Relax as I battle the mobs around my castle. I’m relatively new to


  • Halcyonic 7 months ago

    Love this series so so much. Thank you for posting!!

  • Water Polo 7 months ago

    Hey, nice video… I just wanted to let you know that those books you got from fishing can be added to tools or armor. Best to put on diamonds, and you can do so by making a anvil out of iron. Also with all those levels next to your hearts and food bar you can make an enchantment table and use to to enchant tools and armor with similar things to those books.
    Keep up these amazing videos, Minecraft is my favorite! Hope you dont get tired of this wonderful game!

  • ben calvert 7 months ago

    I watch/listen to every episode over and over waiting for the next episode. Thank you! This series is my favorite of yours and that’s saying something!

  • Brian Hayworth 7 months ago

    These videos are simply THE BEST! Thanks!

  • Sugar The Wolf 7 months ago

    I can’t even finish one video of your minecraft series! I always fall asleep 😛

  • Zech Meyer 7 months ago

    Since you died so far away those chunks arent loaded so your stuff will not disappear until you get close to it then you have 5 mins to find it when you get close

  • Alex Masory 7 months ago

    I enjoy these videos, but I prefer when you filmed the screen with a camera and we got the audio of everything more clearly outside of the game

  • Ryan Taylor 7 months ago

    You should really look into get enchantments on your armor and tools its probably the next step to your minecraft world

  • Panggwin 7 months ago

    You should look into making a server so viewers can play with you. You can find tutorials online on how to do that and you can import your world or start a new one

  • Broshots 7 months ago

    Sucks to die in a bizarre way like that but luckily you started storing important items incase the worst case scenario struck!

  • LiamLikesGames 7 months ago

    This guy got me into minecraft again. Made me see it for how therapeutic it can be. Got me out of a depressive place. Thank you!

  • You should finally go check out that castle you found in the desert! But be careful, don’t mine the wool parts, there’s usually dynamite under. But usually it’s worth the risk, there’s alot of rare items hidden in the desert and jungle ”castles”

  • ASimpleSonderingSoldier 7 months ago

    @RelaxingASMR You are such an awesome guy, cheers!!

  • Quiet Gamer 7 months ago

    The skeleton horse is just a horse that’s been struck by lightening. He’s completely passive! You don’t have to worry about him. I’d try to push him to your castle with your boat and maybe keep him around.

  • Quiet Gamer 7 months ago

    Also, you can drop a whole stack of something just by clicking and dragging it out of your inventory off to the left or right, rather than having to hit Q to do it one at a time.

  • ty for explore your minecraft world with us,i dont like when the game sounds are upper than your voice.Pls fix it

  • Kryptox23 7 months ago

    thank you for all the great content! I’ve enyoyed your vidios a great deal. If I may say so, I would like to see you having fun with fountin pens again. all the best from germany (-:

  • CSXCupSeries 38 7 months ago

    Rip Rabbit

  • -Beastlington the Bard- 7 months ago

    not sure if youre aware. when yo die all the stuff youre holding gets dropped. after 5 or 10 minutes (not sure which), the items disappear. so if you die, generally you want to go back to where you died asap to pick your things up, the only time this isn’t possible is when you fall into lava, where most of your items are likely to be incinerated.

  • If i remember correctly you can trade with villagers , use that to gain new stuff 😉

  • kurtis27 getit 7 months ago

    Not a huge fan of the mic you’re using. Not as smooth as your camera’s microphone. Other than that, I love them! Keep em coming 😀

  • Zackary Hisaw 7 months ago

    Can I get a rip rabbit

  • Elijah Brown 7 months ago

    You should read online about enchantments, I think it’ll really give you an extra edge on the mobs and just in the world. I think you’re so advanced, that you could see to it!

  • Antarctic Oasis 7 months ago

    I believe that all the items you lost will still be there if you go back to the spot you died. In that case, you can pick everything back up as long as you can find your way back there. Might make a good episode to revisit as there seemed to be a lot of interesting things to see on that island.

    *Edit: apparently after 5 minutes the items disappear :(*

    *Edit 2: see below – the 5 minute countdown starts only if the player is within 128 blocks of the spot where the player died. It may indeed be worth going back after all*

  • Jacob Hutabarat 7 months ago

    if you die, you have about 5 minutes to return to the place you died to get back all your items before everything dissapears. Your death on your exploration was caused by a glitch, where the boat was being pushed inside the sand and when you went inside the boat, you were inside the sand and suffocated. A solution to this is to dock in still water. keep up the great videos!

