• Little Joshua studeos 2 weeks ago

    Ropo since you change Captain America’s voice doesn’t that mean you have to have that voice or no I think not but I just wish you give caps old voice back

  • Sanic_the_meme123 Uzumaki 2 weeks ago

    Cap said logi instead of loki

  • MATTHEW WALLACE 2 weeks ago

    i miss little ally ,baby angel ,and cassie the cat

  • m for awesome 2 weeks ago

    I thought Ropo and shared a voice

  • Sammie Jimenez 2 weeks ago

    Don’t Thor loss his hammer in the newest Thor movie

  • Cedric James Mercado 2 weeks ago

    I allready watched the full movie of infinity war

  • Infinite Years 2 weeks ago

    Ropo vision and dr strange has da stones not blackpanther

  • Goku SAMA109 2 weeks ago

    Awsome i am ur biggest fan i had watched ur all videos

  • jay gran 2 weeks ago

    Make another vid PLZ

  • Rafael City Of Team Squad 2 weeks ago

    More plsss

  • KYLE ALVAREZ 2 weeks ago

    I like the old minevengers HOW COULD U CHANGE IT ROPO HOW COULD U

  • Kentrell Livingston 2 weeks ago

    Ropo i saw the movie it was soo good

  • Daiomand pug tato 2 weeks ago

    Thanos looks so derpy!

  • Mohammad Asghar 2 weeks ago

    Take out ropo

  • Manal Ramadan 2 weeks ago

    #hyped for the next episodes

  • Hacker HANNAH 2 weeks ago

    Ain’t ropo the son of superman so his half human half kryptonian and kryptonian can breath in outer spac y’all know? And also why does the ship of Thanos looks like Fort Rozz?

  • FlameStorm _ 2 weeks ago


  • Harry Craig 2 weeks ago

    Your the best

  • Lance Mesina 2 weeks ago

    wait i thought tony stark and steve rogers/captain america broke up

  • Lance Mesina 2 weeks ago

    and asgard was destroyed

  • Luis Jacob 2 weeks ago

    I super duper super love this video

  • Paige & April 2 weeks ago

    bruh, I saw infinity war and it didn’t start like that

  • AUNG LATT 2 weeks ago

    Love your channel!

  • Sayeed Adamkutty 2 weeks ago

    Actual story

  • Rayan gaming 2 weeks ago

    ropo dr. strange have a infinity stone too

  • Anan Ejeilat 2 weeks ago

    Can u do more videos of the infinite war?plsss

  • Susie Long 2 weeks ago


  • francine Jean 2 weeks ago

    in the beginning of the video he needs to stop saying YES MY LORD

  • francine Jean 2 weeks ago

    thats one bog army

  • Charity Seedorf 2 weeks ago

    Brouno is so funny and dress liked cyclops plus
    Is he a real X-men charter.

  • Legend 222578 2 weeks ago

    Do you remember when ropo turned to metal

  • Tyguy2k7 Studios 2 weeks ago

    THIS Cap’s Voice is Cap for me cause then ropo doesn’t need to Voice two people and just one

  • BTC 06 2 weeks ago

    Omg noooooooo get that thing back noooooo thor dead and the other one noooooo get that thing back you need Jack back now get Jack #the little club

  • BTC 06 2 weeks ago

    Oh it’s a stone but omg hes got two dont let him get the other two man noooooo if he gets them that will mean I can distry the world nooooooooooo get them stones back now and dont let him get the other two pls noooooo get Jack back and you need the whole of the minevengers you need them all stop thanos now #the minevengers

  • BTC 06 2 weeks ago

    You can do it RoPo I blive in ya stay strong and always stay strong man you can do it

  • Mlk plays roblox 2 weeks ago

    hey your my favourite youtuber one thing.. pls can I get a shout out?

  • Funzip668 gold 2 weeks ago

    The new and improved Cap America sucks

  • Canyon Robert Formato 2 weeks ago

    Yes the avengers have come back

  • pusheen kitty 2 weeks ago

    I love avengers infinity war.theres a part two of the movie but it will be showed on may 2019.

  • Five v 2017 2 weeks ago

    I watched the movie….Super sad and awesome at the same time I will not spoil it but GO WATCH NOW!

  • Shu Kurini 2 weeks ago

    You should have raven in part 2

  • S Stirbis 2 weeks ago

    Asgard is doomed.

  • S Stirbis 2 weeks ago

    I take back what I said the bear is pretty strong.

  • Jennifer Rosado 2 weeks ago

    Ropo Thanos has been to to another universe of the Teen Titans Go and then I was found out it wasn’t the stone it was gum but he didn’t like the flavor of the gum he was very mad

  • Ruby Medequiso 2 weeks ago

    I like avengers is awsome

  • Jihoo Matucad 2 weeks ago

    The bear is skuba steve i know iy

  • Jihoo Matucad 2 weeks ago


  • Fawzya Nur 2 weeks ago

    Haga Clic Aqui ? https://t.co/OlI787n4kv

  • Yanti Ang 2 weeks ago

    The lazer is update the last time you use its not so long its short

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