This Mod adds in 2 Arcade Machines!!
Jen’s Channel!


  • PopularMMOs 3 weeks ago

    This was such a fun mod! Sorry this is late, but a video file got corrupted so we had to rerecord this at like midnight lol.

  • joshua minecraft 3 weeks ago

    hello pat and jen how to update my Minecraft pe pls tell me pls pls pls

  • Koi Moses 3 weeks ago

    Hi pat and jen

  • jotabs18 3 weeks ago

    They are the only people who NEVER cusses

  • Javier Montano 3 weeks ago


  • Adrian Contreras 3 weeks ago

    Pats total score on Tetris is 2,921

  • esau king 3 weeks ago

    Hi pat

  • adam gonzalez 3 weeks ago

    Hi you Guys 😝😜😛

  • James Pellegrin 3 weeks ago

    i have ben wauching your videos for more than 3 years and i love your hide in seek videos love brayden.pellegrin i live in lo

  • adam gonzalez 3 weeks ago

    Hi you Guys 10 is us you Guys😜😝😜😝 10101010101010101010101😜😝🗣

  • Nelda Garcia 3 weeks ago

    hi pat i have been subscribed to your channel before you had 100 subs

  • DAO8K1: MC & More! 3 weeks ago

    Game: Tetris
    Me: *Triggered*

  • DAO8K1: MC & More! 3 weeks ago


    Pat: “awesome… People!”
    He Forgot What We Are… XXDDD

  • XxxAnimeBeautyQueenxxX 101 3 weeks ago


  • Akemi Segawa 3 weeks ago


  • Ora Lee Phelan 3 weeks ago

    you are so funny I love you guys

  • Caleb Whitman 3 weeks ago

    hey do you now assassin’s Creed mod cause if you do please review it

  • 蔡博任 Tsai PR 3 weeks ago

    Are you using computer

  • Diamond destiny 3 weeks ago

    Hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo pat

  • Ze God of PvP 3 weeks ago

    Which way is left again?

  • Hamburger Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Pac man should be added
    like if you agree

  • ShortNinjanator And stuff -_- 3 weeks ago

    You know the drill


  • Melisa Goff 3 weeks ago

    Pat please respond im tommy im a huge fan ❤ you guys keep making the best vids!!!!

  • call of duty man 3 weeks ago

    pat your on monster legends!

  • Flores Boys 3 weeks ago

    Hi pat

  • Flores Boys 3 weeks ago

    I sub

  • alejandra villegas 3 weeks ago


  • Marqus Miguel Banila 3 weeks ago


  • Natalie Date 3 weeks ago

    You guys the best

  • Kaylaugalde 3 weeks ago

    I wish that I was you Pat and Jen you’re so funny 👍😅

  • Spencer Karle 3 weeks ago

    I love you guys hhhhhheeeeelllll

  • Kaylaugalde 3 weeks ago


  • Spencer Karle 3 weeks ago

    Pat please respond to me

  • Kaylaugalde 3 weeks ago

    You are so cool 😎 and Jen you are so funny like I wish I was funny like you😂👍👍

  • long shot858 3 weeks ago


  • Zara Green 3 weeks ago

    Please give me loads of likes because I’m a gymnast and I’m only 9 so I need good luck because I don’t want to break any bones or maybe die!😭😢😢😥😁😬

  • Daniel Jr. Azurin 3 weeks ago

    Funny moment 0:01

  • Myling Bordeau 3 weeks ago

    hellooooooooo pat an jen

  • Honey Butter 3 weeks ago

    How many people downloaded either Tetris or snake after watching this? I did.

  • Agnė Bartusevičiūtė 3 weeks ago


  • Fluffkin Feline 3 weeks ago

    2:14 lol I thought Jen said “Why do you have Lost Salmon on you?” XDDD

  • Leigh Wright 3 weeks ago


  • Thor 93 3 weeks ago

    I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jai salvador 3 weeks ago

    helloooo!!! btw love ur vids

  • Chris Calis 3 weeks ago

    how did you get these modes

  • MarinTheKing1 3 weeks ago


  • vince valencia 3 weeks ago


  • Roguessa 3 weeks ago

    12:07 omg… I couldn’t breathe XDD

  • Yayuk Purwaningsih 3 weeks ago


  • Artur Suchodolski 3 weeks ago


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