  • qegwbf 7 months ago

    Is it just me or did he just download the world and then start playing because he hasn’t rly made any significant progress.

  • Dark Shibe 7 months ago

    If you make a Compass using redstone and iron you will never get lost because it marks on where your spawnpoint is

  • MrBlanman68 7 months ago

    You can plunder the desert temple and probably find a saddle there (or through fishing) then craft a lead with 4 string and a slimeball and drag your skelly horse home! You can also trade with villagers if you click on them. The weird zombies with noses are villagers that can be cured of their zombie status too, once you learn about potions. Enjoying the series!

  • Tadgh Vaughan 7 months ago

    you can make a compass with 4 iron ingots and 1 piece of redstone dust which can found mining.Also you can make empty maps from crafting sugar cane to create paper nd then use a crafted compass which you put in the middle of your crafting slots and surround it with paper.

  • Tadgh Vaughan 7 months ago

    and also block them villagers in blocks so mobs cant get to them until your ready to make a trade center.the levels are used for enchanting and repairing items.use your fist for flowers hitting with your sword uses its durability.if you get stuck in a block again mine it use the echanted books on your weapons,armour picks shovel etc you add them by 1st creating a anvil out off iron ingots and iron blocks which is 9 ingots,that will make 1 iron block. iron blocks in the top row,1 iron ingot in the middle of the middle row and iron ingots at the bottom row i think a enchanment table is made using 2 diamonds 4 obsidan(where water meets lava this will make obsidan)be careful digging it out that it doesnt fall into the lava or you falling into lava.and a book which i made from 3 paper and 1 leather 2 paper top row with 1 free space and the middle row 1 paper and the leather.

  • Nate Burns 7 months ago

    If you ever watch the ASMRnerd he plays with awesome environment texture packs

  • Taka Brute 7 months ago

    The skelly horse is really cool, you should try to get it into your castle! Its not an enemy

  • Devin Connelly 7 months ago

    That Akira reference on the Minecraft menu made me start playing again.

  • dontdissmiss 7 months ago

    Great video but I feel you should up your bitrate on your recording for your audio on your mic, or go back to recording the screen with your camera and your audio when you speak doesn’t have too much depth to it like it normally does, plus in my opinion the game volume is just a little too loud, but other then that fantastic video keep it up 🙂

  • Sethurai 7 months ago

    On your next adventure bring your compass along. It will always point to your bed.

  • Sethurai 7 months ago

    “Did that rabbit just jump into that lava?”
    “Dear God…”
    Made me laugh.

  • Little Misty-eyed 7 months ago

    Could you possible turn down the sound of hostile mobs in the settings?

  • Thomas Marino 7 months ago

    you should try making a new survival world telling people how to start out. 🙂

  • Thomas Marino 7 months ago

    great video

  • female feet,wrestling&games 7 months ago

    you have up to 4 minutes to get your stuff back after Death before it disappears forever.

  • Can u give us the world seed because I really like that world

  • bbtank3000 7 months ago

    @1:00:30 “I don’t see any threats…”

    Bomb explodes!

  • Pyro ChairDancer 7 months ago

    You should try and build a tree house or something if you ever feel bored, its a lot of fun and I’m sure people would be very relaxed by it, up to you though, keep up the great work

  • ryandude2448 7 months ago

    Do you think the Astros or Dodgers win the series?

    And I think a dedicated baseball memorabilia video would be friggin awesome

  • Harry B 7 months ago

    tame that skeleton horse !!!!!

  • The ASMR Headspace 7 months ago

    You are one of my favourites, I really appreciate your work. Also, super curious what you look like? haha, I have an image in my head, I wonder how accurate it is. Thanks!!

  • thesavannalady 7 months ago

    Hello Mr. Relaxing Asmr. I saw this and thought of you. I hope you like it. It was fascinating for me!

  • Colton Lee 7 months ago

    When that chicken jumped in the lava and you said “my god” I laughed so hard lol great stuff

  • David Webber 7 months ago

    Just so you know, you CAN turn on “Keep Inventory” under Settings so when you die you don’t lose everything.

  • Bailey 7 months ago

    I used to play minecraft all the time, you can critically hit something by hitting on the way down of your jump. Makes killing zombies easier. I think it goes from 3 hits to 2.

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