Today we play Minecraft Walls with Omega Lucky Block Mod!
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  • 1234 FlameBlade 8 months ago


  • mai bui 8 months ago

    I sub

  • Janine Cook 8 months ago


  • mai bui 8 months ago

    you kill your wolf Jerome

  • mai bui 8 months ago

    lucky wolf the one that you say who wolf is this

  • Landon Gaming 8 months ago


  • Adan Meyer 8 months ago


  • Adan Meyer 8 months ago


  • bo minoo 8 months ago

    hes so blind

  • J.C -5 8 months ago

    I now have to call Andrew squishy, and I’m going far back wth Jerome’s nickname, fluffy

  • Jerbear Mcmaih 8 months ago

    Guys theres just to many heros in this city we gotta do something about it

  • J.C -5 8 months ago

    I saw the new spiderman movie it was funny, I loved zendaya’s character, and u have to wait till the end there’s a scene In between the picture credits

  • flamewolf 101 8 months ago

    the emarld sword is giving haste.

  • Will Robichaud 8 months ago

    Do battle dome with team 10

  • Jake Zevallos 8 months ago


  • Caedmon Galante 8 months ago

    do more zombies on highpixl

  • epic ender gaming 8 months ago


  • stef Star123 8 months ago


  • Khalid Adams 8 months ago

    Try lucky blocks hunger games

  • Juniper Lorelied 8 months ago

    good luck gerome

  • Juniper Lorelied 8 months ago


  • Harry Robinson 8 months ago

    Plz do sims! Like so Jerome can see

  • jordan johnson 8 months ago

    Don’t you think they should make an ark survival evolved mod for minecraft

  • draven clark 8 months ago

    squishy squishy

  • bobby not 8 months ago


  • Alex Turcotte 8 months ago

    hi scwoocy

  • Marc Wareing 8 months ago

    #squishy for life

  • trevor torbeck 8 months ago

    Fan battles plz

  • Kristy Schultz 8 months ago


  • Darik Basham 8 months ago


  • Alex Sandoval 8 months ago

    Accordion to scientific facts , 70% of the people did not notice the fact that I started this sentence with a instrument.

  • CHRISTOPHER MORALES 8 months ago

    JEROME I SAW THE YEAH SPIDER-MAN GUY!!!!! And… please… don’t stay for the after scene

  • Gabe Slaton 8 months ago

    Yo wassup Jerome

  • T SkySharkMiner 8 months ago

    Why is Jeromes voice slightly deeper?

  • roy goco 8 months ago


  • AlphaFireWolf 303 8 months ago

    I play Pokemon brick bronze everyday I play Pokemon brick bronze everyday I play Pokemon brick bronze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlphaFireWolf 303 8 months ago

    Did you like my song

  • miester rhovanion 8 months ago

    you should have all the lucky blocks on the ground and have them all at random levels of luck

  • Eslot Takenis 8 months ago

    i saw spider man last night too

  • Reihana Tohara 8 months ago

    i reckon jeromes tongue actions pretty good in bed if yah know wat i mean…

  • Eyan Feller 8 months ago

    can i get some likes PLS

  • ChaosLord0 8 months ago

    attack on squishy. coming to a theater near you

  • Creeper Nation 8 months ago

    Geez, I haven’t played Minecraft for a long time and I know things Jerome doesn’t and he plays daily. lol. I still keep up to date on the updates though. I still played when the whole enchantment thing was reworked. But anyways, what I’m talking about is the enchantments. When I played, I rarely enchanted things. I was trying to get into it. Jerome was making new items to enchant when making a new items that it the same like swords will always have the same enchantment options. He enchanted a sword and it game him “Knock Back II” like it said it would give, along with “Smite V, Fire Aspect II, and Unbreaking III”, but he got confused. When enchanting something, it tells you what enchantment you will defiantly get. You also get a chance to get other enchantments not mentioned. He happened to get lucky. He did not, somehow, cheat like he thought he did. lol.

  • MARVIN RIVERA 8 months ago


  • Ken Jesh 8 months ago

    Can I get 000000001 like

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming 8 months ago

    As soon as he said ” I got a rock” I’m like CHARLIE BROWN!!!!

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming 8 months ago

    Omg the movie was soooo funny. Captain America: patience

  • MrSupermanbra 8 months ago

    how are you squishy? Good Me too, bye

  • Geeb Studios 8 months ago

    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1…. wait, is it over already?

  • Logan J 8 months ago


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