Today we start our adventure into PIXARK Survival Island!
Watch my


  • Matthew Baca 4 weeks ago


  • Sean Cho 4 weeks ago


  • Blue Wolf 4 weeks ago

    Do more with some of your friends plz!!!

  • snow snow 4 weeks ago

    Try double tapping e to get cookie off

  • bever plays 4 weeks ago


  • Chuck Gouldingpa 4 weeks ago

    ark is better

  • Sam Esposito 4 weeks ago

    Hoping you will be joining the server with all of the OG Minecrafters on it, like Vik and Pete when the game releases globally.

  • Robinator 1103 4 weeks ago

    Please make this a series

  • Jek -PZ 4 weeks ago

    When you know you play too much Minecraft @19:46

  • [SOUL] MaskedKnight 4 weeks ago

    Cavemen have glasses
    Wow! Science is truly amazing

  • Warrior JJIS 4 weeks ago

    Where do we download this?

  • ItsEdithaPlays 4 weeks ago

    Which is better? Ark or pixark?

  • ItsEdithaPlays 4 weeks ago

    Uhhhh cant choose what will i buy ark or minecraft? Ohhhh il buy pixark

  • allmightyvon AV 4 weeks ago

    Where’s the gang.

  • Nation TM 4 weeks ago

    Is pixark for PC/Computer or also mobile

  • xXOpticShlong69Xx 4 weeks ago

    Wow… its basically cube world with aspects of ark and a little bit of minecraft “great” creativity

  • Nicholas Mccartney 4 weeks ago

    Do more with magic

  • Aidan Krack 4 weeks ago

    you good ok do good ok

  • Landon Pogreba 4 weeks ago

    I got my first fortnite mobile dub today

  • Jacob Knowles 4 weeks ago

    What’s the price on this fine establishment

  • Jm Monares 4 weeks ago

    Jerome when the time comes BECOME A WIZARD to do cool magic

  • Geoff Beasley 4 weeks ago

    So it’s basically shitty cube ark?

  • Madelyn Bell 4 weeks ago

    “SPEAR” – JeromeASF
    “OMG NO” – Me

  • Liam Moffat 4 weeks ago


  • Ariane Michael Rivera 4 weeks ago

    Add some friends

  • Lilart _1001 4 weeks ago

    Jerome pls I just came from vikk’s channel he was playing the same game

  • Nature Epiphany 4 weeks ago

    This is more like cube world

  • ethan woolsey 4 weeks ago

    I don’t know why but u have great vibes

  • The Flaming Pancake 4 weeks ago

    I wonder if this game is multiplayer. If it is hopefully he’ll play with more people

  • Johnathan Killen 4 weeks ago

    It’s not a good mixture between them

  • Ricards Romanovs 4 weeks ago


  • Jordan Bull 4 weeks ago


  • Reggie's Playground 4 weeks ago

    Who else thought this was a ROBLOX game?

  • Hiens Climaco 4 weeks ago

    Episode 2 pls.

  • Joshua Columbus 4 weeks ago

    how he not see the damn chest…..he looked right at it

  • SwedishMeatballGaming 4 weeks ago

    Do crafting dead or have you forgotten about that

    PS: You probably have

  • Wong Jack 4 weeks ago

    Jerome can you play cube world you will love the game

  • Aiden Yeng 4 weeks ago

    Is there a multiplayer?

  • Ironstriker1 4 weeks ago

    Plz make a shout out

  • Ironstriker1 4 weeks ago


  • Ironstriker1 4 weeks ago

    Plz make a shout out to my thanel my name is Ironstriker1

  • WolfieMixes 4 weeks ago

    OML it’s ARK JR

  • william schauf 4 weeks ago

    Jurassic craft!!!

  • Summertime Saga 4 weeks ago

    Do more

  • Sis vs Bro 2.0 4 weeks ago

    for cookie

  • GreatTimes Sv 4 weeks ago

    More plz baccasenpai

  • Tyrone Jone Arroyo 4 weeks ago

    Jerome, I heard that PixArk is a mixter of 3 games

    Minecraft, Ark:Survival Evolved, and Dark and Light 😉

  • Mine Bloxer 4 weeks ago


  • Mine Bloxer 4 weeks ago


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