Relax as I battle the mobs around my castle. I’m relatively new to


  • Chostier 4 months ago

    If you press F5 you can change your view to third person. If you press F5 more than once, it’ll keep changing until you get what you want (First person, third person and a front view of your character). With the furnace, to quickly move objects into your bag simply hold Shift and click the material that you want. It’ll instantly move into your bag.  Lastly, you should name your horse Lewie or Theo. I love watching this series, it’s not only relaxing, but fun to watch. Every episode I loved watching that horse bobble up and down in the water as you promptly say “And there’s that skeleton horse”. It made me laugh every time. I’m glad you’ve tamed the lonely bugger. You might want to make a little fenced area for it, otherwise it’ll wander everywhere.

  • F5 button to change the view to 3 person

  • Jose Ruiz 4 months ago


  • Jake Henry 4 months ago

    When digging parallel mine shafts, dig with 2 blocks between each shaft. More efficient and you will see any ore on each side of the wall while digging. You will not miss any ore this way and you will dig less

  • Paul Cosby 4 months ago

    Instead of clicking around in the crafting recipes to find items to craft, click the magnifying glass in that area or right near it and you can search for items to craft.

  • Phro Asmr 4 months ago

    The part with the skeleton horse and how awed you were reminded me of my first time playing minecraft with my buddy several years ago. Loved it! 10/10

  • Quiet Gamer 4 months ago

    It might be too late now, sadly, but if you want to keep those villagers alive and around, you should light up the entire village and the area around it. Otherwise, steadily and surely, the zombies are going to kill all of them and the place will be a ghost town. :/ You could even go so far as to put a fence around the entire community if you really wanted to take care of your neighbors.

  • Trevor Patten 4 months ago

    Creapers can kill horses, i would remove a door or two temporarily and bring him inside the castle walls then put the doors back.

  • thank you for a new video. not my favorite series (minecraft) but it works to put me sleep in a pinch. hope you make a repair video soon:)

  • Ben A 4 months ago

    You can make your horse jump by pressing space as normal but if you hold it for a second or two he’ll jump higher

  • Captain Kurt 4 months ago

    I thought the sound was much better in this one!

  • William H 4 months ago

    best there is.

  • Chris Durrer 4 months ago

    It would be great to see u make a mine cart track that takes us on a rollercoaster tour circuit around your creations. Thanks Chris Durrer

  • Miguel Cornejo 4 months ago

    You can shift+click to transfer things faster.

  • Alex Newell 4 months ago

    If you have a couple groups of items you can double click one of the groups to automatically combine the groups into 1 full one. So when you have all the sand groups, double click one small group and it’ll make 1 big group with all the sand in the chest

  • Frederik Schulz 4 months ago

    Hey there, totally enjoy your videos. But I’d love to see you using high resolution texture packs for your game. Might consider that, because in my opinion, shaders and better textures serve a better watching exerience. Regards from Germany, Frederik

  • kisemin 4 months ago

    The horse looks like a Richard. Or Ritchie.
    Thanks for this series, is saving my sleep❤

  • Nosferatu717 4 months ago

    When moving items from a furnace or a chest you can hold left shift when clicking on the item and t will automatically be moved into your inventory 🙂

  • Andrew Graber 4 months ago

    You should name the horse “Skeletor”

  • 5:23 The easiest way to get it is to pour water over the lava so it’ll turn into obsidian!

  • Daeyvo 4 months ago

    Randolph is a good name, isn’t it?

  • LivingWithGrace 4 months ago

    You can make an enchanting table, you need 4 obsidian blocks (mine them with diamond pickaxe), 2 diamonds and a book to make an enchanting table. You can tune your armor with cool enchantments to protect you even more, or make your tools more efficient and durable, that´s what you use the levels for. 😀

  • Little Misty-eyed 4 months ago

    The sound the furnaces make is very relaxing. Also the random amounts you have as stacks bothers me

  • Suggestion for a name: Nebby.

  • Items despawn after 5 minutes… and still will anywhere in the overworld even if those chunks are unloaded..

  • Agromas 2 - sis 4 months ago

    press f5 so you can see your character aka go third person mode

  • Harry B 4 months ago

    Press f5 to change view

  • Logan Pyburn 4 months ago

    when you watch it for the plot

  • raulio81 4 months ago

    You made amazing thing with sound. Much, much better than earlier Minecraft videos.

  • Mehmed Kalidogh Abou Chaker 4 months ago

    just call him bone 😀

  • Brian Hayworth 4 months ago

    Wish this was a daily series. Seems that we miss quite a bit of your gaming adventures! Love the vids!

  • Ninjafox 4 months ago

    I love this comment section.

  • Joseph Stallin 4 months ago

    You should name the horse Parker in honor of Parker Pens! It’d be a nice tie-in with the rest of the channel.

  • Jacob Hutabarat 4 months ago

    Hey! a friendly reminder: when facing witches its handy to carry a bucket of milk with you to drink. Milk neutralizes the poison. To get milk, walk up next to a cow and right click it with a bucket!

  • Thtdudeice 4 months ago

    I really enjoy these videos thank you and I hope all is well!✌🏽

  • mse3700 4 months ago

    You’re a miner, but you’re not a minor. It all seems a bit dodgy.

  • MrBlanman68 4 months ago

    I named my skelly horse Mr. Dead after an old sitcom, Mr. Ed I watched as a kid 😛

  • 5Star 4 months ago

    When mining near lava, a bucket of water is needed so that you can place the water near the lava. The water will go over the lava turning it to obsidian. You then pick up the water source and walk over the obsidian to get your resources. HOPE THIS HELPS

  • David Hunn 4 months ago

    Always carry a bucket of water and you can use that to get rid of lava and almost like an elevator if going into deep ravines or off the side of a mountain

  • Megaton Of Blue GAMING 4 months ago

    you should get a texure pack

  • オーガ 4 months ago

    nice i’m Japanese

  • Thomas Berry 4 months ago

    Roll Tide!

  • Everyone's Fav Retard 4 months ago

    I feel like the audio is a lot better. It’s very soothing. Thanks for another great video 🙂

  • Samuel Duran 4 months ago

    A normal horse will become a skeleton horse when a normal horse is struck by lightning. So a fitting name would be lightning or thunder!

  • Hands of stone7 4 months ago

    Have you ever thought about traveling to the nether?

  • Top Questions - Minecraft 4 months ago

    F5 changes the view, hope that helps!

  • BaconForDays 1713 4 months ago

    Just noticed I’ve been watching your videos for over a month and never subscribed. I’m so upset with myself, so I️ just subscribed. I️ love your videos so much, I hope you’re doing great right now!

    Honestly you also know more about the new minecraft updates than me and I️ played minecraft for 5 years before taking a break and then coming back, and the offhand part actually REALLY helped me with my building just after watching this video, thank you and thank the commenter!

  • BaconForDays 1713 4 months ago

    Name ideas for the skeleton horse: Spooky

    Spooky horse

    Jack skellington

    Jack Wellington



    Literally just skeletal horse

  • Kellen Morse 4 months ago

    f5 to change POV

  • Döme Fasi 4 months ago

    Dont break blocks with a sword because that will reduce its durability.

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