Relax as I play Minecraft. In this video I show you three different


  • Kaori Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Where is Kevin? ): haven’t seen him in a long time.

  • Thank you for another great video.

  • Gobit PvP2 2 weeks ago


  • Dalton NATASHO 2 weeks ago

    YES!!!!! Finally I’ve been waiting for this 😁✋🇨🇦👌👍👍

  • Michael Lopez 2 weeks ago

    That mine car ride was a major tingle trigger.

  • Perez, Randy 2 weeks ago

    Hey RelaxingASMR, have you considered playing a game of Fortnite?? It’s really cool…I think you’d like it

  • epicataraxia 2 weeks ago

    Always happy to put a new video of yours on and listen as I study. Love watching your world grow!

  • Antarctic Oasis 2 weeks ago

    Aww that’s very sad about the villagers. Sadly they won’t come back I don’t think. You will most certainly find another village though. Great to have this series back!

  • Brian Hayworth 2 weeks ago

    Yes yes yes! I can’t wait to watch tonight! I wish these videos were released far more often. Thanks!

  • Colin J 2 weeks ago

    You got me playing this game, and i love it. Ty so much. All your videos are wonderfully relaxing. Ty again.

  • Parjans Book reviews 2 weeks ago

    *burns down castle*

  • SUPERKILLDOOD 2 weeks ago

    Shame about the villagers man D: They’re pretty defenseless on their own unless they get lucky and have an Iron Golem in their village, while the village wont repopulate on its own naturally you can find a zombie villager and cure them, then another to repopulate the town with! *Edit* Shoot just saw your trap for capturing one! Ya gotta have a potion of weakness and golden apple to cure them, course to make potions heading to the Nether is necessary.

  • Toolpusher 2 weeks ago

    Another good video, many thanks.

  • Heartful 2 weeks ago


  • Jonathan Lewis 2 weeks ago

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh when you said you accidentally killed the last villager yourself lol How? BTW, my girlfriend laughs at me because you totally got me addicted to this game.

  • Luke Parsells 2 weeks ago

    No offense but I wanna hear him rage while whispering. Feel like that would be funny xD

  • WelshASMR82 2 weeks ago

    I absolutely love your accent!

  • Captain Kurk 2 weeks ago


  • Dean Loftus 2 weeks ago

    “Accidentally killed the last villager” hahaha!

  • Trampelschrat 2 weeks ago

    I know, a lot of you guys would love to see him making Minecraft video after Minecraft video. I like those as well, but I’m very glad that Mr Relaxingasmr still has a focus on pen and ink videos, as I prefer those. I would love a new coin video by the way.

  • xVVxXVVX TM 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos.. but naaaybe get a better mic??

  • Jared Sordon 2 weeks ago

    New RelaxingASMR upload? Know what im watching tonight.

  • Grey Virus 2 weeks ago

    After watching this I went and deleted Far cry 5 because the graphic suck

  • Kai Dodgson 2 weeks ago

    To cure the zombie villager I do believe u need to throw a position of weakness and click on him with a golden apple in your hand and I believe that should work although I haven’t played minecraft in a few years but I’m sure a google search could prove me right or wrong, great video by the way

  • Warwick de Kock 2 weeks ago

    I by mistake dug a hole and the ground to my entire desert village collapsed. All my villagers also died. I ended up repopulating the village by rebuilding the ground, and transporting several villagers there from another village via minecart. You can push them in a minecart 😉

  • shoconno 2 weeks ago

    Mine-coaster better than Six Flags.

  • Sleepy Panda 2 weeks ago

    Did you managed to make a backup of your world ?

  • eXplorer 2 weeks ago

    Very good video!

  • dotcomnsense 2 weeks ago

    I have an interview tomorrow at a National Lab so this was nice to relax to before bed. Helped me turn off my racing brain.

  • Evelyn Karina Soto 2 weeks ago

    Gaming headset! You sir dear Godfather are turning into a big gamer!

  • Jack Whispers 2 weeks ago

    I just discovered your channel and am making my way through your archive of videos. You are so enjoyable to watch and listen to, and I especially love how lengthy all of your videos are! Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

  • Marcus S 2 weeks ago

    I would recommend expanding the wall by the boat entrance and putting a door just so no zombies would get in.

  • Fiji Kondo 2 weeks ago

    My favorite parr was the minecart ride

  • Avenging7Folds 2 weeks ago

    “Hey Everybody” *falls asleep*

  • eggy68 2 weeks ago

    If you could find another skeleton horse you could keep him at your outpost and ride him through the desert to the village. Just make sure not to name this one.

  • Smart Founded 2 weeks ago

    Awesome.. I’ve always wondered what Minecraft is.

  • KalakCZ 2 weeks ago

    Great video

  • Olivia Handa 2 weeks ago

    whats the intro music

  • RapidRaccoon Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    What is the seed of your minecraft world good sir

  • Young Onion 2 weeks ago

    Show off your ink bottles

  • Derpasaurusrex1 2 weeks ago

    Friends ask if I like MC: haha guys, that’s some boring kiddie shit

    My boy relaxingASMR uploads another MC vid: *whacks that thumbnail with the force of a thousand suns*

  • DASmallWorlds 2 weeks ago

    Are you on a snapshot release perchance? When you use the launcher, does it say Minecraft version 1.12.2, or does it say a string of numbers?

  • Emerson 2 weeks ago

    Your videos are really helping me in a very distressing time I’m going through. I have never experienced intense anxiety until recently. Instead of acting upon destructive behaviors I watch your videos. It’s a relaxing escape from all the bullshit. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the effort you put in on your videos.

  • Tobias Fünke 2 weeks ago

    These videos never cease to relax me, even at my most anxious/angry moments. Thanks man.

  • Frick_0n-a_stick Pffttt 2 weeks ago

    The perfect ASMR vid doesn’t exi-

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