This Mod adds in animals that are anime girls!
Jen’s Channel!


  • rose galvin 4 weeks ago

    My favorite was the squirrel

  • Rainy Shinier 4 weeks ago

    Jen totally win

  • Fine Clipsz 4 weeks ago

    fennec fo~ sounds like the F word. Lol. Pat mean fox but he didnt say the whole word so its like cut off. its like Fox ~ Foks pat said fok so yeah that sounded awful.

  • Jasmyn Germino 4 weeks ago

    Pat the Pizza King And Queen Jen the Jellybeans

  • Mercy Juatchon 4 weeks ago


  • Aqil Hadi 4 weeks ago

    Pat and Jen please do Inca lucky block vs doctor who lucky block please so much oh and in 1 Jun can you play totally accurate battle simulator it has light saber and cikken man man it is giant plese play

  • Doctor Dubstep 4 weeks ago

    well in anime can have cat people and wear wolfs they can have animal people

  • Kawaii Kitty 4 weeks ago


    Love for all <3

  • raging phoenix 4 weeks ago

    Make another crafting dead series

  • Eva Nebe 4 weeks ago

    ❤️❤️ you

  • Primarina Games 4 weeks ago

    Pat. It’s anime. So it’s Japanese.

  • Tayla Horne 4 weeks ago

    Hey pat and Jen can you please play pixel painters or build battles I have seen all of your videos on them and your the best!!!!!!

  • Ken MCRP 4 weeks ago


    I died literally xD

  • hedy See 4 weeks ago

    queen conney sorry patrick

  • Girly Jen 4 weeks ago

    OMG so cuteeeee😗

  • かわいい 4 weeks ago

    Its Japanese girls!Not Asian girls

  • Bakkie MooMoo 4 weeks ago

    Where is Season 10

  • Orlando Guiotto 4 weeks ago

    What’s the anime with the serval cat looking one in it?

  • Shay.Is.Baller Baller 4 weeks ago

    Who else scene anime on the notification and rushed over to see

  • flamegamer 209 4 weeks ago

    Hi guys I’m Flamegamer 209 and I would appreciate if you would sub to my YouTube channel it would help me a lot. If you do thanks

  • Ssugar_Kitty YT 4 weeks ago

    Ooooo lizzie and her friends started a server (FunCraft) with this mod…its amazing!~~~~~

  • Rafaa 21 4 weeks ago

    AAAAAAA!!!!!! SO KAWAII!!!!!(I’m not even watching the full vid yet…)

  • Money _ 103 4 weeks ago

    Remind me of FUN CRAFT
    Stawburry(I forgot her name)

  • ashgrenninja sun 4 weeks ago

    Pat anime is Japanese

  • Rafaa 21 4 weeks ago

    FOXY X MANGLE=PAT X JEN!!!!!! AAAAAA >///< 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Naif Basal 4 weeks ago

    LdsshadowLady Did it

  • Vanessa Etchevarren 4 weeks ago

    I LOVE PENGUINS!😇😇😇😍😍😍😍

  • Dcter Dan 4 weeks ago

    I don’t like this mod it’s weird and creepy

  • Twilight Animations 4 weeks ago

    I T W A S N O T P A S T A B L E

  • Tacoburgerpotato Awesome 4 weeks ago

    *why do you have meat in your hands?* THE REASON WE ALWAYS HAVE MEAT JEN! ;-;

  • Ella vlogs 4 weeks ago

    This mod already been used by LDShadowLady (Lizzie) and witch used in a series with all of her close friend

  • Unicorn Love 4 weeks ago

    Pat, they don’t eat the things you throw on the ground, they just put it in their inventory.

  • Tacoburgerpotato Awesome 4 weeks ago

    *Arbeys, WE HAVE THE MEATS*

    I’ll just go now ;-;

  • Edwin Sprinkle 4 weeks ago


  • Unseen Rather be 4 weeks ago

    actually its not an Asian Girl XD Its Japanese girl

  • Luna_The_NightmareWolf XD 4 weeks ago

    Anime are my favorite

  • GD JAY 4 weeks ago

    my cat gave birth to 4 butifill kittens ♥

  • Berlinda Rosaline 4 weeks ago

    Love it

  • Jane Doe 4 weeks ago

    Humans are anumles

  • green blue 4 weeks ago

    use that for hide and seek liek if you agree

  • mohammed bensalem 4 weeks ago

    Hello pat and jen I’m a big fan :3

  • Anime Cat lover girl 4 weeks ago


  • nightmarebrinegaming 4 weeks ago

    i am an asia

  • RedSkyRulergaming 4 weeks ago

    Pat plz dont cuss i cant watch u if u do

  • mohammed bensalem 4 weeks ago

    More fortnite videos

  • The Coyman Siblings 4 weeks ago

    Hen ducks fly even when they aren’t scared

  • Eleika A. Ganal 4 weeks ago

    What do u call a penguin in royalty?


  • Basty Maure 4 weeks ago

    Pat – 1 vote

  • ravens purple beats 4 weeks ago

    when you notice there based on “very matured loli animal people” i mean those cubes are unnatural haha

  • Little Nightmares 4 weeks ago


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