4 New Mobs are shown, only ONE makes it into the final game!


  • Its_Magma 4 months ago

    C looks pretty cool

  • Alexisc Whiteway 4 months ago

    I like b because it looks like a bird or mantaray that you can ride

  • TheDavenport777 4 months ago


  • Emmett Miller 4 months ago


  • Gaming Master 4 months ago


  • fox boy 4 months ago

    the baby can grow up still being your pet I am tocking about the dinosaur

  • Epiccat27 4 months ago


  • RedWolfer 4 months ago

    i want A because it looks like something in the ocean and there is only 3 mobs in the ocean (2 of them are rare)

  • Christopher DelSesto 4 months ago

    D looks like the KING of the Blazes.

    I want option D.

  • Jonathan Leake 4 months ago

    Mob D I love it it is blue

  • Toycat's Lawyer 4 months ago

    Omg new mobs!

  • Carl Tackett 4 months ago

    C looks like Trapinch from pokemon

  • Ewan Lanegan 4 months ago

    Mob A looks like it should be in the jungle

  • ZyBorgPlayz 4 months ago

    U speak too fast

  • Mr. Sharky 4 months ago


  • theOmega Bros. 4 months ago

    Pokemon in minecraft. Great.
    A: a squid
    B: venomoth
    D: magmortar

  • Tuxedo Wolf 4 months ago

    I wish 4j would add more mob head decorations, an enderman head, a blaze head, a zombie pigman head and a witches head, just to add some more variety for trophy collecting, also why don’t we have red nether brick slabs and stairs ?

  • Tristen Taylor 4 months ago


  • Obsidian Endermen 4 months ago

    I would like some air based animals the sky is to empty

  • pilot raptor 64 4 months ago

    It’s between A and D for me

  • TreasureCat96 4 months ago


  • iiAzzoh YT 4 months ago

    I vote for mob B

  • Maxwell Bryant 4 months ago

    Mob c looks like it could be a pet and I’m bored of dogs, cats and parrots and need something new to tame without mods or command blocks

  • Serious Confidence 4 months ago


  • Parker Medvitz 4 months ago

    We need to have mob b

  • DA_REAL_ JAUN853 4 months ago

    We need a mob,that is like the villager,it’s just more smarter,they travel the world and sometimes can visit you to trade stuff,and when you go exploring you can find their bases to trade and you can hire them to go on adventures with you

  • Bendy Bendy 4 months ago

    MOB C HE LOOKS SOOOOO CUTE i really want it to be tame-able

  • Bendy Bendy 4 months ago

    Hey funny thought mob D is a pet 😜🐘💨

  • Callum Thornton 4 months ago

    Deffo mob B

  • EnderPlayz67 And CreeperPlayz67 4 months ago


  • Pedro Ramos 4 months ago

    Why not all 4? Lol

  • Sleeping in a trash can 4 months ago

    A or d looks cool

  • Carter McCauley 4 months ago

    November 18 is the day I have to bucher my turkey

  • DarkPhant0m13 4 months ago

    I’m going for the manta ray B

  • Adam lumsdon_hill 4 months ago

    i think A could be fun in air in the end islands with a slow high damage attack and a special ability

  • Zombie Killer 4 months ago


  • Patrick S 4 months ago

    Go for the dinosaur looking one, make it so fossils have a purpose, dig up the fossils,small chance of dinosuar egg, hatch it as a new pet that follows you around and attacks other mobs you attack or attack you first.

  • The party animals !!! 4 months ago

    C and D

  • Milbru Milda 4 months ago

    Because of little kids, C will most likely win :/

  • Besher Samer 4 months ago

    I think D is the best choice or B

  • Besher Samer 4 months ago

    What will they drop as looting

  • Besher Samer 4 months ago

    What is there abilities

  • zombie cake 4 months ago

    We got passive mobs in the last couple of updates (llamas and parrots) so I think a hostile mob would be cool. That’s why I think mob d is the best

  • The Queen Of The Night 4 months ago

    i think they should make their animations for us to choose which is better😂😂

  • denomicombat 156 4 months ago

    I want to have a b c and d / why can’t they just use all of them they all look amazing

  • tyler lewis 4 months ago

    They all look awesome I want all 4

  • Albent Thomas 4 months ago

    I like B too

  • Scuba Dog 4 months ago

    I like C hes cute!

  • Scott Stamp 4 months ago


  • WingSun 4 months ago

    Lol i’ve done the same video BEFORE YOU and you get like …67 0000 more views …

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