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  • Crystal Foxx 1 week ago

    4:17 did anyone see the diamonds?

  • Must Mel 1 week ago


  • zViqzTube - 1 week ago

    #NotificationSqoud where are you

  • j3t4ru 1 week ago

    Wait why are you on a old beta version lol

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  • CarClimate 1 week ago

    So will it be coming to the Beter together update on Xbox one s? #stealtharmy
    #ninjasub I’m just asking???

  • Peace Maker13 1 week ago

    #stealtharmy will xbox 360 only get the first initial update since its the last for the console and the aquatic update is split into three? Plz respond. No one has answered my question. I was really looking forward to turtles and dolphins but im getting mixed information. Mojang says we will get the “aquatic update” but its split into three and the second contains the dolphin and turtle. Does this mean no turtles or are we getting it all as a whole? I understand xbox 360 is being shut down but id love all of the content just as a final goodbye. Im very grateful dont get me wrong and im trying my best to stay optimistic. Im gonna save for a PS4 if i need to but id love all the content. Surely you understand.

  • Peace Maker13 1 week ago

    Also wtf does ” sleeping is more comfortable” mean? Lolol

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  • BumpitiZed Records 1 week ago

    Mine name jef

  • Transmedal2 1 week ago

    I don’t think waiting 2 months before last Christmas is sooner than we thought I think it’s way overdue just went but I am glad they’re taking the time to make it right see me how this seems to be the last update for consoles that everybody plays

  • GoLd HD 1 week ago

    And Ps3

  • Isha Rawat 1 week ago

    Snapshots are not working on my pc.Why?

  • UnstoppableTube 1 week ago

    *cough* umm… release date please?

  • UnstoppableTube 1 week ago

    #steatlharmy am new to your channel 😀

  • Hedgie101 1 week ago

    #stealtharmy!!!!! and I have notifications on.

  • Kubix 1 week ago

    What about Ps3 and Xbox 360?

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  • Johnny Apple Seed 1 week ago

    Cool…can’t wait for the new updates. Check out my Medieval Castle builds on my you tube channel…I’m thinking the new content will help the builder community create new and exciting builds.

  • PANDAGAMER 8364 1 week ago

    #steatharmy also I have smashed the like and I’m notified and subbed

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  • Aloan Moreira 1 week ago

    I am glad they are populating the seas finally. after that, they need to populate with atmospheric animals on land. There aren’t even birds on the game for crying out loud! see AtmosMobs to understand what I mean!

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  • Rémi Chabourine 1 week ago

    and Wii U ?

  • Frost Gamer 1 week ago

    I subed

  • Wolfgaming MC 1 week ago

    Now it’s coming out today 🙂

  • EcHo SquaD 1 week ago

    can’t wait for the aquatic update #StealthArmy

  • GDLux 1 week ago

    its out bruh lolol.olol

    well its on bedrock anyway

  • Zoltron Plays 1 week ago

    Stealth I subscribed and turned on notifications!can you please shout me out please

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  • Violent Drop 1 week ago

    Stealth the update is out now check it out!

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  • Portal_Jumper_79 1 week ago

    the pre release was less than a day away

  • Gryffindor SCB 1 week ago

    #stealtharmy. Do you think that bed wars will ever come too consoles.

  • pug bo 1 week ago

    Can u give me a showt out plz im not popular

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  • kazandmark2009 1 week ago

    Jese so cool

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  • gamex-A player0-1 1 week ago

    HI! i just subbed

  • Kathy Howman 1 week ago

    The part where he helped out the dolphin actually made me cry it’s so cute I can’t wait for this update!

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  • x_ZoMbieKILLLA_x 1 week ago

    #StealthArmy amazing video, as always

  • Drevexx cornett 1 week ago

    But part one of aquatic update is already out on pocket edition , I’ve already made a world with it

  • Arshan Sala 1 week ago

    #stealtharmy Hyped!!!

  • Fnaf406 fnaf 1 week ago

    I hate you

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