators you might want to share (just leave lewis to his own devices since he’ll build his own solar system)

  • Gamer Newbz 6 months ago

    As soon as this ended i listened to “oh rubber tree”

  • aqqle 6 months ago

    aw I thought of moonquest when Duncan fell into the smeltery haha

  • Zachary Rivera 6 months ago

    The machine pile reminds me of the machine wall from the Jaffa factory

  • Tuka Luna 6 months ago

    That pirate dude from League?

  • Payt0nOnDemand 6 months ago

    What’s that I hear? Another Yogscast parody? OH! And this time it’s smoke one the water? I say yes to that sir.

  • Maxwell Johnson 6 months ago

    I’m getting some serious magic police vibs with only Duncan and Sjin playing. Man I miss that series!

  • Darren Smith 6 months ago

    Is it just me or is this getting boring now they not even trying anymore

  • Hawkeye Stegosaurus 6 months ago

    This series got better when Lewis went off to Japan.

  • Blank Canvas 6 months ago

    Global Warming is resulting in unusual cooling. Nice sciencing you’re doing there, boys.

    Maybe you should read those emails from that college in England that revealed that AGW is a scam that the U.N. has admitted is being use to impose Global Government.

  • Enderblaze Animations 6 months ago

    If in terms of movies Sjin’s playing Boggle and Duncan’s playing Chess, I must be playing Jumanji, almost every movie I watch has a serious impact on my life

  • venera13studios 6 months ago

    I like how Duncan accurately defined the effect of climate change but wasn’t really paying that much attention.

  • puddingloving 6 months ago

    My neighbors need to stop with their karaoke, they aren’t even good, I mean cmon its mid fucking morning I wouldn’t mind if they were good but they just sound like a Zulu war cry.

  • MyNameIsPhill 6 months ago

    When Sjin says something logical that assists their progress in the game it surprises the shit out of me.

  • Krqll 6 months ago

    Duncan & Sjin = BFF (Keep it coming)

  • Zenka The Myth 6 months ago

    Wow look at all that iron in the smeltery that he totally didn’t cheat in…

  • Cameron Lane 6 months ago

    Duncan grid power is useless

  • Obi Wan Cannabi 6 months ago

    what you wanna do is save it then cheat in everything you need to complete a shit load of quests so when Lewis comes back you have nuclear power, a workshop, computer etc etc, then be like, what…. you were holding us back…… then crash the server n roll it all back to the save like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” make the crash his fault too 😀

  • Matthew Bevan 6 months ago

    Duncan, can you upload “O’ rubber tree” to your channel? I can’t find it.

  • Vik - kun 6 months ago

    You can use GP to make a Ring for Flight if you have enough of it

  • Sam Goodger 6 months ago

    The temperature regulator regulates the temperature ture, meaning you are always the perfect temperature, not too hot or too cold.

  • Ace O'Thorns 6 months ago

    “Block of dwarves”? You can get a ball of gnomes in Starbound – no, seriously…


  • Preston Garvey 6 months ago

    my friend´s bakery just burned down 🙁 his business is now toast

  • FireHazard Entertainment 6 months ago

    if a machine is compatible with Grid Power (GP) it will except the power wirelessly. No cables needed. The issue is that very few other mods are compatible.

  • ra1der101 6 months ago

    you guys need to realise that you dont need a trench the roof protects you

  • Ethan Turner 6 months ago

    Seen both of those movies both amazing

  • Hayden Cunningham 6 months ago

    Gp is grid power you can’t harvest it it’s for flying

  • war-angel 6 months ago

    Flux Buddies 4 where is it

  • CakeMaster25 6 months ago

    My dream is to one day learn to hack and break into the yogscast computer system, then log onto the mc servers and clean up there messy ass bases

  • hx rox 6 months ago

    build a mobgrinder.

  • P2 Dylkovich. 6 months ago

    Why did they waste so much iron on the temperature regulator?

  • Seth Smelser 6 months ago

    If lava is flowing right by lava mill gp is produce which needs to built up to 32 or more to get an angel ring functioning so you can fly

  • The Void Alchemist 6 months ago

    Hide heating coils in the floor of lewis’ area >:)

  • Judith Kearney 6 months ago

    Use the builders wand to place iron gravel. For some reason you can place more blocks than you have.

  • amwaeltz TheCrazyGamer 6 months ago

    You need a storm sensor next to the storm siren

  • Dave Wigg 6 months ago

    Why do you guys actually pretend you don’t cheat? 9 blocks of Iron? Sure!! It’s not as if you’ve only been making about 4 ingots an episode since you started. Just say you’re cheating so we all know it’s another series where you’re not actually trying.

  • dabocker 6 months ago

    Is the trench around the warehouse necessary? If they fear sand building up, would just torches work? Sure, monsters won’t be trapped, but neither will they if they somehow fall off the top of the building.

  • Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago

    use water mills and grid power is for rings and other things for extra utilities

  • Aash Martin 6 months ago

    Duncan: there should be some diamonds somewhere

    Has 15 diamonds in his inventory

  • Aaron Friedman 6 months ago

    Have you heard of the chubby bunny challenge?

  • TheGaddeth 6 months ago

    i really wish i had friends who liked minecraft and mods like this… most of them just get turned off by the graphics and i dont think i would have fun playing alone.

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