Today we play Lucky Block Walls with the Spiral Lucky Block


  • Flygon's DragonRush 1 month ago

    rainbow tooo-

  • Flygon's DragonRush 1 month ago

    Flygon is confused

  • Zanyar yılmaz 1 month ago

    Your nose is bigger than my future

  • Kari Quigley 1 month ago

    what song start with a more and ends with a a

  • MonkeyBoy 1 month ago

    1 like = one beard hair trimmed XD

  • Gaming With Masters 1 month ago

    Lucky block battle in a maze as you go you can kill first to 20/10 kills 🙂

  • Osiel Cruz 1 month ago

    Anyone know what happened to forever stranded?

  • Harnoor Singh 1 month ago

    Hi Jerome I am your biggest fan

  • Jeff Miehls 1 month ago

    Bens motto should be frizzleanpopstar staring again

  • DiamondPlays Kim 1 month ago

    Jerome do 2v2v2v2 rainbow lucky blocks

  • Jack Hinchliffe 1 month ago

    when alex references yugioh it makes me thing of joey wheeler

  • Dondo Pls 1 month ago

    how to minecraft??

  • Willow Meteli 1 month ago

    I wish I could meet Ben so I could learn all his Minecraft knowledge who else

  • Kyle Reid 1 month ago

    “Trust me, i’m a professional minecrafter”
    yet he doesnt understand how the enchanting system works

  • christopher hawker - jehring 1 month ago

    What would happen to The Nice Posture Squad if Alex and Dasha broke up? ;_;

  • theseptiplier BOB 1 month ago


  • Xtreme Games Cool 1 month ago

    At 2:48 Ben says he killed the grim reaper but he used kill all

  • POPO Percy 1 month ago

    Love you Jerome!!!!!!

  • Reyven Gemao 1 month ago

    I missed Tewtiy pls convince him to join you guys to a vid🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💖💜

  • Sfm Jumpscare 1 month ago

    Who thought daisha was going to say I need healing at 10:47

  • Happy Patibanda 1 month ago

    Ben is the king of nastiness

  • chong siau yen karen 1 month ago

    oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………3 years later…. buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……10years later welcome to a episode of being old

  • Jack Bradley 1 month ago

    Do a ark challenge ith a death cup for the loser

  • Kaderade 24 1 month ago

    Can I get 10 likes and maybe a few subscribers for my birthday

  • AbsurdMee 1 month ago

    Bananaguns great channel check it out

  • Brendon Xie 1 month ago

    At 43:22 the deaths are 666

  • CharJackiePay Vlogs/gaming 1 month ago

    U should play toss the turtle

  • schwerhafamily sharing 1 month ago

    england iss myyyy ciiiiitttttyyyy

  • Invictus Delta 1 month ago


  • Michael Powers 1 month ago

    Jerome should have said IMA FEED YA TO THE DOGS BIG BOI

  • Marvel James 1 month ago

    he said he had the staff but he wasn’t using it

  • Holden Hutchinson 1 month ago

    You should do a troll, where you give yourself a bunch of super lucky ones!

  • lj 44 1 month ago


  • Valuxian 1 month ago

    Hey guys I post videos on my channel please take a look and if you enjoy subscribe thank you.

  • you guys should try the meme lucky blocks

  • Pizza Pizza 1 month ago

    Daddy pizza I love you ❤️🍕

  • Read Draw Write 1 month ago

    The only thing that annoys me about Dasha is that during the battle phase, she always runs away when everyone’s supposed to be fighting and makes the battle last so much longer

  • Xavier Martinez 1 month ago

    why does it sound like 50% of the time dasha is partly moaning whenever she makes a noise or talks in like all videos not gonna lie it really turns me on

  • DryIceDiamond 1 month ago

    yus trollpack

  • Ken Jesh 1 month ago

    Lucky 100 plus sword is better than uppercut 2 dumbass

  • Harley O 1 month ago

    Jeromeasf can you join my world
    please i love your vids if only sombody can join my word on minecraft

  • Robert Henderson 1 month ago

    Hey guys am new wat should i do

  • Jagvir Rathore 1 month ago

    who else misses the original crew

  • สนทยา ชัยทอง 1 month ago


  • herogames hero's 1 month ago

    its al candy over here
    me:”she is tripping hardcore”

  • super swindler 1 month ago

    Did dasha say “luck you block” after the candy land block failed?

  • ShadowScape 1 month ago

    Who is Dasha? I thought she was Alex’s girlfriend but she sounds really young. Can someone please help me?

  • Silphaer 1 month ago

    You are not going to guess who the first person in the world is

    Read the first THREE words

  • Eman 4093 1 month ago

    Jeromes emerald helmet and boots doe How?!?!?!?!?! 1 enchant level for a level 30 enchant? Twice?

  • Camdog222 1 1 month ago

    Bens nasty

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